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My Interview with YouTuber Dustin Dailey

(originally published on December 19, 2017)

I don’t know if any of you know this about me, but I love YouTube more than I do regular television! I watch it 24/7. As much as I watch YouTube, I’m sad to say it took me way too long to discover Dustin’s Channel. In fact, it was through his Twitter account that I found him. I would see him talking to Here for the Tea and he seemed like an amazing person. We talked a couple of times, so I finally decided to check out his Channel. Let me tell you, I had been missing out!

Dustin is not only adorable, but has a charming personality, yet he’s also a strong man and won’t let anyone bring him down. He does have some very sweet soft spots, though. Dustin loves his family, friends, fans, and especially, his long time partner, Eric. The two of them are such a beautiful couple!

So, let’s jump right into my interview with Dustin Dailey:

1. You did a video about how you met Eric. (R.I.P. Myspace!) After being with him for about a decade (hope I’m getting that right!), what would you say are the factors as to why the two of you have remained such a strong, united couple for so long?


Eric an I are very much alike, to the point it’s almost scary. After the first two years of our relationship is when Eric began to get very sick and seeing him deal with everything he goes through while being there helping him through it really solidified our relationship, there’s nothing that neither of us wouldn’t do for one another. I think finding someone that you can literally trust your life with is key, knowing that you can depend on your partner/spouse no matter the situation be it good or bad knowing that they will always have your back is major.

2. You’ve mentioned both your mental health and Eric’s before. That meant a lot because I am a mental health advocate and I can relate to a lot of things you talked about, i.e. anger issues, OCD, and (especially) anxiety. I know having a supportive partner is very important (I have my husband). How do you two support each other? Also, you mentioned that he had other health issues you two were trying to figure out. I respect Eric’s privacy, I just wanted to ask if the both of you have been able to get any answers?

Eric an i both have open door communication with one another, he knows everything about me as i do him, secrets don’t make for good relationships and that’s always been our policy from day one. Aside from Eric’s severe OCD he has a whole host of other medical issues which as of recently have been turning around as he’s been making big strides in diet as well as his emotional well being. For now since the doctors cannot pinpoint what exactly causes Eric to have so much fatigue and lack of energy he’s been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, he has his good days but he also has his bad, slowly but surely i have faith his doctors will figure this all out eventually.

3. I remember you saying that you had acne growing up and now your skin has cleared. I had acne prone skin until I was 30, so I don’t blame you for taking pride when it comes to how good your skin looks! I know you’ve talked about using Glam Glow, but can you talk about some other skin care products you swear by?

GIRL! I’m absolutely addicted to skin care, it’s my thing! Anyone knows if you have a good skincare regimen it starts with making sure your skin is moisturized, my holy grail for that is Dr, Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Repair Cream. It’s a bit pricey but it’s worth every cent because the tube lasts forever. I suffer from a lot of redness and this just zaps it away! Another great product is the Drunk Elephant C Firma Serum, it doesn’t smell that great but it will make your skin glow so radiantly. My favorite thing is a good mask and my favorite at the moment is the loreal purify and mattify green clay mask, since sometimes my skin can be a bit shiny LOL it really reduces that and makes my skin feel so soft!

4. I saw in your video A Message to My Younger Self how much you love music. Some artists I recall you talking about in videos have been Avril Lavigne, Aerosmith, and Kendrick Lamar. Do you have any other favorite artists, and what what song do you feel like represents your life and who you are the most?

This is an extremely difficult question to answer because i’m such a music lover but if i had to pick one song that describes who i am the most that would represent who i am as a person it would have to be Frank Sinatra My way. “regrets I’ve had a few, but yet again too few to mention” is so me, i try to live my life to the fullest with no regrets or what if’s and this song definitely embodies that and my philosophy.

