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My Interview with a Former Member of the Kuckicult.

I have said I am a fan of drama channels so many times in my articles I’m sure by now, your eyes are rolling! What you don’t know is, long, long ago, I was a fan of John Kuckian! *cue horror music* Yes, it’s true. This was way back before he showed his true colors and was still friends with a lot of other drama channels as well.


Believe it or not, John used to be a charming guy. I wasn’t a regular viewer, but I did subscribe to his Channel and turned in when I could. I wasn’t a die-hard fan but was a fan nonetheless. John knew how to be charming, which is common when it comes to people that are known, manipulators.  


I stopped being a fan once he stole an idea Here for the Tea had wanted to do for a video. Others weren’t so lucky and were blinded by his charms. I don’t blame them because a lot of them were young and very impressionable. This is around the time where the “Kuckifam” became what is now known as the “Kuckicult.”


Very recently, I got to know a brave person (that I am leaving anonymous for their safety) who is a former Kukicult member. They were more than willing to share what it was like inside the Kuckicult and they were as friendly as could be.


Again, I don’t fault this person. After all, they were young and impressionable at the time, as I said. The important thing is that they got out. So I ask you to read their words with an open heart and mind and also read this as a cautionary tale.


So, let’s get started!


  1. I used to be a fan of John’s years ago, what first drew you to his Channel?


I never used to wear makeup at all and literally had no clue what I was doing, so I turned to YouTube for makeup tutorials and after clicking random videos, John came up in recommendations. I thought he was kind of cute so I watched and honestly he was funny and charismatic at first and I quickly became a fan and before I knew it I was watching every time he uploaded a new video (This was literally when he first started and had less than 15k subscribers).


  1. Has he made additional allegations against other YouTubers other than the ones against Peter Monn that he tried to stir up?


He targets Jeffree Star any chance he gets, dredging up videos from years ago, and yes, they were bad and indefensible. But, even after Jeffree gave the sincerest of apologies and showed growth and change, John still would not let off him, even stooping so low as to making fun of his physical appearance.


  1. Did he ever message any of you (his fans) personally and ask any of you to spread rumors or harass anyone on his behalf?


No, he never messaged me personally and while early on he did discourage bullying and harassing the subject of his videos, that stopped as his channel grew. As his channel grew he changed and became vicious and malicious and vindictive. In my opinion, he was encouraging his mostly young female fan base to do the same.


  1. Did you ever buy his cosmetics, or did you buy any and never got any?


By the time his cosmetics came out I was out of the “Kuckifam.” I had no interest in supporting anything with his name on it.


  1. Did you find yourself having to feel like you had to spend a lot of your time defending him or excusing his actions?


Perhaps at first when I was “blinded by his charms.” In the beginning, he did have good receipts to support his claims.


  1. What was his explanation for his cosmetics line failing?


John deflects, he doesn’t take the blame for anything, from watching other channels that discussed the failure of Kuckian Cosmetics and if my memory serves me correctly he placed the blame on the factories he used that “manufactured” his products, despite other drama channels proving he purchased cheap products from AliExpress and put them in his own custom boxes.


  1. What was your reaction when he was waving that knife around in that Snapchat video?


I knew he was going for shock. I had figured out by then that John was a manipulative worm. Most of his fan base was turning on him and he had to do something to get attention back, any kind of attention.


  1. I saw that he asked fans for stuff, such as for access to their Amazon Prime Account? Was this normal?


That was absolutely not normal, the majority of his fan base are young girls who don’t know any better. It was disgusting.


  1. What made you decide to finally leave the Kuckicult?


His accusations against Peter Monn was the final nail in the coffin.


  1. How are you doing today?


I feel like, and I hate to use slang, but I feel like I am more “woke” to the ways people use to try and manipulate others. I don’t see myself falling for those little tricks again.


Thank you very much! I think you are a wonderful person and I wish you nothing but the best in life! I have no doubt you will go far!


