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My Interview with YouTuber “Common Nobody”

(originally published on May 8, 2018)

One of my favorite YouTubers is Honest, who I once had the pleasure of being able to interview. Recently, I was watching YouTube as usual when under “Recommended” popped up a Channel called “Common Nobody.” This is because I watch Honest so much, so her Channel was suggested to me. Well, I clicked on one video, and soon I started watching another and another. Before I knew it, I was had become a fan, a subscriber and I knew I had to request this rising star for an interview ASAP!

Right from the start, I was greeted by such a friendly young lady who was very warm and funny. Just like with Honest, it was a pleasure interviewing her as she was such a delight! As with every YouTuber I interview, I encourage you to drop by her Channel, check out her commentary videos, and hit that subscribe button. Even if you disagree on some things, the videos really get you thinking and it’s such a great thing too. Better than those videos that……OK, let’s not bash anyone, let’s go straight to the interview before I get on my soapbox!

1. I love your bio that says that you’re a high school dropout looking for a sugar daddy! That’s a great bio! Love it! My question is, besides YouTube, what do you during your personal time? Do you have any career aspirations you want to pursue or is YouTube your main focus?

Haha thanks! The bio was completely on the spot and I didn’t think too much of it. Although I call myself a high school dropout, I’m actually an early graduate that decided to take some time off for myself. Aside from laying in bed all day, I’m actually a writer. I plan on writing for TV/Movies one day, so I’m always making up plots that go from normal to completely unexpected, and base them off of people in my life. I thought that YouTube would be a great start for me to practice my nonexistent social skills, and pretty much hoped that one day it could lead to something else.

2. What inspired you to create your YouTube Channel? I’m enjoying it very much!

Thanks again! I’ve always known about YouTube, but I didn’t really get into it until the summer of 2013. I was completely obsessed with people like Tyler Oakley, Kingsley, Lohanthony, Glozell, o2L, and pretty much every Youtuber with an English accent. Everyone seemed to have fun, and I kind of thought, “Hey, I think I could do this too,” but shied away from it for a few years because I was scared of what others may have thought.

3. Since there’s very little known about you, do viewers ever make any incorrect assumptions about you that you’d like to clear up?

Since I still am relatively new to the YouTube scene, I can’t say that there’s too many incorrect assumptions made about me. The only thing I get often are comments about me “not caring.” Which is a vibe I may have given off in my early videos, because I was nowhere near as comfortable with talking the way I am now. But it’s usually a humorous comment because most people my age don’t have to put up a facade that they’re put together anymore. We’re all kind of a mess these days.

4. What are some of your favorite YouTube Channels that you like to regularly watch?

There’s so many YouTubers I watch these days. But the main ones are Shane Dawson, Zachary Campbell, Danny Gonzalez, All Def Digital, Tre Melvin, Cody Ko, Noel Miller, MacDoesIt, Christine Sydelko, Miles Jai, and Julia Cudney.

5. Are there any TV shows that you like to binge watch or any movies that you like to watch and never get tired of in your personal life?

As of now, the shows that I absolutely love are The 100, Gilmore Girls, Shameless (US Version), Golden Girls, The Walking Dead, The Fosters, Bates Motel, The Carrie Diaries, and American Horror Story. Growing up, all I did was sit down and watch the most random movies in my past time, so now there’s so many movies that I hold close to my heart, but a few of them are Annie, Coraline, 13 Going on 30, Matilda, Percy Jackson, The Little Vampire, Sing Street, Donnie Darko, and Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

6. “Common Nobody” is a great name! How did you come up for it to go by for your Channel?

A few years back, my friend and I wanted to start a YouTube channel, but we needed a name. The next day she came up with The Common Nobodys. I thought it was really cool. However, as we got into high school, we both decided that we were way too busy to be running a YouTube channel so we just chucked the idea altogether. When I was finally ready to make a channel, I saw that I needed a nickname. I immediately thought of that one. When I eventually told my friend about my anonymous channel, she laughed and said, “nice name.” It still had a great ring to it which made it so memorable even after all these years.

7. So, it’s obvious I love your videos and find you to be very smart and a lot of fun and you clearly do your research! What’s been your most controversial video so far?

My most controversial video, in my opinion, was probably on Amandla Stenberg. Throughout the years, I found her “activism” to be quite mediocre, but stayed quiet about it because of fear of being attacked. I spoke to a few of my friends about it, and they encouraged me to do it anyways, regardless of what hate I may get. So I decided to test out the waters, and made a video on her. When I uploaded it, I saw 4 views. I refreshed it again, and saw 30 views. In a span of 24 hours, I had 8,000. I was shocked. I never got that many views so quickly. Never. Surprisingly, I didn’t get much hate for the video. There were actually tons of people who actually thanked me, for starting a conversation, and did in fact see what I saw, and were also too afraid of saying the same things out of the same fear I had. That experience just taught me to not be so afraid to say how I feel because there could be so many people wanting their voice to be heard, and without discussion, we probably wouldn’t have that.

8. Looking forward, what do you see for your Channel? Any plans you’d like to share? I’m excited to watch to continue to watch you shine!

