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Christians-Stop Making Excuses for Politicians

When did we, as God-fearing Christians, start making excuses for people because they align with a particular political party? Why do we excuse everything they do just because they’re pro-life? Why do we care about an unborn life until the baby is born, then we no longer care?

When it comes to Donald Trump, it doesn’t matter how many affairs he has, the way he speaks about people who are Mexican and Muslim, the racism he shows, the way he tweets or the inappropriate way he treats his daughter. Christians will always find a way to defend him.

When Roy Moore ran for Senator in my home state of Alabama, few people cared that he’s a pedophile. All they cared is that he’s pro-life. I was shamed by people of my own faith when I voted for Doug Jones. Again, people don’t care once the baby is born.

If the Alt-Right is confronted about what the politicians on their side have done, they point the finger at the left, particularly Bill Clinton. (Not that he doesn’t deserve it, but there’s a time and a place.) But when people say, “I’m not talking about Bill Clinton.” The Alt-Right will deflect.

My point is, I’m a Progressive Christian, and we should stop making excuses for politicians just because they are Republicans and claim to be both Christian and pro-life. There’s a clear difference between walking the walk and talking the talk. You have to do both.

I’m not against the Republican Party, I’m against hypocrisy. You’ll see hypocrisy on both sides, and I believe the majority of Republicans have more integrity than the Alt-Right.

Please, more than ever, I ask my fellow Christians who support Donald Trump, “Is this a Christ-like attitude? Would Jesus treat His fellow neighbors this way?”

The Democratic Party isn’t perfect and has many flawed politicians and people within who support the party. So, please don’t think that I think Democrat’s are blameless because they surely aren’t.

Now, more than ever, if you are a Christian, no matter what Party you align yourself with, you must truly reach within your heart and ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?”