5. Just like you, I watch YouTube more than TV as well. What are your favorite Youtube channels?


Well you already know that I am the ultimate Trisha Paytas fan, she lives her life her way and she’s not afraid to cry about it after. I also live for The Gabbie Show, I’ve followed her from Vine over to youtube and i haven’t been disappointed because she can always make me laugh, or cry with her. I’ve been really into KiKi Chanel for the past six months or so, she’s really underrated and doesn’t have the subscribers i think she deserves because this girl seriously cracks me up and she’s damn good at makeup as well. hmmm i’d also have to say Shane Dawson, i’ve watched him since he practically started youtube much like i have Trisha, he’s evolved and grown up so much since he started this venture and i really identify with how he’s grown.

6. Do you think you’ll ever lend your take part in any additional apps in the future (such as Stardust, Vine 2, etc.), or do you think you’ll stick with YouTube?

TOTALLY! I can’t wait for Vine 2 to come out, i used to watch Vine just as much as youtube ( i totally miss laughing my face off to all the crazy stuff i would see). Maybe Vine would be a good way for me to grow my youtube channel lol….

7. Do you have any other career prospects you wish to achieve in the future besides YouTube?

Not really at the moment, i’m just going with the flow. I’ve literally done everything it seems like but i’m ready for something new, maybe i’ll open my own business….. but what i’m not sure of HAHA!

8. What can we expect from both you and your Channel in 2018? 

I can’t really say what you can expect from me as a person because i’m so all over the place lol, but from my youtube channel you can expect a lot more fun content more than just drama because i want people to watch me for who i am and not just who i’m talking about ya know? I doubt it’d ever happen but i’d love to be able to connect with a large audience from all around the world and try to make a difference for them for the better, I was blessed with a big mouth and an even bigger opinion so hopefully i can be the voice for people that don’t have one in the years to come!

 Thank you so much, Dustin! I’m so glad you agreed to do this interview! (Also, I’m excited you gave KiKi Chanel a shout out!) I have no doubt that your YouTube Channel is going to continue to grow and that you’re going to do well on Vine 2 as well. (I smell a collab! 😏) You clearly have the drive, likability, looks, and talent. Everyone can follow him on Twitter here, Instagram here, and on Snapchat-ThreeDailey.

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My Interview with YouTuber Alex Meyers.

(originally published on December 4, 2017)

I’ve been a fan of Alex’s for quite some time now. I feel like he has some of the most intellectual videos on the platform. At the same time, Alex has done plenty of comedic videos like going through Yahoo Answers.

Alex’s Channel clearly stands out from the other videos on YouTube. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been tuning in for as long as I have. While they are clearly a lot of popular YouTubers that I feel as though they’ve earned their success, we can agree that others……Eh!

I hope that more people will continue to come across Alex’s videos and will end up sticking around because we need more originality and not everyone trying to cash in on the latest trend. So, now is the time to present my interview with Alex Meyers. Let’s go!

You did a very informative video in which you described growing up in a strict, religious household and later moving to Japan once you turned 18. I want to first ask you about your life growing up in such a strict environment. Do you look back on any of the rules your parents set and find yourself thinking that at times they were right while other times they may been a little too strict? 

Haha well I see you’ve… watched a lot of videos.  Yeah, my parents were pretty strict.  I’m the middle child in my family, so I was pretty independent from an early age.  You know, the oldest is always special and the youngest is always special but for middle children it’s like, “Oh yeah, you’re here too…”.

The rules in my house growing up were like what you could expect from any strict religious house, I guess.  Can’t watch any movies with sex or violence, pray before every meal, we had to read the bible every night as a family, that kind of thing. 

But, it extended even outside the house.  I could never go over to my friend’s houses, or “go out” really at all.  Only church friends were allowed, everyone else was “untrustworthy and a bad influence”.  I guess my parents assumed I would come home with needle pricks in my arms and cocaine all over my face if I hung out at the mall or something.

This experience actually left a pretty bad taste in my mouth about “family”.  I mean, sure I appreciate my parents giving me food and all that.  And the whole “giving me life” thing is great, though not without its flaws.