By the way, if you haven’t watched BeauTea With Ashlee’s Series about John Kuckian and how he manipulated a kind family, please click here, here and here. You can also read our interview here!  

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My Interview with YouTuber, Drama Queen

(originally published on April 4, 2018)

As you’ve seen on my blog many times, I’m a huge fan of drama channels and I’m going to keeping showing my support of them. While there have been some drama channels that have been very poisonous to the community (which will be mentioned later in the interview), there are many good ones out there and I want to keep shining a light on the ones that don’t deserve the reputation they are unfairly given.

This leads me to an upcoming drama channel that I’m sure will be getting bigger in the near future. The name of this Channel is Drama Queen. Although there isn’t too much content because, as I said, she is pretty new, the videos she does have are quite good and well researched. I also greatly appreciated the support she showed me after the interview I did with another drama channel I respect, Beauty Truth Sleuth Official.

Below is our interview. I can’t wait for you all to get to know her and check out her channel as well as subscribe. Take it away, Drama Queen.

1. I really enjoy your content and can see that you have a lot of potential to become  one of the biggest drama channels on YouTube! What made you decide to pursue a YouTube career in the drama community genre and did you ever consider a different path before deciding on the one that you’re currently on?

Thank you! I was actually a fan of many different YouTubers and a few of the drama channels. I’m a curious person by nature and love looking into things to find the truth for myself, rather than taking someone else’s word at face value. A while back, I was actually encouraged by Martin Louis to start my own channel because I would often have a lot of screenshots, evidence, receipts, etc. Before that, the thought had never crossed my mind and I had no desire to have a channel. Once I got started, I immediately loved the whole process and became hooked on making my own videos!

2. Do a lot of people in your personal life know that you have a drama channel or is it only a few select people?

No one in my personal life aside from my immediate family knows I have a drama channel. I live in a small town and have small children and would never want something I said online to affect them in any way.

3. I know that many drama channels have often talked about certain lines they aren’t willing to cross (such as rumors about a YouTubers divorce). What are some lines that when it comes to your channel, you feel like crosses the line?

It really varies depending on what the person has made public. For example, if they make their storyline about their relationship, I can’t say I would never speak about it. I wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about divorce, someone’s children, or anything that would be emotionally hard on that person. I never want to make content from someone else’s pain. I really wouldn’t want to talk about anything other than the person themself, but I do think there are exceptions when the person makes it a point to document those parts of their life- Like Gigi Gorgeous and Nats Getty for example.

4. Who are some YouTubers, both inside and outside of the drama community, do you enjoy watching the most?

Oh gosh, there are so many! I watch everyone from Pewdiepie to StayNegative; channels at the top of the food chain and some that are still up and coming. My favorites are probably EmilyNoelRawBeautyKristiJenLuvsReviewsMannyMUA and NikkieTutorialsfor beauty related content. Inside the drama community, I enjoy watching Petty Paige, Martin Louis, Here For The TeaBeauty Truth SleuthPeter Monn…just to name a few. They’re all so different and each one brings something original to the table.

5. Obviously, I’m a big fan of a lot of drama channels. I feel like the people that complain about them don’t realize that most of them are the equivalent to publications such as People Magazine and Us Weekly as well as shows like Access Hollywood as well as the “Hot Topics” segment on The Wendy Williams Show. Yet, there have been a few YouTubers that have that have really gotten angry with them, even ones that hadn’t been the subject of one until they brought them up! Why do you feel like certain YouTubers feel so angry when it comes to this genre?

I feel like certain channels have given this community a bad rep. There are some channels that have been irresponsible with what they report and all drama channels get lumped into that one category. I also think it has a lot to do with just not wanting to be called out for bad behavior. For a long time, you could say or do whatever on YouTube and it went unchecked, but since drama channels have become such a big part of the platform and shady behavior is brought to light, it has ruffled some feathers.

6. Are there any YouTubers you would like to collab with in the future?

I’ve actually never thought about that. There are several that I respect their content and wouldn’t mind a future collab with, but I can’t think of anyone specific.

