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My Interview with YouTuber, DISHWASHINGLICKWID.

DISHWASHINGLICKWID is one of the funniest commenter-style YouTubers we have today! The girl not only truly understands comedy but also isn’t afraid to give you her opinion, and yet she still gives off a sense of humility at the same time. That’s rare, which is why we need her on this platform! She can have me rolling on the floor laughing one minute and the next, sitting there having an honest discussion with my husband about her final thoughts.

I’m so thrilled that she agreed to do this interview. I thoroughly enjoyed her answers and please, go give her a follow go Twitter and be sure to subscribe to her Channel. I don’t promote YouTubers I don’t like and I truly am a fan of hers!


Let’s begin the interview! Here we go!

1. First off, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to discover your channel! But, at least I found you and I’m now a subscriber for life! What inspired you to start a YouTube Channel and did you have any other ideas for your channel before it was officially launched?

I encountered youtube at only 9 years old and I was completely fascinated by the concept. I started making my own skits and rants on my sisters terrible webcam on her computer and would milk any occasion in which I could submit a video for a school project. I would vlog random family occasions, edit and send it to my family group chat, film random videos in school or make overdramatic documentary-style videos about the people in my class. In retrospect, me, sitting in class screaming interview questions across the classroom to my classmates or teacher definitely made me seem more unusual than I already am. However, high school was nearing to the end, and I was left with a creative passion that i had failed to pursue, instead of feeling regretful, I realized how easy it is to make a channel and decided to start vlogging- and that was the beginning of my youtube channel.

2. How do your family and friends feel about you doing YouTube? Were they surprised when you decided to start one?

My family and friends were surprised in the sense that it was about time that I finally decided to start the channel. It seemed like the natural progression for me to express my creativity. All my family and friends are really supportive and make the time to watch my videos when they probably have no interest in what i’m talking about. For the most part, I find watching myself really cringe, so my dad makes it a point to watch all my videos on the tv to embarrass me, which is an odd way to show support, but I appreciate it.

3. Which YouTubers would you say inspire you the most? Would you ever consider doing a collaboration with anyone?

The two youtubers which inspire me the most would have to be David Dobrik and Shane Dawson. David Dobrik is the pinnacle of taking a typical format, such as vlogs, and completely turning them into something funny, creative and unique. However, Shane Dawson is by far my favourite youtuber and a collab with him (or Trisha Paytas- I would LOVE to eat and cry on the kitchen floor) would probably put me into cardiac arrest from joy. Shane Dawson is such a foregrounding channel in the youtube community- and it’s almost crazy to say that I connect so deeply with someone whom I’ve never met, but I think that’s what makes Shane Dawson so likeable, the ability to be real and genuinely relatable which is why he resonates with so many people.

4. Whenever someone is a public figure, there will always be a slew of misconceptions about them. Are there any misconceptions about you that you’d like to address?

This may be quite unconventional but I feel like my youtube channel breaks down any inaccurate preconceived notions someone might have of me. If I were to walk down a street, people may assume things about me or have some sort of judgment about me and I will never be able to address those. However, my youtube channel is a place where I can express my personality, views and opinions, and aside from the occasional hate comment, my youtube comment section and dms is really positive and can feel like a warm hug after a really long day.

5. I loved your video about Kylie Jenner’s brushes! Judging by your videos, it seems like you have an interest in makeup. Do you have any particular brands that you’re a fan of?

Firstly, thank you so much! And as for my interest in makeup it began only late of last year and so I obviously have some learning to do, but a brand which never fails me is Kat Von D. I know everything in which I purchase from her brand is high quality and is exactly what I’m asking for. I love experimenting and trying out new products, but ever since I purchased her tattoo foundation, I’ve never bought another foundation since- it snatches my edges every time.

6. Speaking of beauty, (I promise I’m not kissing up here) but you have a beautiful complexion. Would you mind sharing with us your skincare routine?

As someone who gracefully came out of the womb as a vogue model, I’m offended that you would insinuate that I need a routine to maintain my beauty. That’s obviously a joke and my skin is one of the 7 wonders of the world because I’m always wondering what to do with it. But for the most part, African Black Soap and a witch hazel toner (I haven’t found a moisturiser I stand by yet) has really saved my skin, I obviously get hormonal acne here and there, but for the most part the more consistent I am with my routine, the better my skin appears (go figure).

7. In your personal life, what are your favorite TV shows, movies, books, and music? Are there any particular shows you like to binge watch that you’d recommend?

My favourite tv shows cycle between trashy reality tv (I think I’ve watched every season of Big Brother that has ever been made) and British comedies (for some reason British comedy is just funnier)- as for reading, I enjoy crime or horror books, mainly because I’m too scared to watch a show about it, and as for music not to be a typical ‘I wAs bORN in The WRonG GeneRATIon’ person- but I enjoy older music- MICHAEL JACKSON’S OFF THE WALL ALBUM IS A BOP, or music which as an ‘older vibe’- so anything from The 1975 or Neon Indian has me SHOOK.

8. A bit of a personal topic: we all have causes that we’re passionate about. Are there any that you’re particularly passionate about that you’d like to share?