But, since I moved out to Japan, I don’t keep in contact with any of my family.  Moving out at 18 and living on my own was probably the greatest feeling of freedom I’ve ever had.  I’ve never felt homesick or anything because I finally felt I was somewhere I could be myself, without having to constantly look over my shoulder or having my parents lecture me about how I’m “making Jesus cry”.

I now want to ask you about moving to Japan. You seem to be very happy with your decision and feel like you’ve truly grown as a person. How do you feel being a minority in Japan has changed you for the better?

Hmm… that’s a very complicated question.  I like Japan because its very safe and, for the most part, very calm.  Tokyo is a huge city where you can find anything at any time, but I’ve never felt unsafe walking around at night and/or by myself.

 A lot of people think I like Japan because people treat me special.  It’s actually the opposite.  I hate being singled out or people assuming I act a certain way because I’m American or white or whatever.

Being a visual minority has really opened my eyes to a lot of things I would never be able to learn any other way.  I mean, no one is burning a cross in my front yard or anything, but there are always people who dislike you or don’t trust you just because you don’t look like them.

Like if I sit down on the train and the person next to me stands up, there’s always that moment of, “did they stand up because they are getting off soon, or is it because they don’t want to sit next to me.”

Like I said, I’ve never had anything major happen to me.  But, there are little daily things that I think help me, in a small way, understand what minorities in America, for example, probably go through every day.

Do you think you’ll ever move to a different country in the future?

I don’t think so.  I’ve been back to the US a few times over the years and it just never feels right.  I haven’t been to many countries, so obviously I can’t say I would NEVER do it, but it would be highly unlikely.  Unless I retired somewhere super cheap like Thailand or Malaysia. 

You did two excellent videos about working for a company that was a complete scam, and about being homeless for 3 weeks and how you not only got out of it, but also how you were able to get a job working in IT. What advice/warning signs would you tell to young adults on their own for the first time looking for a job?

Oh man the stories I could tell you. 

I mean, the simplest advice, and maybe the most cliché, would be “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”. 

Now, all this happened to be before this whole “internet fame” thing was considered normal. 

Nowadays on Youtube someone can get a viral video and make thousands of dollars overnight, so the concept of what is “normal” in terms of money/career has definitely changed over the last several years.

But, I will say this: 99% of the time, taking shortcuts isn’t worth it.  There really is no replacement for hard work.  Even people online who seem to be an “overnight success” have been grinding and working for years and years to finally get that break. 

I mean, I made crappy videos for 18 months before I got any kind of break, and that helped a little but I’m back on the grind again. 

You and your girlfriend are an adorable couple and I enjoy the videos of the two of you! How did she respond when you first told her that you do YouTube? Does she enjoy appearing on your channel? 

Haha when she first came over to my apartment and saw lights and a camera she was probably like “what have I gotten myself into…”

She is really camera shy, so it was a struggle to get her on camera.  As I recall, she liked it, but then she started reading comments and it turned her off to it pretty quick.

I do want to do more with her, so I’m thinking of started a second channel where it’s just us doing typical “Youtube” things like eating weird candy or stuff like that.  Now that my channel is video essay-type videos, it’s probably a good idea not to mix content too much.

I love it whenever you do film reviews and when you talk in depth about certain celebrities. (Your video on Amy Schumer continues to be a favorite of my husband I’s to this day!) Have you always been a fan of pop culture? Do you have any plans to do these types of videos on a more frequent basis?

That Amy Schumer video was my first real break, but I’m still not sure why haha.  That video was kind of my first try making a video essay entirely with motion graphics, and compared to my recent stuff I think it sucks haha.

I still don’t know if people want me to do “celebrity videos” or if it was criticizing Amy Schumer herself that people liked.  I’ve done some other celebrity videos, but obviously they weren’t as successful as the Amy Schumer one.

I have a series on my channel called “the biggest problem with…” where I talk about problems with a certain movie or series, but that only works if there’s a reason for it. 

13 Reasons Why was about suicide, and I felt it didn’t do a very good job.  Spider-man was rebooted, again, and was now part of the Marvel Universe, so everyone was wondering what it would be like.  Netflix made a Death Note movie, and everyone was curious how it would turn out.