7. Is it challenging keeping your YouTube life and your personal life separate?

No, not really. It is hard trying to find time to fit everything into a day that I need to get done for both YouTube and my personal life, but keeping them separate hasn’t been challenging. I do things online that I need to when I have free time, but when my family needs me or I need to get things done in my real life, I completely disconnect. I love my YouTube channel and the community but I won’t let it take away from what I have around me.

8. What goals do you have for your Channel looking ahead? Are there any other goals professionally you would like to achieve as well?

Right now, it’s still more of a hobby than a profession. I would love to see my channel grow and I have thought of possibilities in the future, if and when it becomes a profession. I would love to have a daily segment on my channel in the future where I do a quick recap of YouTube news from the previous day and I have a few other ideas I would love to see come to fruition. As of now, though, I just want to continue to grow and build my channel and see where it takes me!

Thank you once again, Drama Queen! I’m glad I got to know a loving wife and mom as well as a talented YouTuber. Once again, be sure to check out her Channel as well as follow her on Twitter here.

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My Interview with YouTuber Beauty Truth Sleuth Official

(originally published on March 19, 2018)

I have been hearing nothing but good things about a certain channel on YouTube lately, one of the people that had recommended this channel was the beautiful Tawny Michelle. The name of this channel is Beauty Truth Sleuth Offical. Let me tell you, the channel lives up to the hype it has been getting. The videos are well researched, unbiased, fair, and quite entertaining. Once you watch one, you’ll find yourself wanting to watch each and every one of her videos because they’re that good!

I recently approached her and asked her if she could do an interview with me. I was thrilled when she agreed! Not only did she answer the questions brilliantly, but she was also very gracious through each of our emails.

Below is our interview. I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy what she has to say and I strongly encourage you to check out her channel afterward. Enjoy!

1. Your channel is great and you clearly do your research on each topic you cover. 

What inspired you to start a channel in the beginning?

Originally, I started out solely on Instagram three years ago this month. However, I

noticed some YouTubers would take my posts and make money off them. I didn’t want to be their paycheck anymore, so I started my own channel. Plus, I’m grateful

I get to do what I do on BOTH platforms. It’s just as well, because a few of the channels

 that used to use my Instagram posts without giving me credit, often misrepresented

the information provided and would get the information incorrect. Plus I was never properly credited, except by one channel whose content I still greatly respect to this day.

2. You’ve covered some very serious topics, from Morphe’s history to the current 

Steven Mango video you did in which you compared him to John Kuckian. 

(Both wonderful videos, by the way!) What has been your most challenging 

video so far, either the mental toll it can easily take on an individual or research-wise?


(You can find the video in which she compared Steven Mango to John Kuckian here

and you can find her Morphe series hereherehereand here.)

The most challenging video I ever did was on Steven Mango. No shade, but watching

hours and hours of his streams took a toll because I had to keep stopping and

grab the clips as I heard them. Also, my Morphe Series was challenging because there was a lot of timelines that overlapped and it was a chore sorting everything out.  Plus reaching out to Morphe was like pulling teeth. Crown was easy to get a hold of for a statement, but Morphe kept giving me the runaround, so I went forward with my video without a statement from them. By the way, I’m still planning on finishing up that series.

3. You have stated that you like to keep a certain amount of distance between yourself and YouTubers in order to remain unbiased in your videos. (That’s always a good move!) With that being said, are there any YouTubers that you respect and/or would ever 

consider collaborating with? 

I did say this at first, and I still do to an extent, but I’ve recently befriended a few of them and they are some really nice people! I apply this more to companies and beauty influencers since I cover those 2 the most. I don’t want to be swayed or feel like I have to keep quiet on scandals. This allows me to stay on the outskirts and watch from

a more objective place.

I’d love to collaborate with other drama channels in the future. I don’t have anyone

specifically in mind, but preferably someone who is my direct opposite in terms of

our methods for providing accurately researched content. It would be interesting to

see how two totally different styles would mesh with one another in a video.

