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My Interview with YouTuber, Natalie AKA:Logical

Hi, Sarah DeArmond here, bringing you another one of my favorite YouTube Channels. I admit it, YouTube is everything to me. I tried it years ago but I wasn’t in the right head space for it. (I”ll never let myself live that down!) But, God had other plans. I’m much happier being a blogger/aspiring journalist while interviewing successful YouTubers. This brings me to who I am interviewing in this article:

Meet Natalie. AKA: Logical. There are many, many genres I like on YouTube and the Commentary-Style side happens to be one of them. Logical is one of the best. This woman has it all, beauty, brains, sense of humor, insight, and never talks down to her audience. Even in her Unpopular Opinion Videos, you may not agree with everything Natalie says, but she says it in a respectful way. Like I said, she really gets you thinking. I like that she’s able to be blunt and challenge you without insulting you. Again, the woman is very smart!

I was freaking out when she agreed to do this interview! Natalie was so professional and sweet. I can’t wait for you all to get to know her better. So, let’s get this party started!


1. I love commentary Channels like yours, Emma, Honest, Common Nobody, etc. What inspired you to start your channel, and how did you come up with the name?

For the longest time, I would always watch videos that had to do with controversial subjects, and would always have a lot to say about them. I would leave comments but I felt like I was never really able to let my voice be heard. That’s why I decided to give the whole commentary channel thing a try! Coming up with a name was very difficult for me. When I first started my channel, I knew I didn’t want my videos to be extremely biased and opinionated, and driven by feelings. I knew I wanted them to be from a “common sense”, or “logical” standpoint and I wanted to give everyone I talked about the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to present the facts and let people decide for themselves. And that’s where the name came from! 

2. Both of your Unpopular Opinions Videos were great. It’s OK if we don’t agree on everything, that’s why they’re called “Unpopular Opinions”! On your second one, you mentioned more controversial topics such as feminism and the number of genders there are. How was the overall response to both of the videos (especially the second one) and will you ever do a Part 3?

Surprisingly, I had a great response to my unpopular opinion videos. I was quite surprised as to how many people agreed with my opinions. I was expecting a lot of hate, and almost didn’t even upload the second one. But I decided that free speech is something that is diminishing nowadays and I wanted to be an example to people who have a different opinion that it’s okay to speak out even if you get backlash. And I will definitely be doing a part 3 — so keep a look out for that sometime soon!

3. I loved both of your Lele Pons videos, and it’s such a shame you had to take the first one down! Do you think you’ll take on more Instagram “Comedians”, like Piques?

Definitely. Many of these Instagram “comedians” started off on Vine, and there was a reason I deleted it years and years ago. I found all those skits/sketches that many of them do so unfunny and annoying — so I definitely think doing some sort of reaction and commentary to them would be interesting!

4. I have liked Cody Ko for a long time as well and I love that you gave him credit before he hit 1 million subscribers. Who are some other YouTubers you feel like are talented who don’t get the credit you feel like they deserve?

I love Noel Miller, I’m sure you’ve heard of him! He’s Cody’s good friend. I also really like Mikaela Long— although I don’t necessarily think she likes me… Jessii Vee and Hailey Reese, two fellow Canadian Youtubers, seem to have a pretty interesting lives full of paranormal stuff, which I love. Also HeyParis is pretty cool, and she happens to be from Toronto, like me. She has a wild life and I love her story times!

5. You’ve done videos on VERY controversial people before. Such as John Kuckian and Onision. Do you think you’ll take on other controversial people such as (but not limited to) Amberlynn Reid, No Bullshit, Riley J. Dennis, Foodie Beauty, etc., or are these the types of people you would want to steer clear from?

I definitely would. I’m not sure when and on who I would talk about just yet, but it’s definitely something you can expect in the future. I need to figure a bunch of stuff out before I decide to make videos on more controversial people, and I think we all know why!

6. What do you see for yourself when it comes to your channel in the future? Is there anything you’d like to share with us? Also, do you have any other goals outside of YouTube you’ve set for yourself both professionally and personally that you don’t mind sharing?

I definitely want to branch out in terms of my content and talk about more controversial topics. I’ve done it in the past, with my Unpopular Opinions videos, but I would definitely love to do videos that are more in-depth that start conversations and debates. 

As for outside of YouTube, professionally I am currently studying Media Communications. I am not entirely sure what I want to do in this field, but screenwriting has always been an interest to me. Or just working in the film or television industry behind the scenes. 

I love writing very much, and even hope to write a fiction novel one day! 


Thank you so much, Natalie. I’ll keep my fingers crossed about you writing a novel because I know I would enjoy it (and so would your fans)!

Also, it was so much fun talking to you and I wish you nothing but the best both professionally and personally now and in the future. But I’m not worried one bit about you because I know you’ve got this!

You can subscribe to Natalie’s Channel, Logical, here and follow her on Twitter here.

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