But, I feel like if I just made videos where I criticized movies over and over again, it would get stale after a while.  Or maybe not, who knows.  Maybe I should try that more often haha.

What direction would you like to take your YouTube Channel in the future? Do you have any other career/life plans you would like to achieve?

I actually do have some big plans.  I really like those recent animation channels, like TheOdd1sOut or Jaiden Animations, and really want to try to make those kinds of videos.  You asked about doing more film reviews or whatever, and maybe that would be a perfect fit.

A comedy cartoon style review of a movie or TV show.  Then I could keep it on my main channel, since it still kind of fits.

I mean, a simple goal I have is to someday make enough money to survive only from my Youtube channel, merch, patreon, whatever.  Chances are it will never happen, but that is the ultimate goal.

I’ve had to accept the fact that I’ll never hit 100,000 subscribers, but 50,000 would be nice.

But honestly, and I know this sounds suuuuper cliché, but I make videos really just because I love doing it.  I currently get no money at all from my videos, so if I didn’t do it for the love of the craft, I would have quit a long time ago. 

 Thank you Alex! If any of you are interested, you can check out his Channel here.  You can also follow him on Twitter here. Alex, I appreciate it very much that you took the time to answer my questions and best of luck with your Channel. I wish you nothing but success and happiness, you deserve it!

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My Interview with YouTuber Masked Babe

(originally published on November 27, 2017)

There’s a young lady that’s been making some waves on YouTube lately. With her intellect, research, and alluring voice, it won’t be long before she gets a pretty large following!

While our political views may be different, I admire her talent. I recently asked her if I could send her some questions and she was very gracious about it. Below is my interview with Masked Babe.

1. When did you decide to start your YouTube Channel? Did you have a particular direction in which you wanted to take it?

I made Masked Babe in around late 2015, I had a totally different direction for the channel then! I was making videos of the “political nature.” I was just fresh out of high school with a lot of time on my hands. I didn’t have a lot of background in politics, so needless to say… That didn’t work out too well. I took some time off, maybe a year? I decided that I didn’t want to give up on Masked Babe, but I wasn’t happy with what I was doing. I was watching a lot of videos at the time that were drama involved? That’s when I decided that was the direction I wanted to go in! I was tired of seeing the same things being talked about over and over and I wanted to be the change that the commentary / drama community needed. I decided not monetize my videos and not make a single penny, YouTube needs that right now.

2. You have done some excellent videos “exposing” certain YouTubers! Do you plan to continue doing these types of videos? If so, do you have any others you would like to “expose” in mind?

I love the content I make! I will continue to make it after seeing such positive feedback. It’s been really great making these videos and I feel really good about them so far.

3. Your Channel Name-“Masked Babe” is quite intriguing! How did you come up with it?

I came up with the name “Masked Babe” because I didn’t exactly want to include my face in my videos. I want people to watch me for what I have to say, not because of my face, chest, or pretty background. I want people to have to listen to me to get to know me, and really it lets the viewer create whatever image they’d like of me. I can be literally anyone I want with my character, so long as she’s masked…. It’s a freedom, because even if I were to ever have a large following.. I’ll have my private life just that, private.

4. I saw your video recently in which you said you got a strike because of your Joy Sparkles BS Video? Can you give us any info as to why you believe you were given that strike and do you have an update on your appeal? I think I can speak for all of your fans and say we hope you can get it appealed!

Recently, I’ve been given a strike and to be honest I wear it as a badge of honor! I think when you make content that you knew would rub people the wrong way when that was your intention… Is probably the most rewarding. I know that I have a voice now and a place to share my thoughts to the people that I want to hear them which is the haters! Personally, I don’t know who flagged my “JoySparkle BS” video but something tells me it’s the fans. They have left comments in the past in defense of Joy. I don’t care who it was, I’m just glad I made someone mad enough to false flag me. You have to giggle knowing someone is mad enough to create lies about you! Bless them. I have since appealed the video but it just ended up in YouTube keeping the strike against me. I have other platforms to communicate with my subscribers, so I feel fine with having a badge!