I honestly don’t know what I’m expecting to get out of Common Nobody. There are so many YouTubers I have seen that have had huge success stories, while others were quickly forgotten. I could keep going. I could decide to delete it tomorrow. I made this channel to finally say how I felt on topics that interest me. There’s been certain channels that are related to mine, and I sometimes absolutely hated their views on certain subjects. Instead of just leaving a comment, I decided to do what they did, but put my own spin on it. My own truth. I do not consider YouTube to be my job, just a hobby is all. But I just plan on doing what I’m doing, as long as I’m entertained, saying how I feel, ruffling some feathers, making people laugh, or just having them forget about their troubles even if it’s for a minute or two.

Thank you once again for doing this interview! I had a blast and you were a lot of fun! I can’t wait to see your Channel grow and don’t you go anywhere, because I see your star rising on the platform! We need more intelligent people like you and Honest!

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My Interview with YouTuber, Connor Howe

(originally published on May 7, 2018)

These days, I find out about YouTubers I’ve never heard of before by the “suggested videos” section the site. This led me to the commentary channel, Connor Howe. After watching several of his videos, I not only became a subscriber, but I can guarantee you that he is one of the most underrated YouTubers on the platform today. Connor’s content is funny, intelligent, insightful, thought-provoking and balanced. I have no doubt that his channel will continue to grow because he’s not only good at what he does, but he’s very driven as well. I do hope by doing this interview and giving you all a deeper look into who he is, I can encourage all of you to give some of his videos a shot, and hopefully stick around and subscribe.

Below is our interview. Take it away, Connor:

1. What inspired you to decide to start a YouTube Channel, and how did people in your personal life react when you told them about your decision?

Personally, I see YouTube as one of the least talked-about opportunities available to pretty much anyone in today’s day and age. YouTube provides a space where people — whether it be aspiring entertainers, entrepreneurs, educators or anything else — can create value, just by being themselves. As the son of two entrepreneurs and a college graduate frustrated by the lack of options for recent graduates, I saw (and still see) YouTube as a career avenue where I can use my talents — writing, humor and creativity — and thrive. The people in my personal life have been — and still are — very supportive of the decision. Granted, some have been skeptical of what YouTube is and what it can offer, but not to the extent where they wouldn’t encourage me to give it a shot and see what happens.

2. When it comes to commentary channels, which ones are your favorites?

I’ve been inspired by a lot of people — h3h3productionsInternet Comment Etiquette with ErikCody KoNerd CityDrew Gooden and many others to name a few, all of which are commentary channels. I’m also a big fan of some smaller commentary channels like WillyMacShowWavyWebSurfTurkey Tom and The Right Opinion. All in all, I tend to be a fan of people who know how to intertwine commentary and comedy. Learning something new can always be interesting, but it’s an even better experience if it can be funny as well.

3. You had talked about in a recent video of yours about Kavos leaving YouTube; which Kavos said had to do with the mental toll making videos was having on him. You also talked about a similar creator, ImAllexx, who had issued the same concerns in his life. Just like with the Hollywood A-Listers, we tend to forget that YouTubers are people, not robots, and they often get burned out. Although it’s important for Kavos to take time off, you mentioned (and I agree) that he runs the risk of losing his audience. Do you have advice to any content creators in the same positions as Kavos and ImAllexx on how to avoid this, and/or what to do if and when it does happen?

Creating content isn’t an easy task — not nearly as easy as the typical consumer tends to imagine. The process of coming up with a video idea, writing a script, getting in front of a camera and performing isn’t easy — and neither is editing 30 minutes to an hour’s worth of film, the majority of which is either blank space or footage you don’t even end up using. Watching yourself mess up on camera isn’t easy the first time, and though it gets easier, it’s never truly easy. That, coupled with the hate comments you typically find on commentary videos, and it’s understandable why a creator can get frustrated, or even disillusioned. My advice for any content creator is just to work hard, push through any rough patch you might have and embrace the great moments you have, rather than dwelling on ones that aren’t so great.

4. I thought it was wonderful when you did your video explaining why Nicole Arbour is trying to be Tomi Lahren. (You can find the video here.) I feel like you made a lot of very intelligent points to back up what you were saying, as well as making us laugh. Considering that she dared you to make a response to her (without thinking you would or actually looking into who you are), I want to ask how the overall reception has been?

A lot of people seemed to enjoy the video, which obviously makes me happy. I think with someone like Nicole, whose spotlight was much brighter a few years ago than it is now, it’s interesting to see her fanbase isn’t nearly as diehard as it once was. In fact, I’m not even sure a single person left a negative comment on the video. (And I appreciate the compliments by the way!)

5. Are there any YouTubers you would like to collab with one day?

A ton. I would gladly collaborate with anyone I mentioned above, and to be honest, I’d collaborate with anyone whose content I enjoy. I’m sure collabs will happen down the line, but I’m also excited to possibly work on some projects with my personal friends, whose great senses of humor deserve attention from the people who enjoy my work.

6. Do you have any plans looking ahead for your both your Channel and in other avenues professionally you’d like to pursue?

As of now, my end goal is to carve out a full-time career on YouTube for myself. I’m a pretty multi-faceted person — I’ve traveled to more than 10 countries, played in a university orchestra, worked for an NFL team, graduated with a degree in marketing, written stories for a national news network and more. I enjoy my “real job,” but the end goal is to entertain my audience full-time.

Thank you very much, Connor! It was a pleasure interviewing you and even though I already had a high opinion of you, I can say that it has gone up quite a bit. I’m proud that I have been able to get this opportunity to not only discover your wonderful channel but to interview you as well; many people aren’t able to get that blessing. I once again, encourage you all to subscribe to his channel. You can follow him on Twitter here. You can also find him on Facebook here.