I’m really sensitive and overdramatic so I get passionate over everything- but something I’m passionate about is self-acceptance, self-love and mental health. The world would be such a better place if people loved themselves, or if people were more open with their emotions. At the end of the day, there are so many people who feel down, whether its a mental illness or life circumstances, and I feel like if people were more open and vulnerable, it would normalize emotion and in turn make people feel better.

9. Finally, what plans do you have for yourself in the future for both your YouTube channel and personal life?

I definitely want to pursue my youtube channel further- as it’s definitely what I’m most passionate about at the moment. However, we all know that youtube is not the most stable. I also find importance in pursuing further education. Before leaving high school, I was quite close-minded in the sense of how I wanted my life to pan out, but at the moment I’m just riding the wave (or tsunami) of life- and if that means pursuing education or dropping out to be apart of a barbershop quartet, instead of being afraid of the unknowingness of the future, I’m instead excited.


Thank you very much! Once again, I love your answers and am so happy both as a fan and as an aspiring journalist that you agreed to do this interview. I’ll never forget this!

Subscribe to her Channel here! (FYI: At the end of her videos, she’ll say that you can “subscribe or not, “I don’t give a f**ck!” I love that and it gets me laughing every time!)

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My Interview with YouTuber, Rachel Oates

When I announced on Facebook that I was going to do an article based on my interview with YouTuber Rachel Oates, some people were excited yet a little surprised. I’m a devout Christian and Rachel is a very outspoken Atheist. For those of you that have read my blog before (hi there!), you’ll know that I strive to reach out to different people (not just YouTubers) with a wide range of views and/or beliefs, but I need to connect with them on some level. If I don’t feel any connection whatsoever, then I don’t know what could be gained from having a conversation. Don’t get me wrong, I love being challenged, but if I know it’ll just be a long argument, then again, what’s the point?

Just like everyone else on this blog, I felt a connection with Rachel through her content. I found her to be an intellectual, funny, pretty and such a delight to watch. Yes, we disagree on some major things such as Religion, but I always felt like she’s been non-judgmental with her content. That’s important to me. This is another reason why I felt the need to reach out to her and interview her -that and I wanted to challenge myself and open up a dialogue with someone intelligent who had a different opinion.

I tried to do an interview with Rachel at one time with her a few months ago but wasn’t able to follow through because I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and I was going through a difficult time. Not only did Rachel completely understand, but when we did the interview she made sure I was doing OK. I can’t tell you what that meant to me. Thank you, Rachel.

I asked Rachel how she got started on YouTube, and she told me that she never meant for it to be a full-time job. It was after she had graduated from college (or Uni, as they call it in the U.K.) and was working for a social marketing team that she started casually vlogging about makeup and fashion. Around this time her boyfriend, Dan told her that she could do this full-time. Unsure, she gave herself six months to see. Luckily, it worked out, because she ended up getting 40,000 subscribers! That right there, made her realize that she should be doing this full-time.

She told me it was around the six month testing period when she stopped doing her makeup and shopping vlogs. Rachel wanted to talk about atheism, critical thinking and making people laugh. I told her that as a Christian myself, I enjoy her content. I assured her that I’m not trying to convert her, but I felt that it was important to let her know that we’re not all homophobic like Girl Defined. (Watch one of her many excellent videos about that here.) We discussed the difference between what Paul said and what Jesus said. For instance, Paul talked about homosexuality, but Jesus never mentioned it, nor did he talk about premarital sex. Paul talked about a woman cutting her hair, but Jesus did not. Rachel understood completely where I was going and agreed. From there, she mentioned the rules about not eating shellfish and not wearing clothing with more than two pieces of fabric woven together. We happily agreed with each other that a lot of these “rules” are irrelevant!

I want Christians to know that when Rachel does her atheist videos, this isn’t coming from a place of hate. Rachel doesn’t come from a religious background and has always been a woman of science. Just like many people who are big into that field, Rachel wants proof there is a God, and she doesn’t see that there is one. I told her that I was on a podcast called Hope After Faith (Great Podcast!) in which I said that I believe that atheists go to Heaven as long as there’s no evil in their heart and they aren’t murdering anyone. I told Rachel that I don’t believe God has a book that He keeps and goes, “Oh, you didn’t do this little thing right here, you’re going to Hell!” Rachel agreed that many Christians do seem to disagree on what type of God they believe in and I told her that I was always taught to believe in a loving God. Rachel liked hearing that.

I mentioned her video in which a man who claims to be Christian justified staying in an abusive relationship because it’s “Biblical.” I told Rachel that I didn’t want to say too much because it’s still hard on me, but I thanked her for making her video, telling people like him to stop justifying abuse. I then told her about my friend that was in an abusive relationship and that it didn’t have a happy ending. Rachel said compassionately, “Sorry about your friend.” I thanked her. It was a very sweet moment. So Rachel, once again, thank you.

