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My Interview with YouTuber, Smokey Glow.

There are so many different communities on YouTube that I’m a fan of. Two of them are the drama/commentary Channels and the other is the beauty community (among many, many others). I had been casually watching a Beauty YouTuber/Commentary Channel called Smokey Glow for quite some time. I was in awe of her tell-it-like-it-is personality, yet she still knows how to be friendly, has killer makeup skills, and is willing to open up about her personal life. She showed me over time that she’s beautiful on both the inside and out. When I hit that “Subscribe” Button, I knew I was going to be a fan for life!

I can’t tell you how excited I was and still am that she agreed to do an interview with me! She was so sweet and personable. It was such a pleasure interviewing her and I hope to catch up in the future.

So, enough chit-chat, on to the interview!

1. I love your Youtube channel and have a blast watching it! What inspired you to start a channel?
Awe thank you so much! Honestly, I have no one in my life who loves makeup like I do.  I really loved the idea of starting a youtube channel because I was able to talk to people about new makeup releases and products.  I also have no one in my life who cares about youtube drama so that’s kind of why my channel became a hybrid of makeup and commentary.  I wanted to create a place where maybe 10-15 people would talk to me about things I was interested in and the fact that it has turned into something so much bigger is really exciting.  I love having people in my life who care about all this stuff and actually enjoy listening to me talk about it.
2. I know you’ve talked about your studies before, but could you remind us again what you’re studying and how is school going?
I am studying Social Work at a college in Rochester NY! I actually have been working the past year and a half to get my grades up so I could get accepted into the program, and now I will be starting classes at the end of August.  I’m going to be a junior in college this semester so I know that will come with an increased workload but it’s work I really enjoy.  Social work is something I am very passionate about and I love helping people.  Last semester I interned at the Center for Disability Rights and really enjoyed working in advocacy, but I think in the future I will be more focused on working with kids.  I am 99% sure I want to end up in a school setting but who knows!  College has always been something that I didn’t think I would be successful in but last semester I was able to maintain a 4.0 and I am really hoping to be able to do that again in the fall.
3. What are your plans after college is over? Do you plan to go to grad school or is it time for job hunting in your career field?
I am jumping right into grad school! My school has a program where if you do the 2-year social work program you can get your masters degree in a year! Once I am done with that I plan on finding work! The biggest appeal to working in a school is that I would be able to have summers off to volunteer.  The reason I realized I want to be in the helping field is because I spent 3 months in Nepal volunteering at a school.  The experience was so life-changing and I would love to keep traveling and volunteering in countries that need it as I grow older.
4. I love when you do GRWM’s and talk about the latest YouTube Gossip. Is there any topic on YouTube (or person) that you believe would be off limits? Why or why not?
I definitely think there are things you can’t talk about.  These topics can be really controversial and people are going to have strong opinions.  One of the number one things I try to stay away from is politics.  I live in the US and tensions are really high right now.  I never want to make anyone on my channel feel ostracized.  Another thing I don’t feel is acceptable is anything in regards to someone’s loss, whether it be a physical loss or an emotional one.  When Jaclyn Hill got divorced I saw a lot of people talking about it and trying to turn that into “tea” and it really grossed me out.  I felt the same when I saw people making videos about Nikki Tutorials brother passing away.  To profit from that in anyway is wrong in my opinion.  I really try to not cross the line of being a drama channel.  There are so many amazing drama channels out there that do what they do so well but that just isn’t me.  I think there is a real need for female creators in the commentary community and I would like to keep working on my content to fill that gap.
5. How’s your Project Pan coming? You probably mentioned it, so I’m sorry for bringing it up again, but what made you start? What’s your advice for people that have just gotten started, like me?
I haven’t updated anyone over the summer actually! I really wanted to just kind of do it and give an update in the fall! For some products it’s going really well, and for others it’s been kinda a fail.  I think the best advice I could give someone is to start small and have low expectations.  I really wanted to try and finish 18 products in 2018 and for me that was kinda an ambitious goal.  I’ve realized while I like trying to use up certain products I also really enjoy versatility.  I think I will definitely see pan by December, just not on everything I had initially hoped for.  The last advice I would give is to not get too discouraged if you don’t see pan! Project pans are supposed to fun, so don’t stress if everything doesn’t go as planned!
6. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers, both in the beauty community and outside the community?
In the beauty community, I have been loving James Charle’s content! I think he has some great ideas that will take him far! I also enjoy Raw Beauty Kristi, Tati, Spooky Lips and Fat Hips, Georgia Harris and Thomas Halbert.  Drama channels who I love are Petty Paige, DISHWASHINGLICKWID, Nosy Hausfrau and Peter Monn.  As far as other content goes, I really love David Dobriks vlogs they instantly stop my anxiety.  I have also obviously been loving all of Shane’s new content (who hasn’t), Casey Neigstat, Jenna Marbles and all other commentary channels like inabber, Eddy Burback, Drew Gooden and Danny Gonzalez.
7. Finally, where do you see yourself in the future, both professionally and personally? Do you plan to keep up with YouTube for years to come? I hope so!
I love creating content! No matter how stressed out I am filming and editing videos always makes me feel better.  I 100% do not see this as a career and I frankly don’t want it to be.  This is such a fun hobby and I don’t really ever want it to turn stressful! I Think I will keep making videos as long as I keep having things to say!  I love my channel and am so proud of it and am excited to see where it will go.  It is already 100X bigger than I thought it would get so anything that happens from here is just a huge bonus!
Thank you very much! You are such an inspiration, knowing the career field you want to get into. You are for sure a girl boss! I’m so proud to have been able to interview you and to be able to call myself a forever fan. I wish you the best of luck and blessing in everything you do. Also, I can’t wait to watch your Channel grow more and more, because I know it will!
Please subscribe to her Channel here and follow her on Twitter here!
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Whatever Happened to the Woman who Made Went Viral in a 2009 Dunkin’ Donuts Video?

