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Can You Handle Gabriel Zamora’s Truth?

I think I can speak for all the beauty fans of YouTube when I say that we all saw Gabriel Zamora’s video entitled “My Truth“, in which he goes into detail about his past using offensive language, that infamous Tweet of him shading Jeffree and so much more. The biggest bombshell of all was him exposing MannyMUA for who he truly is.

First, I want to address his offensive language because I went in on him pretty hard when I covered this in my past two blogs. I still stand by what I said, but I do believe that he’s truly sorry. I also have to remember that no one’s hands are clean. I’ve interviewed people who have used offensive language in the past thinking “they’re just words.” I never condoned that behavior, but I now realize that it’s hypocritical of me to judge Gabriel while not to judging others quite as harshly. While I was here calling him out, I was foolishly not realizing that he was just as guilty as the person I’ve interviewed. Perhaps I tried justifying their behavior to myself thinking, “The interview isn’t about that,” but that was incredibly stupid of me. Although I don’t believe anyone I’ve interviewed is a racist, I still made some poor decisions in what I chose to overlook. As an aspiring journalist, I should know better. So, Gabriel, I know you’re not reading this because I’m still irrelevant, but just know you taught me a lot.

I don’t want to go over his whole video, because I believe he needs to be heard and his video is good. I do want to cover the whole MannyMUA situation real quick because I used to be a fan of his and it’s too big of a topic to ignore.

A lot of people have been saying for a long time that Manny will latch onto someone in the beauty community, become their best friend and then toss them aside once he’s done with them, moving on to the next person. Gabriel confirmed this. It was also confirmed in his video that Manny used both Jeffree and Packtrick Starr for their connections.

What I found to be the most telling was how willing he was to throw both Gabriel and Laura Lee under the bus. Trust me, I’m not defending Laura, but I’ll get to that in a minute. Right now I want to talk about what Manny did to Gabriel.

Like I said, I don’t want to talk too much about the video because I want you all to watch it, but the things he tweeted about Gabriel (such as, “It’s been an eye-opening 24 hours.”),  were done behind his back. When Gabriel unfollowed Manny, right away Manny wanted to clear things up with him, but only to clear up his own image, not to save his friendship with Gabriel.

When it comes to Laura, who is supposed to be Manny’s best friend, he was not there for her whatsoever while she was being dragged through the mud. Now, I’m not saying she didn’t deserve it, but what kind of friend doesn’t defend their best friend who they collab with all the time?

As I have said many times, there’s a lot more information in the video and I encourage you all to watch it. There are just a couple of things I want to say real quick:

First, I believe you have learned from your mistakes, Gabriel and that you truly are sorry. I was impressed with your video.

Second, DO NOT give Manny or Nikita a pass. Laura deserves what’s happening to her but Manny and Nikita need to suffer consequences as well. What consequences am I talking about? Well, for starters, if Laura is going to get dropped by Morphe, then so should Manny and Nikita. Also, Lunar Beauty is supposed to be sold at a certain retail store according to Manny. If Laura is going to be dropped from Ulta then Manny needs to lose his retail deal as well. I believe that would make a good start.

Lastly (and this is off topic), I gave a shoutout to PorcelainMUA in a previous blog of mine.  Panicked Antics just revealed some stuff about who I was supporting and I think you should all know, too. Click here to watch this video. (A big reason why I’m putting this here is because we want a new wave of beauty gurus to take over, and just like Panicked Antics said, Porcelain wants to be part of that new wave and I agree that’s what Porcelain wants. So before that happens, be sure to watch the video and decide if she’s the kind of person you want to support. I no longer do.)

I know we were all hoping for more positively in the beauty community in 2018 and it doesn’t look like that’s happening. But before you lose hope, remember this quote from The Dark Knight:

“The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming.”

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What is Happening to the YouTube Beauty Community? Part 2.

Welcome to Part 2! When we last talked about the drama in the Beauty Community I asked if we’re going to see any changes. I want to discuss that topic, and also what I think will happen to Manny, Laura, Nikita, and Gabriel.

First, let me get something off of my chest in response to Laura. I have lived in Alabama all my life and I’m not a racist. I’ve said this many times on Twitter and I’ll say it here too; I’m sorry I ever bought Laura’s merch. As for the rest of her apology, it was obviously written by her PR Team. And judging by her Snapchat pictures she’s posted since then, Laura is hoping we’ll all quickly forget about this. (Thank you to my Twitter friend, Spektader for providing the picture!)

As for Nikita, I’m also sorry I bought her collab with Morphe. When I watched her apology video, I couldn’t help but feel like she was trying to hold back laughter. Did anyone else feel that way? Let me know if you agree or disagree.

