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My Interview with YouTuber, Smokey Glow.

There are so many different communities on YouTube that I’m a fan of. Two of them are the drama/commentary Channels and the other is the beauty community (among many, many others). I had been casually watching a Beauty YouTuber/Commentary Channel called Smokey Glow for quite some time. I was in awe of her tell-it-like-it-is personality, yet she still knows how to be friendly, has killer makeup skills, and is willing to open up about her personal life. She showed me over time that she’s beautiful on both the inside and out. When I hit that “Subscribe” Button, I knew I was going to be a fan for life!

I can’t tell you how excited I was and still am that she agreed to do an interview with me! She was so sweet and personable. It was such a pleasure interviewing her and I hope to catch up in the future.

So, enough chit-chat, on to the interview!

1. I love your Youtube channel and have a blast watching it! What inspired you to start a channel?
Awe thank you so much! Honestly, I have no one in my life who loves makeup like I do.  I really loved the idea of starting a youtube channel because I was able to talk to people about new makeup releases and products.  I also have no one in my life who cares about youtube drama so that’s kind of why my channel became a hybrid of makeup and commentary.  I wanted to create a place where maybe 10-15 people would talk to me about things I was interested in and the fact that it has turned into something so much bigger is really exciting.  I love having people in my life who care about all this stuff and actually enjoy listening to me talk about it.
2. I know you’ve talked about your studies before, but could you remind us again what you’re studying and how is school going?
I am studying Social Work at a college in Rochester NY! I actually have been working the past year and a half to get my grades up so I could get accepted into the program, and now I will be starting classes at the end of August.  I’m going to be a junior in college this semester so I know that will come with an increased workload but it’s work I really enjoy.  Social work is something I am very passionate about and I love helping people.  Last semester I interned at the Center for Disability Rights and really enjoyed working in advocacy, but I think in the future I will be more focused on working with kids.  I am 99% sure I want to end up in a school setting but who knows!  College has always been something that I didn’t think I would be successful in but last semester I was able to maintain a 4.0 and I am really hoping to be able to do that again in the fall.
3. What are your plans after college is over? Do you plan to go to grad school or is it time for job hunting in your career field?
I am jumping right into grad school! My school has a program where if you do the 2-year social work program you can get your masters degree in a year! Once I am done with that I plan on finding work! The biggest appeal to working in a school is that I would be able to have summers off to volunteer.  The reason I realized I want to be in the helping field is because I spent 3 months in Nepal volunteering at a school.  The experience was so life-changing and I would love to keep traveling and volunteering in countries that need it as I grow older.
4. I love when you do GRWM’s and talk about the latest YouTube Gossip. Is there any topic on YouTube (or person) that you believe would be off limits? Why or why not?
I definitely think there are things you can’t talk about.  These topics can be really controversial and people are going to have strong opinions.  One of the number one things I try to stay away from is politics.  I live in the US and tensions are really high right now.  I never want to make anyone on my channel feel ostracized.  Another thing I don’t feel is acceptable is anything in regards to someone’s loss, whether it be a physical loss or an emotional one.  When Jaclyn Hill got divorced I saw a lot of people talking about it and trying to turn that into “tea” and it really grossed me out.  I felt the same when I saw people making videos about Nikki Tutorials brother passing away.  To profit from that in anyway is wrong in my opinion.  I really try to not cross the line of being a drama channel.  There are so many amazing drama channels out there that do what they do so well but that just isn’t me.  I think there is a real need for female creators in the commentary community and I would like to keep working on my content to fill that gap.
5. How’s your Project Pan coming? You probably mentioned it, so I’m sorry for bringing it up again, but what made you start? What’s your advice for people that have just gotten started, like me?
I haven’t updated anyone over the summer actually! I really wanted to just kind of do it and give an update in the fall! For some products it’s going really well, and for others it’s been kinda a fail.  I think the best advice I could give someone is to start small and have low expectations.  I really wanted to try and finish 18 products in 2018 and for me that was kinda an ambitious goal.  I’ve realized while I like trying to use up certain products I also really enjoy versatility.  I think I will definitely see pan by December, just not on everything I had initially hoped for.  The last advice I would give is to not get too discouraged if you don’t see pan! Project pans are supposed to fun, so don’t stress if everything doesn’t go as planned!
6. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers, both in the beauty community and outside the community?
In the beauty community, I have been loving James Charle’s content! I think he has some great ideas that will take him far! I also enjoy Raw Beauty Kristi, Tati, Spooky Lips and Fat Hips, Georgia Harris and Thomas Halbert.  Drama channels who I love are Petty Paige, DISHWASHINGLICKWID, Nosy Hausfrau and Peter Monn.  As far as other content goes, I really love David Dobriks vlogs they instantly stop my anxiety.  I have also obviously been loving all of Shane’s new content (who hasn’t), Casey Neigstat, Jenna Marbles and all other commentary channels like inabber, Eddy Burback, Drew Gooden and Danny Gonzalez.
7. Finally, where do you see yourself in the future, both professionally and personally? Do you plan to keep up with YouTube for years to come? I hope so!
I love creating content! No matter how stressed out I am filming and editing videos always makes me feel better.  I 100% do not see this as a career and I frankly don’t want it to be.  This is such a fun hobby and I don’t really ever want it to turn stressful! I Think I will keep making videos as long as I keep having things to say!  I love my channel and am so proud of it and am excited to see where it will go.  It is already 100X bigger than I thought it would get so anything that happens from here is just a huge bonus!
Thank you very much! You are such an inspiration, knowing the career field you want to get into. You are for sure a girl boss! I’m so proud to have been able to interview you and to be able to call myself a forever fan. I wish you the best of luck and blessing in everything you do. Also, I can’t wait to watch your Channel grow more and more, because I know it will!
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I learned how to do a cut crease from CC Suarez

I’ve mentioned on this blog more than once how much I love drama channels, but I have not talked about nearly as much how much I love beauty and fashion. Not too long ago I discovered a fabulous beauty guru named Chelsea Suarez (her Channel name is CC Suarez) and she has taught me a lot about makeup!

Not too long ago I watched this video of hers and learned how to do a cut crease with my eyeshadow. I wanted to show you all how Chelsea inspired me to do the following look with a cut crease. Just to let you know I’m not copying her look and I still very much consider myself to be a beginner. If you want to watch a pro (and why wouldn’t you?) watch her. This look is inspired by her. So, let’s get down to the look!

I decided to use my Urban Decay Electric Palette.

I then went with the shade “Gonzo.”

Here’s what my eyes looked like after applying “Gonzo.”

After that, I did my crease with the shade “Chaos.”

Here’s my look afterward:

I know, it’s messy, but I cleaned it up afterward.

I then used my Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer on both corners of my lids and left some room in the middle.

I then went back over with the color “Gonzo” and put the color “Thrash” in the middle by patting it with my finger.

I also redid my crease with the color “Chaos.”

And here’s the final look!

Remember, I’m only a beginner. Even though I’m 31, I’m still learning. I plan on following more tutorials soon. In the meantime, be sure to check out some of my other favorite Channels such as Gadgetbeat30, Candice’s Vanity, and Harleyjennmua and Keren Joy!