I then told her how much I love her video about the Pearls and her reviews on their books. One of the reasons why I won’t watch Fuller House is that Candace Cameron Bure uses Debi Pearl’s disciplinary guide on her children (which turned out to be the book I’m about to mention) and my response was, “Nope, nope, nope.” I asked her what got her into reviewing their books. She said that someone she knew suggested a book by Debi. As Rachel read one of Debi’s books, she did her research and couldn’t believe what she found on their website! This is where she found the horrifying book written by her husband, Mike Pearl, To Train Up a Child. That’s when Rachel knew she needed to review that book. (I highly recommend you watch the video. I warn you though, it’s intense.) I told her that I enjoyed her review. We talked about how awful their disciplining is and she said sincerely, “Those poor children.” I agreed and we went on to talk about the children who have died as a result of the Pearls’ advice! I’m glad there are wonderful people like Rachel out there calling them out.

I asked her what made atheism the route she felt like she needed to go. (I reassured her that I wasn’t trying to convert her.) Rachel was cool with the question and said that she didn’t grow up in a religious family or around religion and that she’s always been a person that feels like she needed proof of someone or something’s existence. That’s just who she is, and her boyfriend Dan has always been the same way.

I asked how she and Dan met. It was a very lovely story! The two of them were in the same college as one another but didn’t know each other for a while. One night Rachel was in a dorm room at a party with her friends and Dan was there with his friends as well. Their groups were “party hopping” that evening and their groups kept winding up in the same places. What’s cute is that at first, Rachel thought Dan was kind of a jerk because he has a very distinguished accent and she thought he had a bit of an ego by the way that he talked to her. Turns out, Dan spent a lot of time in growing up Brazil, Singapore and India so he has a pretty strong accent in his voice when he talks that’s not very British, which might make him sound like he’s full of himself, but that’s just the power of what one’s accent can do! Anyway, as I was saying, the two of them kept bumping into each other all night, and they were the sober ones out of their group of friends. Dan and Rachel started talking and agreed that they didn’t want to be up all night partying. But, they ended up staying up until 6 A.M. watching Doctor Who clips on her phone because they found out they’re both fans of the series! Once 6 A.M. hit, someone approached them in the dorm room and asked why they were still there at 6. Rachel and Dan realized they had lost track of time, exchanged numbers and became best friends very quickly after that. A relationship didn’t happen right away. Dan had just gotten out of a relationship with a girl who hadn’t been good to him, so it was good that they took their time. It was three months into their friendship that they were dancing at a club when Dan looked at her and said, “I think I’m falling in love with you.” Rachel wanted to chat about it, they did and agreed to start dating. (I told you it was a lovely story!)

Speaking of Doctor Who, I freaked when I found out that they’re fans of the show! I told her that I have a thing for Peter Capaldi and that I’ve liked Billie Piper since I was a teen. Rachel said that she always liked her, too! I then shared with her that when my husband and I were dating, we were watching the premiere episode with Christoper Eccleston as the Doctor and I told him I was already a fan of Billie. My husband responded by saying, “You know who she is?!” (For those of you don’t know about Doctor Who, basically the series continued with Christopher Eccleston after it went on hiatus from 1989-2005.) Rachel and I talked about how much we loved Billie’s song, “Because We Want To”! (Ah, memories!)

I got to know some interesting tidbits about Rachel, like the fact that she’s a geek such as myself, that she likes DC more than Marvel, and that has more male friends than friends than female. I asked her if there was a specific reason why she preferred guys to girls. She said there wasn’t and that she actually has a group of girls that are close to her, but overall she just simply prefers guys over girls; nothing to it more than personal preference.

As for her future plans, she wants to continue with both her Channel and her photography -which is quite good, and that she wants to take more classes in photography so she can polish her skills more.

Oh, before we finish, I wanted to tell you all how she and Dan adopted their dog, Kyra. The two of them had traveled two trains over to the shelter for a dog and were left without one because they were told WHEN THEY GOT THERE they didn’t have the dog they wanted there anymore. Shortly after that, they were able to adopt Kyra from an animal shelter only forty-five minutes from their flat (known as an apartment to us Americans). Kyra is 5, and the two of them take such good care of her. The name of the shelter they adopted her from is named Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. While we were on the phone, there were times she talked to Kyra and at one point in time said, “Sorry, that’s my dog voice.” I said, “Oh no, I do that with Baxter!” She replied, “Good, it’s not just me!” (I love how much she and Dan love Kyra!)

We said our goodbyes and now I’m here, reflecting on the wonderful conversation. I’m so thankful and blessed I got a second chance to interview one of my favorite YouTubers whom I admire so much.

Rachel, you are not only beautiful on the inside and out, but you are smart, hilarious, and your love for both people and animals is endearing. May you be successful in whatever you do.

Please be sure to check out her Channel and here and subscribe while you’re at it, no matter what faith you are. Follow her on Twitter here, Instagram here, Facebook here and you can listen to her Podcast here.

Here is her merch store: (Pretty cute if you ask me!)