Enough had been said about Gabriel’s, “sorry you were offended” apology. I will say that I was disappointed in Here for the Tea trying to justify Gabriel saying an offensive, racist word in this video. Just because he claimed he was using it in the style they use it in rap songs doesn’t justify it. Also, what about him calling someone a derogatory word for people of the LGBTQIA Community? What’s the excuse there? That’s right, there is none!

Finally, Manny as of right now has not given an apology whatsoever, and I don’t believe we’re ever going to get one. That right there, speaks volumes of how entitled he believes he is.

There’s a lot of speculation as to what will happen to these four. Will their careers end or will they be temporarily derailed and go back to normal? The answer lies with us. Would we accept this kind of behavior out of our friends? No. So, we shouldn’t accept it from them. Remember, they may be famous and we may put them on a pedestal, but it’s time that we stop. We need to hold the Beauty Community to the same standards we would the rest of the world.

My girl BeauTea with Ashely talked about how we need to make room for new Beauty Gurus in this wonderful video. I encourage you to watch the entire video as well as check out the Beauty Gurus. I’m going to include some of them below as well as some others.

Candice’s Vanity


Lushious Massacr

Paizlee OBrien

Panicked Antics

K Swizz

I’m sure there are many more. Feel free to leave any Beauty Gurus I missed in the comments. But, just to let you all know, this is not the end of the Beauty Community as many people have said. This is a major bump in the road, and there will be others, but let me leave you with this: I’m not saying to not cut Beauty Gurus off every time they make a mistake. We’ve all done things we regret, myself included. Just be cautious when their past comes up to bite them and how they go about their apologies and their actions afterward.


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What Is Happening to the YouTube Beauty Community? Part 1.

We always hold our favorite celebrities on a pedestal, but the YouTube celebrities get placed on an even higher one. This is because they don’t have an army of managers, agents and PR People around them controlling their every move. Sure, some of them will probably employ a few of those people down the road, but at the end of the day, it’s still the YouTuber, in front of a camera, talking to us and interacting with us on social media as well. So in a sense, they’re more we see them more than celebrities, we see them as our friends.

Before I go any further I need to make it clear that no one who ever walked this earth except Jesus Christ Himself is perfect. Every single last one of us has made mistakes; we’ve all done and said cruel things. I know if I ever become relevant, there will surely be something from my past that will come up. No, I can’t think of anything, but I’ sure someone else will (once again if I ever become relevant). But I pray that I will have the strength to own up to any mistakes and not make excuses.

So, what does this have to do with the Beauty Community on YouTube? Well, if you watch these videos from MarkLovesTea, Petty Paige, Panicked Antics, Beauty Truth Sleuth, Tea Spill and many more Channels, then you’ll know, thanks to Beauty Guru Gabriel Zamora running his big mouth about Jeffree Star, Gabriel accidentally exposed himself in the process. With him, Laura Lee and Nikita Dragun were also exposed. (I highly suggest you watch these videos for the real tea. Let me tell you, this tea is HOT!)

But let’s be honest, we’ve been seeing the ugly side of Beauty Gurus for quite some time. From Kathleenlights dropping an offensive racist word to Jackie Ania lying about Petty Paige hacking her personal bank account and more, the Beauty Community seems to have been crumbling for quite some time. So, what do we, as the viewers, do about it? Or can we do anything? Do we have any say in this?

I don’t want this blog to go on for too long, so Part 2 should be up on Friday at the latest. I’m just afraid if I blab on for too long I’ll lose you. So, I end it here for now and conclude it in a few days. Until then, thank you for reading and I hope you’ll continue to stick around!

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My Interview Panicked Antics

As I do with many of my new favorite people I find on YouTube, I discovered our newest rising star, Panicked Antics under my “Recommended” page. What caught my eye was that she seemed to have an ongoing series called “Slay & Shade” in which she would talk about certain people on YouTube. I had to check this girl out!


Turns out, I was right to. The normal theme of her videos is that she’ll put on her makeup (sort of like a “Get Ready with Me”) and will talk about a particular YouTuber. I love makeup and I love gossip, so I was hooked right away!


While Panicked Antics and I don’t like/dislike all the same people on YouTube, that’s OK. There are plenty of people that I’m a fan of, who I’ve featured on my blog that I’ve haven’t 100% agreed with. The point was that I felt a connection with her.


I asked her if she wanted to do an interview and she was quite lovely when we talked about the idea. As the date approached, I was looking more and more forward to it. I was very impressed with the person I was talking to through email (even more than I had been through YouTube)!