4. How has the overall response to your channel been both by the general viewing 

audience and fellow YouTubers?

The reception has been well actually, for the most part.  My channel is growing slowly,

which is I want. I don’t want to be some overnight success where I go to bed with 9k

subscribers and wake up to over 100k. Growing at this pace allows me time to create better videos and learn how to give them a more sophisticated and polished editing.

5. When it comes to journalism, most of us have a certain code of ethics we uphold. 

I can tell that you are very professional and have a lot of integrity when doing 

your videos. What are some lines when it comes to doing videos and reporting 

on news/rumors that you refuse to cross?

I  refuse to talk about politics, religion, world events or stuff covered in the news (unless the latter relates to the content I cover), because I figure if someone wants to learn about those things then they can go elsewhere. Also, family members, spouses, children, or anything related to what they do offline (jobs, etc) is completely off-limits. I also refuse to expose a company/influencer out of revenge.

6. Do you have any big videos you’re currently working on that you’d like 

to tell us about a little bit?

I have a few I’m working on. One is a complete departure from my typical content

and is more on the humorous side. I feel like my channel is too serious sometimes,

and it’s nice to upload something funny here and there. The other one is about a topic

I feel so passionately about and it’s something that a lot of my supporters on

Instagram have been requesting ever since I announced my channel.

7. Finally, what are your plans for your channel in 2018 as well as any goals 

you have for YouTube? 

I’m just going to keep doing what I do. Maybe get better with making my voice not

so monotonous (a common complaint I receive and it is a lot more challenging than it seems!), get better with editing and presentation. I also want to do some humorous videos that I talked about in the previous question.

 Thank you very much for doing this interview. It was an absolute pleasure talking to you. I am in awe of the channel you have built and look forward to watching you thrive further on YouTube.

 You can follow her on Twitter here and her Instagram here.

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My Interview with YouTuber Dustin Dailey

(originally published on December 19, 2017)

I don’t know if any of you know this about me, but I love YouTube more than I do regular television! I watch it 24/7. As much as I watch YouTube, I’m sad to say it took me way too long to discover Dustin’s Channel. In fact, it was through his Twitter account that I found him. I would see him talking to Here for the Tea and he seemed like an amazing person. We talked a couple of times, so I finally decided to check out his Channel. Let me tell you, I had been missing out!

Dustin is not only adorable, but has a charming personality, yet he’s also a strong man and won’t let anyone bring him down. He does have some very sweet soft spots, though. Dustin loves his family, friends, fans, and especially, his long time partner, Eric. The two of them are such a beautiful couple!

So, let’s jump right into my interview with Dustin Dailey:

1. You did a video about how you met Eric. (R.I.P. Myspace!) After being with him for about a decade (hope I’m getting that right!), what would you say are the factors as to why the two of you have remained such a strong, united couple for so long?


Eric an I are very much alike, to the point it’s almost scary. After the first two years of our relationship is when Eric began to get very sick and seeing him deal with everything he goes through while being there helping him through it really solidified our relationship, there’s nothing that neither of us wouldn’t do for one another. I think finding someone that you can literally trust your life with is key, knowing that you can depend on your partner/spouse no matter the situation be it good or bad knowing that they will always have your back is major.

2. You’ve mentioned both your mental health and Eric’s before. That meant a lot because I am a mental health advocate and I can relate to a lot of things you talked about, i.e. anger issues, OCD, and (especially) anxiety. I know having a supportive partner is very important (I have my husband). How do you two support each other? Also, you mentioned that he had other health issues you two were trying to figure out. I respect Eric’s privacy, I just wanted to ask if the both of you have been able to get any answers?

Eric an i both have open door communication with one another, he knows everything about me as i do him, secrets don’t make for good relationships and that’s always been our policy from day one. Aside from Eric’s severe OCD he has a whole host of other medical issues which as of recently have been turning around as he’s been making big strides in diet as well as his emotional well being. For now since the doctors cannot pinpoint what exactly causes Eric to have so much fatigue and lack of energy he’s been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, he has his good days but he also has his bad, slowly but surely i have faith his doctors will figure this all out eventually.

