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Why I Quit Working at Express.

I was watching this video Kylie Dennison (Channel name is KiKi Chanel. Love her and her videos!) about why she quit working at Victoria’s Secret, and I felt her pain somewhat. I don’t talk about this a lot, but I’ve been on disability for a long time because of my Asperger’s (people tell me they can’t tell I have it, though) combined with my Generalized Anxiety Disorder makes it impossible to work. So, before I realized I was legally disabled, I tried working. Big mistake! But, I want to tell you about one of my attempts at a job horror story. The time I worked at Express at my local mall! Dramatic music plays!

Back when I was 20, I tried working at Express. Trying to work period was a mistake, but the job itself was horrendous. I was constantly called and told, “Don’t come into work, we have too many people!” I would walk in and they would say, “We’re overstaffed, go home.” I once clocked in for 30 minutes, and the manager seemed annoyed that I was there and said in a very excited voice, “Sarah! You don’t have to stay here! You can leave! You can go home!” (I wasn’t the only employee they did this to, but it was still annoying.)

This was during the Holiday Season. So, they really only needed me for Black Friday. Other than that, Express was focused on their main employees. The seasonal employees were pretty much treated like trash. So, right after Black Friday, I quit.

I walked into the office one day and told them I was quitting. The guy that was in there said, “Ok, are you going to turn in a 2 Weeks Notice?” I said, “No, because you guys never need me.” The guy just sat there and stared off at something in the distance. I stood there for a minute and there was just silence. So, I left.

I know that wasn’t professional of me. Like I said, I shouldn’t have been working at all. Writing and volunteering is what I’m meant to do. I’m much more professional now. So, for those of you that are working, don’t do what I did when I quit. I realize the place was not being operated well at all, but I still should have been the bigger person.

Just so you all know, this isn’t the worst of it, but her (Kylie) story was vaguely similar to mine since Express and Victoria’s Secret used to be under the same company (I don’t know if they got “back together” since then or not), and it inspired me to share this story with you. I’ll share some more in the future if you’d like!

What do you think? Did you have a nightmare job experience? Sound off in the comments, even if you disagree with me!