Here is her P.O. Box Address:

Rachel Oates
Unit 16588
PO Box 6945




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My Interview with the YouTube Commentary Channel: Emma

There’s a great Commentary Channel I discovered on YouTube called Emma. I find her to be both hilarious and refreshingly honest. I love to watch her videos and just nod along thinking, “Yup, couldn’t have said it better myself.” I had to get to know her better, so as an aspiring journalist, I emailed her on Instagram and asked her for an interview. She was very sweet and accepted. I had a blast getting to know her and so will the rest of you! Take it away Emma!
1. What made you decide to start doing YouTube and ultimately decide on focusing on commentary-style videos?
My first video was late July and this was when John Kuckian was being talked about and I watched his apology and just kind of decided to make a video. I was previously thinking about making videos because I was playing around with iMovie (I know, cringe). But I was messing around with it and I had a lot of fun.
2. Your focus is on YouTubers and I love that! Will there be any videos that focus on A-List Celebrities? 
If my subscribers would want a celebrity, I’d be more than happy to do that. Most of my videos are requested and I enjoy doing them because they’re on Youtube’s I wouldn’t think to make a video on.
3. Are there going to be any “heavier” or more “controversial” subjects you’ll eventually focus on? Such as GlitterForever17 and/or Nina Unrated?
I haven’t heard about “heavy controversy” with Glitterforever17, but if that video would want to be seen by my subscribers and they would like my thoughts on it, I’d be more than happy to make that video. But I would like to do videos with more solid information instead of jokingly saying someone is annoying. haha.
4. Are there any YouTubers or subjects that think are “too much” and don’t want to do videos on? Is there a limit as to how far you’ll go when talking about someone or who you’ll talk about? 
In my opinion, nothing is too much. The internet is a no mans land. In my opinion, you can talk about anything, whether it’s offensive or not. I am a very honest person in real life and truly believe that there is no need to sugarcoat anything. I would do a video on any YouTuber, my subscribers just need to tell me who they want me to do a video on.
5. Do you think once you hit a certain subscriber count you’ll do a video in which we get to know a little know more about you?
I would definitely make a video or go live and tell a little bit about myself. I suppose I haven’t really done a video on myself or really talk about myself I definitely believe most of my subscribers, don’t necessarily subscribe for me but just the videos I make and they’re not really interested in me. Which isn’t bad, but I guess if it’s requested, I would do it. I have mentioned that I do live in Florida and that’s pretty much all I’ve spoken about myself.
6. How do your family and friends feel about your Channel?
Only 1 of my friends knows about my channel and my family. My family thinks it’s great that I’m able to do something I genuinely enjoy because I’m very interested in film. My family also thinks it’s that I’ve reached almost 20 thousand subscribers, who I’m incredibly thankful for each one.
7. Are there any YouTubers that you’re a fan of and that also inspire you as well as your Channel?
I am a big fan of Emma Chamberlain, not sure if it’s because we have the same name but she’s very enjoyable to watch and I also love David Dobrik; he’s funny and each video is fun to watch and both of them definitely inspire me.
Editor’s Note: This interview took place BEFORE the Emma Chamerlain controversy, just to be clear. I mean WAY before then!
8. Finally, where do you see yourself looking ahead? Where do you see your Channel going as well as your personal life?
I hopefully can see my channel continuing to grow, as I’m still trying to find a proper schedule to post because I’ve been inconsistent due to me being busy with my personal life. But I know I’ll eventually get it together and be able to post more frequently as far as for my personal life, it’s going by quite fast. As soon as I finish a video and post, time goes by so fast when I’m doing other things, I realize it’s been a week and I need to post another video, so I definitely need to fix that.
Thank you very much, Emma! I think it’s great that you don’t take any of your success for granted and the fact that your subscribers mean so much to you says a lot about your character. Be sure to follow her on Instagram here and once again, subscribe to her here.
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My Interview with HoorayPerfect (Brodan White).

I don’t know if a lot of you know this, but I’m a 90’s kid, and the worst comedian to come out of that era was Adam Sandler. Now with social media, we have “Instagram Comedians.” Which is a whole different kind of cringe-worthy *ahem* humor in of itself? Thankfully, YouTube has given us genuine comedians as well. Let me proudly introduce you to Brodan White, who runs the Channel HoorayPerfect. My husband is the one who taught me what good comedy is, so I think I’ve got a pretty good eye for good, comedic humor. (Please excuse the humble bragging!) I hope by the time you get done reading this interview, you will get to know what a good person Brodan is and will become more interested in his Channel and even more importantly, click that subscribe button!


Now, onto the interview!
1. I am so happy I found your Channel and have no doubt it will gain more and more of a following than it already has! What inspired you to start YouTube and did you know in the beginning you wanted to go into comedy?

Thank you! I’ve always known I wanted to go into comedy. I initially had the idea of going to as many open-mic nights as I could to perform stand-up, and do that for years on end until I catch a break. But a few years ago I noticed how much time I was watching people on YouTube just making fun of others, or trends, or whatever it may have been. I distinctly remember thinking about how I could be doing a much better job than them at it. So I went to Google, brought up two random word generators, and it gave me “Hooray” and “Perfect.” Easily the dumbest name ever, but ironically it sounded kind of condescending. That was the birth of the channel.


2. As evidenced in this great video, this Channel called “DWLF Game” tried to *ahem* give you tips about working out as well as…other things! You had a great response as well as showed that you don’t need “tips”! What was the overall reaction from your awesome response video? Did they ever respond (again) as well?