In 2009, a woman by the name of Taylor Chapman was 27-years-old in 2009 and appeared in many local marketing videos in Florida, where she lived at the time. In the summer of that year, Taylor walked into the fast-food chain waiting for her breakfast when she started yelling (while recording on her iPhone) that she didn’t receive a receipt for a purchase she had made before, which meant she deserved a free breakfast. As she waited for her food, she hurled offensive insults at the employee, (who remained polite) and Taylor said that everything would go live on Facebook. Taylor also told a customer that she would upload it to YouTube, unaware of what was to come.

As you can imagine, the internet went wild, calling her names and wishing that she would kill herself, among many other threats. What the internet didn’t know until a few years later, was that Taylor had mental health issues and as of 2011 was off her medications, according to her fiance’s sister.

The video that Taylor posted caused her to lose her job, delete all of her social media, and change her phone number.

Taylor was engaged at the time to a man named Sean Hosch, who had his own criminal history. The two of them had a very intense relationship where they would get into heated arguments one night and would be just fine the next morning.

Taylor had a series of mental meltdowns (which you can read about in the sources I’ve provided down below) before the video was made, from going down to a construction site wearing nothing but a G-string bikini in order to make the wives mad, to starting fights at work, and more.

After all that, Taylor and Sean were kicked out of his Aunt’s house and they moved into a one bedroom apartment. Sean would fix old cars, and that where Taylor found her job making videos for making marketing videos until she made that video on her iPhone.

In 2015, at the age of 29, Taylor took her own life. Taylor’s family was heartbroken because they had just convinced her to leave Florida, live with them and get help for her drug issues. The family said that she was ashamed of her past and had a long time problem with drugs, and she thought that she’d finally get the help she needed.

I want everyone to know that I’m not condoning what Taylor did and feel horrible for the people who had to work at Dunkin’ Donuts that day, especially the woman who was called all those horrible names. But I think this proves a lesson that we can say things like “How horrible,” and “That’s awful,” without wishing death on someone or harassing them online.

If someone like Taylor uploads something as racist as that to YouTube, then they’ve dug their own grave. We don’t need to do any more “dirty work” for them. Just remember that while what they did was horrible, there’s probably more going on than what we know.

I pray that she’s at peace now, as well as her family. (Also, for the Dunkin’ Donuts employees that day.)

So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below? Just to be clear once again, I’m not making excuses for the horrible things she said, just providing more context to her story. But, like I said, I want to hear your thoughts. Sound off!



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Trailer for “THE NUTCRACKER AND THE FOUR REALMS” In Theaters November 2nd!

In theaters, November 2nd is “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms,” by Walt Disney Productions. The film stars Keira KnightleyHelen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and real-life ballerina Misty Copeland.  It is directed by Lasse Hallstrom and Joe Johnson. It was written by Ashleigh Powell and Tom McCarthy.

The movie is about a girl overcoming her own fears and finding the courage to restore peace. I hope you’ll see this classic tale when it comes out because it’s such a beautiful story!

