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My Cookie Monster Inspired Makeup Tutorial!

Not too long ago, I saw this great video by my best friend, Candice’s Vancity that she did alongside fellow talented Beauty Guru, Morta By Mita. The video was about doing a Sesame Street inspired makeup tutorial and Cancide chose Abby Cadabby. I thoroughly enjoyed the video and it inspired me to do a Sesame Street inspired makeup tutorial of my own. My chosen character…Cookie Monster!

The reason why I choose this cutie is because I have loved Sesame Street, the Muppets, and Jim Henson since I was one year old. (Yes, even though Jim Henson created Sesame Street and they are technically Muppets, they are still considered to be a separate entity from the Muppet Show Muppets such as Kermit, Miss Piggy, etc.)

Getting back on track, one of the reasons why I like Cookie Monster so much is because of his childlike charm. Some people look at Cookie Monster as a bad role model, but I disagree. I never craved junk food because of him. Instead, Cookie showed me to go after what I wanted and to grab the bull by the horns!

But don’t think this huggable monster lacks empathy. I’ve seen him empathize with other people and Muppets when they have anxiety. Sure, Cookie has his flaws, but that helps me want to do better!

So, this leads me to the tutorial! In order to achieve his look, I needed to emulate his fur as well as a cookie. I wanted to do a chocolate chip cookie, but couldn’t find the right inspiration. So the cookie I chose was a Samoa.

I started out my applying eyelids with my Urban Decay Primer Potion. After that, I took the color “Low Blow” from Naked Heat Palette and applied it to my upper lid.

In order to achieve that black and white look that is on a Samoa Cookie, I pulled out my black and white duo eyeliner I got from Sephora back when they were celebrating Minnie Mouse. (I know, it’s old! I can’t believe I still have it, either!)

I applied the black one in diagonal lines across the eyeshadow and then applied the white one the same next to the black liner. I had to let them dry for about twenty seconds each time. I know, it doesn’t dry quickly!

I’m hoping I can clean that up a little at the end!

Onto Cookie Monster’s blue fur! I took my FaceCandy Atlantis Palette and chose the color “Vanished”, then applied it to the rest of my lid.

I decided I didn’t want to stop at the eyes when it came to his fur. So I took my Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit and chose the color “Orion” to highlight with.

Here’s the end result:

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did creating this look. Cookie Monster will always have a special place in my heart. Hey, I even have Cookie Monster pajamas from Kohl’s. That’s how much I love the little guy, even after all these years!

And remember: C is for Cookie! That’s good enough for me!

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What is Happening to the YouTube Beauty Community? Part 2.

Welcome to Part 2! When we last talked about the drama in the Beauty Community I asked if we’re going to see any changes. I want to discuss that topic, and also what I think will happen to Manny, Laura, Nikita, and Gabriel.

First, let me get something off of my chest in response to Laura. I have lived in Alabama all my life and I’m not a racist. I’ve said this many times on Twitter and I’ll say it here too; I’m sorry I ever bought Laura’s merch. As for the rest of her apology, it was obviously written by her PR Team. And judging by her Snapchat pictures she’s posted since then, Laura is hoping we’ll all quickly forget about this. (Thank you to my Twitter friend, Spektader for providing the picture!)

As for Nikita, I’m also sorry I bought her collab with Morphe. When I watched her apology video, I couldn’t help but feel like she was trying to hold back laughter. Did anyone else feel that way? Let me know if you agree or disagree.

Enough had been said about Gabriel’s, “sorry you were offended” apology. I will say that I was disappointed in Here for the Tea trying to justify Gabriel saying an offensive, racist word in this video. Just because he claimed he was using it in the style they use it in rap songs doesn’t justify it. Also, what about him calling someone a derogatory word for people of the LGBTQIA Community? What’s the excuse there? That’s right, there is none!

Finally, Manny as of right now has not given an apology whatsoever, and I don’t believe we’re ever going to get one. That right there, speaks volumes of how entitled he believes he is.

There’s a lot of speculation as to what will happen to these four. Will their careers end or will they be temporarily derailed and go back to normal? The answer lies with us. Would we accept this kind of behavior out of our friends? No. So, we shouldn’t accept it from them. Remember, they may be famous and we may put them on a pedestal, but it’s time that we stop. We need to hold the Beauty Community to the same standards we would the rest of the world.

My girl BeauTea with Ashely talked about how we need to make room for new Beauty Gurus in this wonderful video. I encourage you to watch the entire video as well as check out the Beauty Gurus. I’m going to include some of them below as well as some others.

Candice’s Vanity


Lushious Massacr

Paizlee OBrien

Panicked Antics

K Swizz

I’m sure there are many more. Feel free to leave any Beauty Gurus I missed in the comments. But, just to let you all know, this is not the end of the Beauty Community as many people have said. This is a major bump in the road, and there will be others, but let me leave you with this: I’m not saying to not cut Beauty Gurus off every time they make a mistake. We’ve all done things we regret, myself included. Just be cautious when their past comes up to bite them and how they go about their apologies and their actions afterward.


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Maybelline Lemonade Craze Palette Review

Recently, Maybelline came out with a Palette called Lemonade Craze. I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical about this one because I tried their Palettes The Nudes and The Blushed Nudes and hated them. I tried over and over to make them work, but I was never able to. I finally had to get rid of them. (If you liked them, please let me know because I’d love to know where I went wrong!) But, this Palette not only looked perfect for summer, but kind of looked like a nice dupe for the Jeffree Star Thirsty Palette! (That may just be me, though! I might want to put that to the test in a future blog!)

