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My Interview with the YouTube Commentary Channel: Emma

There’s a great Commentary Channel I discovered on YouTube called Emma. I find her to be both hilarious and refreshingly honest. I love to watch her videos and just nod along thinking, “Yup, couldn’t have said it better myself.” I had to get to know her better, so as an aspiring journalist, I emailed her on Instagram and asked her for an interview. She was very sweet and accepted. I had a blast getting to know her and so will the rest of you! Take it away Emma!
1. What made you decide to start doing YouTube and ultimately decide on focusing on commentary-style videos?
My first video was late July and this was when John Kuckian was being talked about and I watched his apology and just kind of decided to make a video. I was previously thinking about making videos because I was playing around with iMovie (I know, cringe). But I was messing around with it and I had a lot of fun.
2. Your focus is on YouTubers and I love that! Will there be any videos that focus on A-List Celebrities? 
If my subscribers would want a celebrity, I’d be more than happy to do that. Most of my videos are requested and I enjoy doing them because they’re on Youtube’s I wouldn’t think to make a video on.
3. Are there going to be any “heavier” or more “controversial” subjects you’ll eventually focus on? Such as GlitterForever17 and/or Nina Unrated?
I haven’t heard about “heavy controversy” with Glitterforever17, but if that video would want to be seen by my subscribers and they would like my thoughts on it, I’d be more than happy to make that video. But I would like to do videos with more solid information instead of jokingly saying someone is annoying. haha.
4. Are there any YouTubers or subjects that think are “too much” and don’t want to do videos on? Is there a limit as to how far you’ll go when talking about someone or who you’ll talk about? 
In my opinion, nothing is too much. The internet is a no mans land. In my opinion, you can talk about anything, whether it’s offensive or not. I am a very honest person in real life and truly believe that there is no need to sugarcoat anything. I would do a video on any YouTuber, my subscribers just need to tell me who they want me to do a video on.
5. Do you think once you hit a certain subscriber count you’ll do a video in which we get to know a little know more about you?
I would definitely make a video or go live and tell a little bit about myself. I suppose I haven’t really done a video on myself or really talk about myself I definitely believe most of my subscribers, don’t necessarily subscribe for me but just the videos I make and they’re not really interested in me. Which isn’t bad, but I guess if it’s requested, I would do it. I have mentioned that I do live in Florida and that’s pretty much all I’ve spoken about myself.
6. How do your family and friends feel about your Channel?
Only 1 of my friends knows about my channel and my family. My family thinks it’s great that I’m able to do something I genuinely enjoy because I’m very interested in film. My family also thinks it’s that I’ve reached almost 20 thousand subscribers, who I’m incredibly thankful for each one.
7. Are there any YouTubers that you’re a fan of and that also inspire you as well as your Channel?
I am a big fan of Emma Chamberlain, not sure if it’s because we have the same name but she’s very enjoyable to watch and I also love David Dobrik; he’s funny and each video is fun to watch and both of them definitely inspire me.
Editor’s Note: This interview took place BEFORE the Emma Chamerlain controversy, just to be clear. I mean WAY before then!
8. Finally, where do you see yourself looking ahead? Where do you see your Channel going as well as your personal life?
I hopefully can see my channel continuing to grow, as I’m still trying to find a proper schedule to post because I’ve been inconsistent due to me being busy with my personal life. But I know I’ll eventually get it together and be able to post more frequently as far as for my personal life, it’s going by quite fast. As soon as I finish a video and post, time goes by so fast when I’m doing other things, I realize it’s been a week and I need to post another video, so I definitely need to fix that.
Thank you very much, Emma! I think it’s great that you don’t take any of your success for granted and the fact that your subscribers mean so much to you says a lot about your character. Be sure to follow her on Instagram here and once again, subscribe to her here.