I think this will always be my all-time favorite video that I’ve created. People seemed to really get a kick out of it and it’s still stuck around as a talking point throughout the life of my channel. Pickup artists have always come off as narcissistic to me, so I was pretty harsh on them with my jokes. They did respond… quite angrily, with 6 response videos I think, which proved my point that they were egotistical. They couldn’t fathom the idea that somebody doesn’t think they’re cool, so they let their egos come out. I think being made fun of is a good thing. It takes people down a notch when they get a little bit too self-absorbed. I can’t believe people actually get bent out of shape over jokes about them. You’ve got an entire life to live. You can’t constantly allow yourself to be defensive. That sounds miserable. Just keep moving forward if you truly think you’re living properly.


3. As evidenced in the video I linked to above, I can tell you take health and fitness seriously. (I do, too, so I really respect that.) Is that why it bothers you when Instagram Fitness Models create these accounts and show off their bodies that no woman can live up to? (The video you did about it was great, by the way!)  

I think it’s tragic that so many of these ladies on Instagram are promoting the ridiculous detox teas or their little 8 week booty workout plans. Not a single one of them got their physiques by drinking tea. They’re making so much money by promoting this crap to women that are new to fitness and simply don’t know any better. The majority of them are just naturally athletic and photoshop their pictures. It’s not just women though, it’s men too. But I felt particularly sympathetic for women though because it seems like the female models push it a lot more. I’ve been lifting and taking diet seriously for 8 years now, so I know how difficult it is to progress. I’d rather people just workout for the sake of their health, and nobody promotes that, just the physical aspect. I’m probably going to make another video on this topic too. In my opinion I didn’t do it enough justice.


4. How much has your life changed (both professionally and personally) now versus when you first started uploading to YouTube?

I had social anxiety ever since I was a child. When I started posting to YouTube, it began to go away, almost completely. I wonder if it’s because I finally released all these thoughts I’ve had – perhaps I was fearful of giving my opinion my entire life. So that’s been an unexpected blessing. Also, only a few people who personally know me, know that I have a YouTube channel. And that’s hilarious to me. I’ve never posted anything YouTube related to anywhere other than YouTube. I refuse to talk about my channel in my personal life.

I’ve had a handful of popular YouTubers message me on Instagram, as well as a few other people with some sort of stature. So that’s been surprising. Job-related, I was once given a position where an employer offered me the most money I’ve ever been offered. It was practically a done deal until the morning of my first day. They called me and said that they did a Google search on me. They found my channel and told me to not come in. I literally laughed so hard about that and thought to myself, “I’m probably not meant for this 9-5 thing at this point.”


5. Are there any specific comedians and/or YouTubers (who may also be comedians) that inspire you and the type of comedy you do?

I respect so many comedians out there. Dave Chappelle is my favorite. I also really like Chris D’Elia and Theo Von. They’ve got such unique personalities. Those guys are one of a kind, and that’s what I strive to be. I’m a huge South Park fan too, so I love Trey Parker and Matt Stone. As for YouTubers, Ethan Klein (h3h3Productions) has always been my hero on there. Plus he practically paved the path for others like me within that same genre.


6. What tips would you give someone wanting to start a YouTube Channel?

It helps to have a purpose. For myself, I genuinely want to make people laugh and it feels natural to me. So definitely choose something you’re good at. Don’t mimic anybody. If another artist sounded too similar to Beyoncé, that person would never make it. We already have Beyoncé. We don’t need another one. That’s why you have to be different. Personally, I really didn’t see anyone on YouTube with that crude sense of humor, like South Park or Tosh.0 has. If they did, they didn’t show face, which is pretty cowardly in my opinion. I wanted to bring that type of humor to YouTube with a face behind it. I’d also say, keep in mind that creating a successful channel takes a ton of diligent work. You more than likely have to be a unidimensional person. I’m not even working to my full potential yet and it’s still mentally and emotionally exhausting. But worth it.


7. Looking ahead, just past 2018, what direction would you like to see for yourself both professionally and personally?

I’m going to be putting in a ridiculous amount of time towards YouTube for sure. I’ve been enjoying it so much lately. The channel grows every single day and I’ve received hundreds of encouraging messages from people on Instagram and Twitter, which tells me I’m doing something right. Meanwhile, I’m aiming to move to the LA area as soon as I can. I’d like to stay where I’m at now in St. Louis, but in order to progress and become more involved in stand-up comedy, it obviously helps to be near all the action. YouTube will of course help build me an audience, but I want to be considered a legit comedian.


Thank you very much Brodan! It was such a pleasure talking to you and I thought you were very sweet and thoughtful! I hope we can do a followup interview down the road as your Channels grows so we can catch up! I wish you the best of luck and will keep tuning into your Channel.

Please follow him on Twitter here, Instagram here, his Facebook here, his Snapchat here and you can listen to his Podcast here.


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My Interview with a Former Member of the Kuckicult.

I have said I am a fan of drama channels so many times in my articles I’m sure by now, your eyes are rolling! What you don’t know is, long, long ago, I was a fan of John Kuckian! *cue horror music* Yes, it’s true. This was way back before he showed his true colors and was still friends with a lot of other drama channels as well.


Believe it or not, John used to be a charming guy. I wasn’t a regular viewer, but I did subscribe to his Channel and turned in when I could. I wasn’t a die-hard fan but was a fan nonetheless. John knew how to be charming, which is common when it comes to people that are known, manipulators.  


