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Sarah’s Book Club: Down the Rabbit Hole-Holly Madison

Down the Rabbit Hole is the 2015 memoir by Holly Madison. The book spills details about her time as Hugh Hefner’s “favorite girlfriend”, her time in Las Vegas, being Criss Angel’s girlfriend and more.

This book was much different than both of fellow Girls Next Door costar Kendra Wilkinson‘s books, and that’s a good thing! I really wanted to like Kendra’s books, and if you can dig up my old reviews, I really did try. But, in recent years, I’ve grown tired of her and could tell she was trying to put on an act. I felt like this was confirmed in Holly’s book. Don’t worry though, this wasn’t a book full of Kendra-bashing. In fact, she empathized with her on a few occasions. (Hef was known for his put-downs of his girlfriends.)

Hef always wanted to make it look like they ended things on good terms, so I’m glad she put that to rest with this book. Who knew he could be so emotionally and verbally abusive? Although she left very little out and admitted to becoming protective of him, I do wonder why she left out why she got mad at Crystal when she first dumped Hugh. It’s not something I’m mad about. Maybe she felt manipulated by Hugh once again and didn’t want to travel down that road all over again in her book. But, I would have liked to have read about that.

It was also interesting to read about Criss Angel and how toxic their relationship was as well. It’s no secret that the guy is a jerk, to put it lightly, but knowing how easily his ego is bruised, how their relationship was just as abusive as it was with Hugh, how hungry he was for the limelight, and how he kept the gifts he gave to her (as well as the ones she gave him) after their relationship was over was all very juicy! (The keeping of expensive the gifts she gave him is vaguely similar to a previous relationship to one I was in!)   

Prior to this book, I had always empathized with Crystal Harris, sensing she was she was in an unhappy marriage. While that may have been true, knowing the way she treated Holly and the things she said about her were not cool at all. It definitely left a sour taste in my mouth!

While no one is perfect, I hope that more people who read this book realize that Hugh wasn’t the “social justice warrior” he proclaimed to be. Yes, I realize there are two sides to every story and Holly isn’t perfect; no human is, but her story sounded very credible to me.

At the end of the day, this was a great read, whether or not you’re a fan of hers and I can’t wait to read her follow up!