5. Are there any particular YouTubers that you like to watch and would you like to collab with any one of them?

I consider myself to be a bit of a hermit. I recently just started interacting more since my subscribers are the most important thing when it comes to my channel. I’ve never really thought of doing a collab for that reason, I’m just very closed off from people that aren’t in my bubble. It’s a flaw, I can admit that. I try a little bit more and more to come out of my bubble and that’s why I enjoy my live streams so much! I feel like I get closer to not being so shut off from everyone else.

6. Can you let us know of any future plans for your YouTube Channel and anything professional you would like to achieve outside of YouTube?

Expect more videos from me, I don’t post that often because I believe in quality more than quantity. Taking my time, and really sitting down thinking about what I want to do is something that takes time for me. Fun is also the most important factor in my videos, I want the energy to come through my videos, and I think that’s why these have been better. In the future, in dreams, I’ve always wanted to be a radio personality or something of the sort. Entertainment has always been a part of my dreams, and vision for myself and YouTube is how I channel that energy and hopefully something great could from it but if not.. That’s fine too! I love things the way they are too.

Thank you so much, Masked Babe! I wish you nothing but the best with your Channel and know you will go far! You can find her here. Be sure to check her out!

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My Interview with YouTuber Ready to Glare.

(originally published on October 31, 2017)

Meet Giulia-Christina Philipp. This 23-year-old grad student has her own YouTube Channel named Ready to Glare. The channel has 12K subscribers so far and has been getting a lot of positive attention. Giulia-Christina has a channel that she can truly call her own and that’s why we love her. She does videos responding to the cringe posts she finds on Tumblr, her honest yet tactful response to other YouTube videos, her adorable videos she sometimes does with her husband and more serious ones such as addiction and suicide.

 I know that she is going to keep gaining subscribers on YouTube and I know that she’ll keep getting better while still staying true to who she is. Giulia-Christina honestly looks like the type of woman any of us could gab with and binge watch Netflix.

 So, I’m very thankful she’s agreed to do this interview with me. I can’t wait to see her channel grow more!

1. You and your husband said in a video that you proposed to him. I love that! Can you tell us how long you two had been dating before you proposed and how you proposed?

We had been dating about a year and a half or so. I proposed in a rather low-key way. While huge romantic proposals are cool and everything, I don’t think I could see it as entirely organic if I tried to do it. I’m not that type of person and I attach the idea of romance to the real rather than the theatrical. That might be cynical of me, but it’s the way I see it. Anyhow, when I proposed, I bought two inflatable crowns from Urban Outfitters and inflated them. It was a night like any other. I had school that day, Jacob had work. We were sitting in my first ever apartment, a tiny one at that. While we didn’t love living there, we had made a life for ourselves. Jacob had moved in. We had started adulthood in a new way. And because of all this, I wanted to propose where we had lived, slow danced, shared laughs and cries. So, I turned to him and told him about how much he changed my life and how I wanted this to be a forever thing – it sounded better than how I describe it, I hope. But I cried and he said yes and we spent the night with crowns on and drinking Prosecco.

2. You said you move to the U.S. for college and now you’re in grad school. What made you decide to move here for college and would you say that you and your husband are going to end up staying?

My mom always sent me to American schools through out my life (with the exception of one). It was kind of understood that I would probably go to the US to study. I wasn’t forced into it or anything, I had the freedom to choose where to go, but I really wanted to live somewhere I hadn’t before that also had top institutions to study at. Since my mom and I lived in China previous to my moving here, she joked that she’d only pay for college in California since it’d be closer to her than the East Coast. I did want to move to California though because I felt it would suit who I am, educationally as well. We’ve discussed leaving. We probably will at some point but I’d like to do it when we both have finished with school, and I’m going for a PhD so it might be a while. We want to be “established” in our career path before we jump on a big adventure.