I stopped being a fan once he stole an idea Here for the Tea had wanted to do for a video. Others weren’t so lucky and were blinded by his charms. I don’t blame them because a lot of them were young and very impressionable. This is around the time where the “Kuckifam” became what is now known as the “Kuckicult.”


Very recently, I got to know a brave person (that I am leaving anonymous for their safety) who is a former Kukicult member. They were more than willing to share what it was like inside the Kuckicult and they were as friendly as could be.


Again, I don’t fault this person. After all, they were young and impressionable at the time, as I said. The important thing is that they got out. So I ask you to read their words with an open heart and mind and also read this as a cautionary tale.


So, let’s get started!


  1. I used to be a fan of John’s years ago, what first drew you to his Channel?


I never used to wear makeup at all and literally had no clue what I was doing, so I turned to YouTube for makeup tutorials and after clicking random videos, John came up in recommendations. I thought he was kind of cute so I watched and honestly he was funny and charismatic at first and I quickly became a fan and before I knew it I was watching every time he uploaded a new video (This was literally when he first started and had less than 15k subscribers).


  1. Has he made additional allegations against other YouTubers other than the ones against Peter Monn that he tried to stir up?


He targets Jeffree Star any chance he gets, dredging up videos from years ago, and yes, they were bad and indefensible. But, even after Jeffree gave the sincerest of apologies and showed growth and change, John still would not let off him, even stooping so low as to making fun of his physical appearance.


  1. Did he ever message any of you (his fans) personally and ask any of you to spread rumors or harass anyone on his behalf?


No, he never messaged me personally and while early on he did discourage bullying and harassing the subject of his videos, that stopped as his channel grew. As his channel grew he changed and became vicious and malicious and vindictive. In my opinion, he was encouraging his mostly young female fan base to do the same.


  1. Did you ever buy his cosmetics, or did you buy any and never got any?


By the time his cosmetics came out I was out of the “Kuckifam.” I had no interest in supporting anything with his name on it.


  1. Did you find yourself having to feel like you had to spend a lot of your time defending him or excusing his actions?


Perhaps at first when I was “blinded by his charms.” In the beginning, he did have good receipts to support his claims.


  1. What was his explanation for his cosmetics line failing?


John deflects, he doesn’t take the blame for anything, from watching other channels that discussed the failure of Kuckian Cosmetics and if my memory serves me correctly he placed the blame on the factories he used that “manufactured” his products, despite other drama channels proving he purchased cheap products from AliExpress and put them in his own custom boxes.


  1. What was your reaction when he was waving that knife around in that Snapchat video?


I knew he was going for shock. I had figured out by then that John was a manipulative worm. Most of his fan base was turning on him and he had to do something to get attention back, any kind of attention.


  1. I saw that he asked fans for stuff, such as for access to their Amazon Prime Account? Was this normal?


That was absolutely not normal, the majority of his fan base are young girls who don’t know any better. It was disgusting.


  1. What made you decide to finally leave the Kuckicult?


His accusations against Peter Monn was the final nail in the coffin.


  1. How are you doing today?


I feel like, and I hate to use slang, but I feel like I am more “woke” to the ways people use to try and manipulate others. I don’t see myself falling for those little tricks again.


Thank you very much! I think you are a wonderful person and I wish you nothing but the best in life! I have no doubt you will go far!


By the way, if you haven’t watched BeauTea With Ashlee’s Series about John Kuckian and how he manipulated a kind family, please click here, here and here. You can also read our interview here!  

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My Exclusive Interview with Robyn Bird about Life and the John Kricfalusi Allegations.

When I first came across this Buzzfeed article about John Kricfalusi, I got a lump in my throat. Soon, my eyes began to well up in tears. My husband walked up to me and asked me what was wrong? I started crying and told him all about the article. Needless to say, my husband was shocked, too.

No, I wasn’t a Ren & Stimpy fan, that wasn’t why I was crying. Part of it is because I’m a two-time victim of sexual assault. The other reason is that I felt horrible for these two brave women. I knew that they had had their childhood and their dreams stolen from them. (What a relief their dreams weren’t taken away from good!) But also, they aren’t the only victims out there. Many “legends” have gotten away with so much and to this day, there’s still so much victim blaming.
I want to tell both Robyn and Katie and that they aren’t alone and that their voices do matter. I believe them and so do so many others. Also, to Robyn, thank you with everything in me for talking to me. It’s an honor and a privilege. Remember that what’s inside of you can never be taken away, not even by some pervert that makes excuses for his behavior.
Let’s get to the interview! Take it away Robyn!
Before you lived with John K., what was your childhood like?

Before I lived with John, I was a precocious sort of kid with poor, divorced parents who loved me and believed in me. I drew every day because I wanted to be a cartoonist. I was silly and a little obsessive. When I started my teens, I started breaking bad with my friends. But that’s normal right? John took me away from adolescence at 14, really, because he started promising me all these things. By the time I was 16 he’d prepared me to be his girlfriend. My parents didn’t know. They just thought I was getting an internship based on my talents, and they wanted me to get out of Arizona and have a better life.