Here is the trailer:


Remember, save the date for November 2nd!

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Review of Small Foot (2018)

My husband and I saw Small Foot on 09/29/2018. The movie is about a yeti named Migo (Channing Tatum) who, by accident, discovers a human who crashes his plane onto the mountain where the yetis live. Humans are described as mythical creatures known as a “Small Foot.” This goes against the “rules” or “stones” that tells the yetis history, so no one believes Migo.

Along the way, Migo makes some friends who believe in the Small Foot, including his crush, Meechee (Zendaya). The movie touches on a lot of serious topics such as asking questions, trust, the “us vs. them” mentality and so much more.

So first of all…arachnophobia warning. It’s only one scene (the first set in the human village) but it’s brutal for anyone with a fear of those fiends of nightmares, and it comes out of nowhere. Thanks for that, by the way.

But moving on to the actual film, animated movies from companies that aren’t owned by Disney are always a mixed bag. A handful of them are straight up amazing, some are embarrassing, but the majority fall into the category weak in places and strong in others. Small Foot winds up having a little trouble in its first act. It’s not bad by any stretch, but it’s trying so hard to make you like it that it comes off as unconfident in its own story. Cheap jokes and slapstick abound here, making it more reminiscent of an extended Scrat segment from Ice Age than real character exploration. But once the film stumbles its way into the story proper it finds its heart.

Channing Tatum, Zendaya and Danny Devito all give wonderful vocal performances to their characters and were all perfectly cast. Also, Common (Stonekeeper), LeBron James (Gwangi) and Jimmy Tatro (Thorp) all give equally wonderful performances and we were thoroughly impressed by their work.

We weren’t expecting this movie to be a musical, so when Migo burst into song almost immediately, we were thinking, “Should this movie really be a musical?” Thankfully, the film proved us wrong and before too long, we were enjoying each of the songs!

As we said earlier, the movie touches on asking questions and the “us vs. them” mentality. This is true in our society more than ever. We live in a time where you ask the wrong question about the industry you’re in or start to feel like something is going against your moral compass and you feel the need to speak out, society is ready to cast you out like they did Migo. That’s why it’s good to have a strong support system like he did with his small group of friends who believed in the Small Foot.

In the end, the film may prove to be a tearjerker, but not for the character moments we’ve gotten accustomed to from Pixar films. Here the sadness comes from an awareness that human nature (as reflected in both the yetis and the actual humans) is just as capable of terrible things as wonderful. This isn’t a story with clearly defined villains, as any character can be kind of right and kind of wrong at the same time. There’s a tragedy of reality bubbling just beneath the colorful surface, and Small Foot is brave enough to raise questions that it doesn’t spell out the answers to.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to pick up that soundtrack!

I’d like to thank my husband, Sean, for joining me in this review since we saw it together. You can find his blog here.

Did you see the movie? Do you agree or disagree? Leave your thoughts below!

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My Interview With YouTuber JustDestiny

I’d like to introduce to a YouTuber who needs no introduction, JustDestiny. At over 1 Million subscribers and 11.8K followers on Twitter, the man has built up a steady platform online. You can only imagine my excitement when he agreed to an interview with me!

I got to know someone who is more than a person who cracks one hilarious joke after another, I got to know someone who is smart, kind and has a good head on his shoulders. I have no doubt that whatever he chooses to do in life, he will accomplish it.

Without further delay, here is our interview. Take it away JustDestiny!