3. You said in a video that you wanted to be a professor in college and write fiction. What type of fiction do you want to write and are there any books in that genre that you would consider to be your favorite(s)?

I’d like to write what I call “realistic” fiction, similar to Bukowski, Fante, Murakami and some including magic or the otherworldly like Nabokov, Gogol, and Chekov. Those are some of my absolute favorite writers! I consider “Ham on Rye” by Bukowski one of my absolute favorite books, along with “After Dark” by Murakami and “Laughter in the Dark” by Nabokov. I also like Bukowski’s poetry, especially in “Love Is a Dog from Hell.”

4. It was heartbreaking to hear about your struggles with bulimia and your experience with being very close to committing suicide. I thank you for sharing your stories. I know you’ve talked about it in your videos, but do you mind telling us what lead up to your struggle with bulimia? Also, how has your husband helped you since then and what is your advice for anyone dealing with an eating disorder and/or suicidal thoughts?

So, I took a gap year after attending one of the most toxic high schools in my life. I have even been reached out to by people who went to school with me saying they felt the same way. Anyways, I took this gap year in order to re-energize myself for college and in that time I had a bit of a wild phase. I was partying significantly and abusing some drugs too. Between that and the depression, my feelings of self worth just came to an all time high and the bulimia was a method of control as well as lost control. My husband definitely helped by supporting me, listening to me, and comforting me when it seemed like the worst had yet to come. My advice is to be real with yourself. Don’t romanticize your depression or eating disorder, tell yourself how it is. And always find someone to talk to, of course a medical professional is best, but that’s not always available. So at least be sure you have a friend to talk to, whether it’s family or even someone online.

5. You’ve talked about mental health as well. That’s great because I’m a big mental health advocate myself and the more people talk about it, the more the stigma against it will disappear. How is your mental health today and how do you go about treating it?  

My mental health today is quite stable. I do get quite overwhelmed because I put extreme pressure on myself in terms of school. Ironically I recently got my first grade in graduate school and I called my mom saying I was disappointed. I got an A-. I’m trying to be more lenient though. When I find my mental health being tested by overwhelm, anxiety, and depression, then I address it. It’s hard to acknowledge that you’re struggling, you feel weak and stupid. But you’re not. And once I address it I actively take steps to “fix” it. I make a video talking about it, I watch my favorite creators, I watch my comfort show, Friends. Sometimes reading my favorite quotes too. Or even looking at my tattoos. I always tell my husband and my friends and every time I am reminded I’m not alone.

6. I’ve seen you talk about makeup more than once on your channel. I’m a huge makeup geek myself so I love seeing you talk about that! What are your favorite brands and do you have any holy grail products? (Mine is the YSL The Shock Mascara!) 

I am a sucker for Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters. I have never been disappointed. Jeffree Star as well, those highlights are blinding! Those two as well as the Modern Renaissance palette by ABH are my holy grails. I use them on the daily and the quality is impeccable. Funnily, at first I didn’t like my Jeffree Star highlight, but I had only started using makeup and let me just say, brushes make all the difference. I was so ignorant to that.

7. Speaking of beauty, I love your taste in clothes. My favorite shirt I’ve seen you wear was the shirt that said “Goth Spice”! What are your favorite stores to buy clothes? 

Ah thank you! I love graphic tees. I shop from quite few stores to be frank. Burger and Friends is a favorite! Other stores include Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, Pink Uzi, Witch Worldwide, Wicked Clothes, and Missguided.

8. Finally, where do you want to take your channel in the future and are there any YouTubers that you would like to collab with?

I am still very much figuring out where I am going. I do love the commentary videos as well as beauty so I think I’ll continue combining the two. I see myself continuing to do that. There are so many YouTubers I think I’d have fun collaborating with, my favorites such as Blaire White, Jaclyn Glenn, Andy Warski,  and No Bullshit to name a few.

 Thank you so much for talking to me! I had a blast corresponding with you and I’m very grateful I got to know an awesome person.

 Please check out her YouTube Channel here and don’t forget to subscribe! You’ll find yourself binge watching her videos in no time!