What has the biggest misconception about what John did that you would like people to understand?

Like I mentioned, John trained me to be his girlfriend. This is called grooming, and it’s so important to recognize when this happens to young people. I wasn’t abused or sad or anything terrible before he wrote to me. But he seized on my obsessiveness and inexperience and molded me into what he wanted, all the while preparing me for sex by getting me used to the idea. People do this to kids. And when they finally begin a sexual relationship with that adult, it is not a “choice” or their “bad decision.” They can’t see what’s happening because they’ve been groomed. And as kids they are just doing what they think they are supposed to do. This happened to me and to other young women he dated as well. We’d never had an adult relationship before… so this was all normal, we thought. It infuriates me when anyone blames a young woman for her own abuse by a grown man with such power – physical, sexual, and emotional. Add fame on top of that and you’ve got a monster who thinks he can get away with anything. And he almost did!

Did John ever tell you anything malicious like, “Don’t tell anyone, no one will believe you,” or did you tell yourself that?

I told myself that. He never said anything like that because I honestly don’t think he ever understood what was wrong with him dating a kid. I mean, on one level he understood. Like he would say he was going to hell (he said this in an interview!) or that he was worried my mom wouldn’t let me come back. But on the other hand, he would show me off at public places like network parties and awards events! EVERYONE in animation saw me and he didn’t think they’d think a single thing about it, except that he was a sexy rebel or some crap like that. (Turns out they thought he was sick, but they never said anything.)

I told myself I wouldn’t be believed because of the life I have now. I am so far removed from what I used to do for a living all those years ago. I’m a nobody in animation. So when Katie started talking to me in 2008, and when we finally started thinking about speaking out last year, I felt like I had the ally I needed.

What has the healing process been like and how did you two get the courage to tell the media what happened?

Well, to answer the second part first… as I said, Katie and I needed each other’s strengths for this. She still knows a lot of people, could talk to guys who were still friendly with John, do the detective work, and use her good name for pull. Me on the other hand, even though I’m an unknown for 20 years, I have become stupidly brave about things like this. The healing process has brought me such courage that I was the one between us who was like WE HAVE TO DO THIS DON’T BACK DOWN! And I still haven’t backed down. She has a lot going on professionally, and while I do too, talking about animators isn’t going to hurt my career. So I’m out there on Twitter taking John down every opportunity I get.

I have been to three different therapists on three separate occasions. And while that might sound crazy, anyone with a good therapist knows they can be hard to find. The catalyst for seeking help about my age-old trauma was a second abusive relationship with a guy a lot like John. This guy was only 10 years older than me, but boy was he a nut case. First I found a therapist who wanted to tell me how to COPE with him! No thanks. Next, I found a loving therapist who helped me immediately with PTSD like symptoms. I was having anxiety attacks and panic attacks that I’d never had before, and I’d be triggered by the weirdest things. This therapist brought me some comfort but she couldn’t heal me much. I finally ended up with a more academic, goal-oriented lady who has helped me get medicated (for PTSD symptoms that won’t go away, and for your garden-variety depression) and really helped me understand how trauma and all the lies John made me believe about myself have affected my personal and professional life. I know that’s TMI… but I wanted to put the process out there because those who are struggling to find the right path need to know it takes time and they need the right guide on that journey.

What is your life like today?

Well, when you say “life” I think of work, since my career path has veered off in quite a different direction. Today I am a PhD candidate  (I’m a medievalist and a Germanic philologist) which means I’m writing my dissertation. I expect to finish the doctorate in spring or summer of next year so I’m finally going on the academic job market this fall. The whole time I’ve been in grad school I’ve been teaching English and philosophy at a couple of universities and working with people I love who inspire me all the time. I couldn’t ask for a better job, but I am tired of being a broke grad student and look forward to (hopefully) full-time work.

It took a long time to get here, though. I got pregnant with my son about a year after leaving John and spent a few years trying to figure out who I’m supposed to be. I guess many PhD-earners are my age, but I feel like it’s been a long hard road of scrambling up to a middle class-ish life for my kids. It does make me wonder “what might have been,” but since that picture wouldn’t include my babies exactly the way they are – I don’t want it!

Are you back to being a cartoonist?

I am! It’s funny because I told this to the New York Times the week after the BuzzFeed article came out, and they made that the opening line of the article. “Robyn Byrd is drawing again.” So I was like, OH SHIT now I really have to do it! But I love a kick in the pants like that. It’s coming very slowly, since I’m always so busy with work and kids and music, but I am making progress and I’ll be able to start making my Patreon rewards by the end of next month.

How’s your personal life?

Hm, how would I describe that? I have two amazing kids, a girl who looks just like me (only cuter) and a boy who acts just like me. J I also have a supportive partner who is my sometime bandmate and is a dad himself. I have truly never had it better in the partner department.

For hobbies, I play the flute and sing lead in another local band called Radiator. Finally, I ride my bike FAR. I’m in better shape than ever and I’m pushing 40! So I’m very busy, of course!

What advice would you give someone who just got out of a similar situation you were unfairly in?

First and most importantly: NO CONTACT. Do not talk to your abuser. Talk through someone else if necessary, or not at all. This can be so difficult, and I had trouble avoiding it with John. The second time around I mastered it, and it made a world of difference.