Right off the bat, she was as sweet as she could be! I loved how her dog joined her on the couch while we talked on Skype! She told me that she and her husband adopted him from a shelter. That’s beautiful. My husband and I did that with our son/dog, too. We talked some about her husband. They have been married nine years. They first met at a birthday party when she was still with her ex-boyfriend (now best friend). She admitted there was an instant attraction between her and her future husband, but she was unavailable at that time. Later, when she was single, her ex that he suggested they go see a local metal band with some friends; one her future husband happened to be in. After the show, the two exchanged numbers and they’ve been together ever since!


I asked her how she became vegan. (She talks about that some on her Channel.) She told me that her brother gave her a book about veganism when she was a teen and she was horrified about what was happening to animals, and it changed her. I told her that I admired her lifestyle. She admitted that she feels like some vegans are too militant. I told her that I feel that some Christians (I’m one, by the way) are too militant as well.


We went on to talk about the hypocrisies within both the Atheist and Christian communities. I told her that I feel like certain Christians are too homophobic and that people within the LGBTQIA Community do go to Heaven. In fact, I have family members that are gay and are Christians. She said that I’m her “kind of Christian!” (Love her!)


I asked her what made her come up with “Slay & Shade”. She said that “Slay” could be her doing her makeup and “Shade” could her be her talking about YouTubers. (That’s why we love her Channel!)


On to the subject of makeup and what she likes. She told me that she likes cruelty-free. When it comes to her skincare routine she likes cleansing oil, and at times she likes to use Micellar Water. She’s used Pacifica, but is turning away from that and is looking for some more general face washes.


We talked about the lack of shade ranges out there and that she really got me thinking about what she’s said about Tarte and Wet n’ Wild. She also mentioned Sunday Riley and Pacifica don’t have wide shade ranges and neither does Lancome’. Again, she really got me thinking. So, thank you for that. (Seriously, thank you. We need to demand more shade ranges. I sincerely thank you for getting me out of my comfort zone.)


I noticed she was wearing a Shane Dawson shirt. Turns out, we’re both huge Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams fans! We love them as a couple and it was such a delight seeing her wear Shane’s cute hoodie! (I adore Shane, but I’m a pretty big Ryland fangirl, I must confess!)


I asked her what her most popular videos have been. She said it would either have to be John Kuckian (watch it here) or Lucia Tepper. I told her that her Lucia Tepper one was great. (It really was! Have a look here.) I told her how much I enjoyed her one on SSSniperwolf, as well. We agreed that she’s beautiful and a good gamer. We also agreed that instead of bullying other female gamers, she could bring them together, but it might be too late for that. We also suspect that her boyfriend might be a bad influence on her. (It’s really heartbreaking because she’s clearly too talented, and as we said, too beautiful to be behaving that way and to tolerate having a boyfriend that puts down other women and shames them.) I then told her about how my husband is a big gamer and how I’m more of a casual one, but we welcome female gamers in the community, so it’s heartbreaking to see SSSniperwolf act the way she does. She agreed.


We talked about a few things we sort of disagreed on. I’m a big Here for the Tea fan, while she sort of is. (She did a Slay & Shade on her, too. No, I wasn’t offended. We can agree to disagree.) We talked about the Drama Channel “Fighting” that was going on during that time and I told her what I saw from “my” end. I was impressed to see how open she was to hear what I had to say.


At the same time, she told me how Petty Paige sang a song for her and her husband’s anniversary. I have to admit, that’s pretty sweet! I told her that although I’m not a fan (at least, not anymore), I’ll recommend certain videos of hers if I feel like the occasion calls for it. (For instance, someone didn’t know who a certain controversial YouTuber was, so I told them that even though I’m not a Petty Paige fan, that she did a great video on that person.) When I told Panicked Antics that, I loved how well she took to that and said that she liked my approach!


Note: Since this interview, more “drama has gone down between her and Here for the Tea and she has now been blocked by HFTT. Although I’m a fan of HFTT’s, I respectfully disagree with her decision.

On another note, HFTT & Petty Paige have since made amends. Since then, HFTT has taken a break from YouTube for personal reasons. On that note, I am praying for her and wishing her the best. Now, back to the interview!


I asked if she ever heard back from anyone she spotlit in her videos. The first was her Peter Monn video. What happened was Peter Direct Messaged her on Twitter and said that she not only gave him a lot to think about but she also inspired him to start doing his rant style videos while he’s driving again! Talk about class!


The next was her “Rants in PJ’s Rants” video that she sometimes does instead of “Slay & Shade.” This time it was about the beauty guru Thomas Halbert. Those of us who know who he knows that he’s talented, but will also block people in a minute, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear that he took what she said to heart and applied some of her advice to his videos. She messaged him not too long afterward and asked him if he was angry about the video and he thought the video was very constructive.