I decided to go for it and ordered it from Ulta. Once I had the Palette in my hands I immediately got excited! Maybelline, don’t disappoint me again!

As you can see we have the colors Sherbet, Citrus, Berry Ice, Strawberry Lemonade (which is covered up by the label), Ice Pop, Old Fashioned, Sunnies, Lemonade Craze (which is also covered by the label), Coral Punch, Sugar Coated, Main Squeeze and Sweet Tea.

Here is what the inside looks like untouched:

Next, came the swatches. Getting excited! I swatched Sherbet, Citrus, Berry Ice, Strawberry Lemonade, Ice Pop and Old Fashioned.

Yeah, not only is it not very pigmented, but you barely see most of them! Worst of all….

Wha???? I swatched Citrus and THIS happens?! Not cool! Oh well, we’ll deal with that later. On to the other swatches.

I swatched Sunnies, Lemonade Craze, Coral Punch, Sugar Coated, Main Squeeze and Sweet Tea.

These swatched much better. They’re not super pigmented or anything, but it’s much better than the first batch of swatches, that’s for sure!

Now, as I’ve said before, I’m still very much a beginner when it comes to makeup. I still watch and follow makeup tutorials. So, since this looks like a dupe for the Thirsty Palette (in my eyes, anyway), I decided to follow a tutorial from one of my favorite beauty Gurus, Candice’s Vanity!

I started out using the shade Sunnies. It looked much better on my lids.

Next, I took Ice Pop and blended it in my crease:

Once again, it looked a lot better on my eyes than it did on my arm.

I decided to try Coral Punch after that. This is the result:

As you can tell, I blended out Ice Pop more because I hadn’t been following the directions as closely as I should have. So after I made that correction, I applied Coral Punch. Not too pigmented, but it honestly does look a lot better than it did when it was swatched.

So, this is part of the blog where I admit to being wrong about this Palette being a possible dupe for Thirsty. Still, Candice’s tutorial is a lot of fun and I want to finish it. Even though the next color she uses is a pretty blue called Splash. I decided to use Citrus. You know? The busted one!

Wow! Despite it being busted (still not happy about that, Maybelline) that came out looking really pretty! Also, I believe I can still use it. There are ways to fix broken shadows, after all! I realize they look nothing alike, which is why I’m admitting this isn’t a dupe after all, but you work with what you have.

Candice took the color Quench and put it in the inner corners of her eyes. I did the same with the color Lemonade Craze.

Not bad. Not bad at all. I had to swipe the color a few times with my brush so it would show up. But the payoff was worth it.

The color Candice used under her bottom lashes was Splash. Again, I didn’t have anything close to that. But I decided to wet my brush like she did (I sprayed my brushed with my Smashbox Photo Finish Prime Water) and used the color Main Squeeze.

I really liked the way that came out. So far I’m not nearly as disappointed as I was with the swatches!

Filthy Rich was applied in the middle of the lid after that for some glitter. I love glitter, so that was a good move on Candice’s part! (But, I must say, the whole video is a gem!) I used the color Sugar Coated and just like her, used my finger to apply it.

It actually looks a bit better in person. With that being said, there was some fallout. But overall, I was pleased.

Here’s the final look!

I’d say overall, this is a win for Maybelline! Even though it was such a bummer having a busted eyeshadow after swatching it, I’m still happy with my purchase and would recommend it. Just proceed with caution.

While I still prefer my higher end brands overall (for the most part), this would make a nice addition to any makeup lover’s Palette collection!

Like I said a few times, this wasn’t a dupe for Thirsty, but I might still compare the two. If you bought Thirsty, be sure to leave me your comments and tell me what you thought. Also, if you bought this Palette, did you like it as well, or were your results different?

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I learned how to do a cut crease from CC Suarez

I’ve mentioned on this blog more than once how much I love drama channels, but I have not talked about nearly as much how much I love beauty and fashion. Not too long ago I discovered a fabulous beauty guru named Chelsea Suarez (her Channel name is CC Suarez) and she has taught me a lot about makeup!

Not too long ago I watched this video of hers and learned how to do a cut crease with my eyeshadow. I wanted to show you all how Chelsea inspired me to do the following look with a cut crease. Just to let you know I’m not copying her look and I still very much consider myself to be a beginner. If you want to watch a pro (and why wouldn’t you?) watch her. This look is inspired by her. So, let’s get down to the look!

I decided to use my Urban Decay Electric Palette.

I then went with the shade “Gonzo.”

Here’s what my eyes looked like after applying “Gonzo.”

After that, I did my crease with the shade “Chaos.”

Here’s my look afterward:

I know, it’s messy, but I cleaned it up afterward.

I then used my Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer on both corners of my lids and left some room in the middle.

I then went back over with the color “Gonzo” and put the color “Thrash” in the middle by patting it with my finger.

I also redid my crease with the color “Chaos.”

And here’s the final look!

Remember, I’m only a beginner. Even though I’m 31, I’m still learning. I plan on following more tutorials soon. In the meantime, be sure to check out some of my other favorite Channels such as Gadgetbeat30, Candice’s Vanity, and Harleyjennmua and Keren Joy!