Second: Know that no one is the cause of their own abuse. Don’t blame yourself. Even if you acted poorly yourself sometimes.

I could give SO much advice on this but maybe this isn’t the place. I always encourage people to reach out to me or other survivors on Twitter if they are in need of advice or just need to vent. Just know that now that #metoo is here, it’s not going away. You have support all over, so please reach out.

Thank you again, Robyn! Just to let everyone know, Robyn said on her Twitter that Billy West and the co-creator of the show had nothing to do with this, just in case you all were wondering. (I sure was!) I wanted to put those thoughts to rest and so did Robyn.
I once again wanted to thank her and tell her and Katie that they are stronger than John K because while he hides behind a bunch of sad excuses, they rose above what he did and continued with their dreams. That takes courage and they are inspirations to people such as myself. Remember, no one can take away your spirit, just ask Robyn!
You can find her on Twitter, here!
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Maybelline Lemonade Craze Palette Review

Recently, Maybelline came out with a Palette called Lemonade Craze. I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical about this one because I tried their Palettes The Nudes and The Blushed Nudes and hated them. I tried over and over to make them work, but I was never able to. I finally had to get rid of them. (If you liked them, please let me know because I’d love to know where I went wrong!) But, this Palette not only looked perfect for summer, but kind of looked like a nice dupe for the Jeffree Star Thirsty Palette! (That may just be me, though! I might want to put that to the test in a future blog!)

I decided to go for it and ordered it from Ulta. Once I had the Palette in my hands I immediately got excited! Maybelline, don’t disappoint me again!

As you can see we have the colors Sherbet, Citrus, Berry Ice, Strawberry Lemonade (which is covered up by the label), Ice Pop, Old Fashioned, Sunnies, Lemonade Craze (which is also covered by the label), Coral Punch, Sugar Coated, Main Squeeze and Sweet Tea.

Here is what the inside looks like untouched:

Next, came the swatches. Getting excited! I swatched Sherbet, Citrus, Berry Ice, Strawberry Lemonade, Ice Pop and Old Fashioned.

Yeah, not only is it not very pigmented, but you barely see most of them! Worst of all….

Wha???? I swatched Citrus and THIS happens?! Not cool! Oh well, we’ll deal with that later. On to the other swatches.

I swatched Sunnies, Lemonade Craze, Coral Punch, Sugar Coated, Main Squeeze and Sweet Tea.

These swatched much better. They’re not super pigmented or anything, but it’s much better than the first batch of swatches, that’s for sure!

Now, as I’ve said before, I’m still very much a beginner when it comes to makeup. I still watch and follow makeup tutorials. So, since this looks like a dupe for the Thirsty Palette (in my eyes, anyway), I decided to follow a tutorial from one of my favorite beauty Gurus, Candice’s Vanity!

I started out using the shade Sunnies. It looked much better on my lids.

Next, I took Ice Pop and blended it in my crease:

Once again, it looked a lot better on my eyes than it did on my arm.

I decided to try Coral Punch after that. This is the result:

As you can tell, I blended out Ice Pop more because I hadn’t been following the directions as closely as I should have. So after I made that correction, I applied Coral Punch. Not too pigmented, but it honestly does look a lot better than it did when it was swatched.

So, this is part of the blog where I admit to being wrong about this Palette being a possible dupe for Thirsty. Still, Candice’s tutorial is a lot of fun and I want to finish it. Even though the next color she uses is a pretty blue called Splash. I decided to use Citrus. You know? The busted one!

Wow! Despite it being busted (still not happy about that, Maybelline) that came out looking really pretty! Also, I believe I can still use it. There are ways to fix broken shadows, after all! I realize they look nothing alike, which is why I’m admitting this isn’t a dupe after all, but you work with what you have.

Candice took the color Quench and put it in the inner corners of her eyes. I did the same with the color Lemonade Craze.

Not bad. Not bad at all. I had to swipe the color a few times with my brush so it would show up. But the payoff was worth it.

The color Candice used under her bottom lashes was Splash. Again, I didn’t have anything close to that. But I decided to wet my brush like she did (I sprayed my brushed with my Smashbox Photo Finish Prime Water) and used the color Main Squeeze.

I really liked the way that came out. So far I’m not nearly as disappointed as I was with the swatches!

Filthy Rich was applied in the middle of the lid after that for some glitter. I love glitter, so that was a good move on Candice’s part! (But, I must say, the whole video is a gem!) I used the color Sugar Coated and just like her, used my finger to apply it.

It actually looks a bit better in person. With that being said, there was some fallout. But overall, I was pleased.

Here’s the final look!

I’d say overall, this is a win for Maybelline! Even though it was such a bummer having a busted eyeshadow after swatching it, I’m still happy with my purchase and would recommend it. Just proceed with caution.

While I still prefer my higher end brands overall (for the most part), this would make a nice addition to any makeup lover’s Palette collection!

Like I said a few times, this wasn’t a dupe for Thirsty, but I might still compare the two. If you bought Thirsty, be sure to leave me your comments and tell me what you thought. Also, if you bought this Palette, did you like it as well, or were your results different?