Note: Thomas now has us both blocked due to his giveaway scandal. To see the video that started it all. click here. To see my interview with GadgetBeast30, click here. To see Panicked Antics’ video on the subject, click here.


I was surprised to hear when she said that the one video she regrets was her Thrift Thick one. I asked why that was because I liked it. Although she stands by what she says, she said that Thrift Thick (Cassie) “looks like she smells like cat piss.” Panicked Antics admitted that it was a comment she originally read about Cassie that was quoting, but she felt horrible about it. Afterward, she tried to reach out to her and say that the “cat piss” comment was something she regretted/regrets. Cassie has her blocked, but she was able to find a way to reach out to her. Sadly, she never heard back. So, Cassie, if you’re out there, the woman I talked to is no bully and I can tell you in with 100% confidence that she’s sorry and feels horrible about that comment.


I asked her about who she likes to watch and she mentioned people such as iNabber. I also found out like me, she’s a fan of true crime TV shows and the I.D. Channel. I asked her if she had heard about the woman who survived Ted Bundy. Her eyes opened wide and she said, “NO!” I told her as soon as she gets a P.O. Box, I’ll send her the book. (I’m keeping that promise, by the way!)


I told her that I have empathy for those that have addictions because addiction (mainly alcoholism) runs in my family, so I gently asked her about both her drinking (which she’s openly talked about) and how she’s been since her grandmother died. She took care of her grandmother in hospice care in her and her husband’s home for the last six years of her grandmother’s life, so they knew the end was near. But it was still very hard on her. She admitted that maybe she didn’t fully prepare (to be fair to Panicked Antics, there’s no way to fully prepare), but her death was truly hard on her and quite depressing.


I got to hear a lot of sweet stories about their closeness, and how when she was growing up she and her grandmother would go on a “hunt” to see who could find the lowest priced cosmetic in a certain store. She also told me that she knows that if her grandmother were to find out that she (Panicked Antics) was so depressed over her death, she wouldn’t be happy about that or want it whatsoever.


This brings me to her drinking. I learned that like me, alcoholism runs in her family. Not only were her grandparents on her Dad’s side alcoholics, but so was her Dad. She told me that as a kid, she would find empty beer cans. Her Father would come home drunk. Her parents would fight over it, and all this turned her brother and sister away from drinking. She said that one would think it would do the same for her, but it didn’t. She went on to tell me that, while she doesn’t drink daily when she does drink she’ll “crush a six-pack.” Her husband asked how he could help and if he should give her the sort of tough love approach. Fortunately, they’re learning what does and doesn’t work and she’s getting it under control. She’s also learning that she can never go back to being a casual drinker. I’m very proud of her and am rooting for her. I believe in her and I know that she will be successful in her journey to sobriety, and anything she puts her mind to because she’s just that driven and smart! (I’m not kissing butt, I mean what I say when I say it!)


I asked her about the future of her Channel and she talked about her plans to edit more and do content with her husband (such as him reacting to beauty guru’s). Sounds amazing! As far as her personal life goes, she wants to keep working in hospice, and she and her husband want to move into a bigger house.


I want to encourage you all to not only tune into her Channel (here’s the link, once again), but to subscribe and follow her on Twitter. (She told me that she doesn’t really keep up with her subscribers, but knows that she’s almost at 1,000! I have a feeling she’ll be going way beyond that!)


Since this video, she has surpassed that! Congratulations!


Panicked Antics, it was such a pleasure talking to you. I found you to be quite enjoyable and you were such a doll! You truly are beautiful on the inside and out! Remeber, you can do anything you put your mind to, just never stop being you because you’re perfect as you are.


Oh, before I go. If she ever comes out with merch, her first shirt should say, “No, No, No!” I think it’s adorable when she does that! (Like in her awesome Lucia Tepper video)!


I wanted to add something. Recently, Panicked Antics came under fire for her response to a MannyMUA video about the death of his dog. Sadly, a lot of people misunderstood where she was coming from and called her names like “sociopath” and “bipolar.” As someone who has Bipolar, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and OCD, these responses bother me. I can honestly say that I consider Panicked Antics to be a friend of mine and on top of that, I also consider myself an activist for many causes, including mental health. So, when people say this kind of stuff to her, it hurts me deeply.


If you have a problem with the way she is dealing with mental health, why not open a discussion with her instead of calling her names? It may not always feel good to do the right thing when you feel so strongly about something in the heat of the moment, but you end up making yourself look bad by saying mean and hurtful things that you can’t take back. On top of that, you’re being hypocritical.


She has now set the video to private and made a followup video. Please give it a watch and keep an open heart this time. Thank you.