3. I remember you saying that you had acne growing up and now your skin has cleared. I had acne prone skin until I was 30, so I don’t blame you for taking pride when it comes to how good your skin looks! I know you’ve talked about using Glam Glow, but can you talk about some other skin care products you swear by?

GIRL! I’m absolutely addicted to skin care, it’s my thing! Anyone knows if you have a good skincare regimen it starts with making sure your skin is moisturized, my holy grail for that is Dr, Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Repair Cream. It’s a bit pricey but it’s worth every cent because the tube lasts forever. I suffer from a lot of redness and this just zaps it away! Another great product is the Drunk Elephant C Firma Serum, it doesn’t smell that great but it will make your skin glow so radiantly. My favorite thing is a good mask and my favorite at the moment is the loreal purify and mattify green clay mask, since sometimes my skin can be a bit shiny LOL it really reduces that and makes my skin feel so soft!

4. I saw in your video A Message to My Younger Self how much you love music. Some artists I recall you talking about in videos have been Avril Lavigne, Aerosmith, and Kendrick Lamar. Do you have any other favorite artists, and what what song do you feel like represents your life and who you are the most?

This is an extremely difficult question to answer because i’m such a music lover but if i had to pick one song that describes who i am the most that would represent who i am as a person it would have to be Frank Sinatra My way. “regrets I’ve had a few, but yet again too few to mention” is so me, i try to live my life to the fullest with no regrets or what if’s and this song definitely embodies that and my philosophy.

5. Just like you, I watch YouTube more than TV as well. What are your favorite Youtube channels?


Well you already know that I am the ultimate Trisha Paytas fan, she lives her life her way and she’s not afraid to cry about it after. I also live for The Gabbie Show, I’ve followed her from Vine over to youtube and i haven’t been disappointed because she can always make me laugh, or cry with her. I’ve been really into KiKi Chanel for the past six months or so, she’s really underrated and doesn’t have the subscribers i think she deserves because this girl seriously cracks me up and she’s damn good at makeup as well. hmmm i’d also have to say Shane Dawson, i’ve watched him since he practically started youtube much like i have Trisha, he’s evolved and grown up so much since he started this venture and i really identify with how he’s grown.

6. Do you think you’ll ever lend your take part in any additional apps in the future (such as Stardust, Vine 2, etc.), or do you think you’ll stick with YouTube?

TOTALLY! I can’t wait for Vine 2 to come out, i used to watch Vine just as much as youtube ( i totally miss laughing my face off to all the crazy stuff i would see). Maybe Vine would be a good way for me to grow my youtube channel lol….

7. Do you have any other career prospects you wish to achieve in the future besides YouTube?

Not really at the moment, i’m just going with the flow. I’ve literally done everything it seems like but i’m ready for something new, maybe i’ll open my own business….. but what i’m not sure of HAHA!

8. What can we expect from both you and your Channel in 2018? 

I can’t really say what you can expect from me as a person because i’m so all over the place lol, but from my youtube channel you can expect a lot more fun content more than just drama because i want people to watch me for who i am and not just who i’m talking about ya know? I doubt it’d ever happen but i’d love to be able to connect with a large audience from all around the world and try to make a difference for them for the better, I was blessed with a big mouth and an even bigger opinion so hopefully i can be the voice for people that don’t have one in the years to come!

 Thank you so much, Dustin! I’m so glad you agreed to do this interview! (Also, I’m excited you gave KiKi Chanel a shout out!) I have no doubt that your YouTube Channel is going to continue to grow and that you’re going to do well on Vine 2 as well. (I smell a collab! 😏) You clearly have the drive, likability, looks, and talent. Everyone can follow him on Twitter here, Instagram here, and on Snapchat-ThreeDailey.