1. I believe you started off as a commentary channel who played games while talking about trending topics (similar to other channels like Scarce). Are you still a gamer? And if so, what are your favorite games and are there any upcoming releases you’re looking forward to?
Yes, I started out as a commentary channel utilizing gameplay as background footage. Am I still a gamer? Yes, I would say so myself even though I don’t play nearly as much as I used to.
My favorite past released games are
• The Last of Us
• The God of War franchise
• Destiny (Where my name originated from)
• GTA5
• Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
• Pac Man World (2004)
The highly anticipated games I am waiting for are Control, The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, Cyberpunk 2077, Nioh 2 and Beyond Good & Evil 2.
2. You said on your Instagram Q&A that you’re 20 and that you don’t see YouTube as a career. How long do you see yourself doing YouTube or is it kind of up in the air right now since you’re still pretty young?
I see YouTube as an outlet for creative production. For me, it’s not a legitimate job since it’s so unpredictable. As of right now, I’m using YouTube as an outlet for other opportunities for myself.
3. I know you started out as a gaming channel, transferred to top ten videos, and now do commentary videos according to your Instagram Q&A Part 2. Can you remind us why you decided to switch over to commentary videos? I know it has to do with you wanting to be a voice actor.
I started out as Gaming channel initially, yes. I never did Top 10 videos but, people thought I did because of my former name “Top10Destiny”. Also, I started doing commentary videos for a few reasons. Gaming videos weren’t working out and I was getting nowhere.
Also, I started doing commentary videos because at the time there was this whole Twitch Cam girl trend where Cam girls were starting to become “Twitch Streamers” back in 2015 and I wanted to talk about it. I deleted a lot of these old videos and I wish I didn’t but,
that was one of the reasons that sparked my journey into commentary videos.
4. I want to get to know you a little more. Are there any shows you’re currently streaming? I know you mentioned Black Mirror and Altered Careon. Are there any others? Also, is there any particular music that you like to listen to?
 As of right now, there aren’t really any shows I’m watching. I usually just watch YouTube videos.
5. You said in your Instagram Q&A Part 2 that you’ve been through a lot and that a lot of people have tried to hold you back in your life. I can relate. Thank you for sharing that. Do you plan on talking about that more on your channel or is that too difficult of a subject?
I’m glad I was able to share a personal side of me to the channel and, I’m glad you could relate. And, no. I don’t plan on sharing any more of that type of stuff with the JustDestiny channel.
But, I am starting a podcast very soon called “BeyondDestiny” and stuff like that could potentially be brought in the midst of conversations.
6. How do you feel about some of these people you’ve commented on going viral and even becoming celebrities, such as Danielle Bregoli and Woah Vicky? (I use the word celebrity loosely with Woah Vicky, though!)
I feel like they are smart individuals who exploited the internet to launch their way into internet fame.
Obviously, the certain tactics they’ve done to get to their positions are a bit outlandish and could be extreme at times but, it certainly did work for them.
And, I feel like, in this day and age with the internet and the millions of people seeking out new content every day, it’s easy to capitalize off of that demand.
People are always looking for some new form of entertainment and will succumb to whatever craziness they may see on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.
Thus creating this, in my opinion, a unique form of narcism and numbness from the person consuming the content and the person producing the content.
Content creators are now pushing the boundaries of the morals to feed the hungry beast. The hungry beast being the people who consume this content, whatever that content may be.
7. Do you think you will pursue being a voice actor in the future? You have the talent to do so. 
Thank you for the compliment and yes, I will pursue being a voice actor very soon. I will do many things that I can utilize my voice for such as singing, podcast, commercials etc.
8. Looking ahead, you said you wanted to branch into different content, but didn’t want to lose your audience. That’s understandable. Can you give us any insight into what type of content you’d like to do and how do you think you’ll introduce us to it? I can say as a fan I’m open to any new content you want to share.
I would like to do some form of documentary-type videos, Interviews, exploring and going into details about certain topics like I did in my most recent videos with the Musically kids.
I just honestly want to take the channel to a new level. I want to gain some respect from other content creators for the content that I produce. I want to become a recognizable name in the YouTube community like Shane Dawson, KEEMSTAR, Adam22, Tana Mongeau etc. and I can see that goal coming true very soon.
Thank you very much JustDestiny! I can’t wait to see what you have in store in the future and am very proud of what you have accomplished so far. If you haven’t already subscribed to his Channel, then what are you waiting for? Subscribe here! You can follow him on Twitter here and Instagram here.


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Creed 2 Newest Trailer. In Theaters November 21st, 2018.

In Theaters Wednesday, November 21st


Life has become a balancing act for Adonis Creed. Between personal obligations and training for his next big fight, he is up against the challenge of his life. Facing an opponent with ties to his family’s past only intensifies his impending battle in the ring. Rocky Balboa is there by his side through it all and, together, Rocky and Adonis will confront their shared legacy, question what’s worth fighting for, and discover that nothing’s more important than family. Creed II is about going back to basics to rediscover what made you a champion in the first place, and remembering that, no matter where you go, you can’t escape your history.

Genre: Drama

Date: Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Executive Producers: Ryan Coogler, Michael B. Jordan, Guy Riedel

Distributor:  MGM, Warner Bros. Pictures


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My Interview with YouTuber Julia Cudney

On my Birthday, September 25th, I reviewed the Netflix movie Sierra Burgess Is A Loser along with my husband, Sean. The review was inspired by Julia Cudney. The video she did that inspired our review is called, Sierra Burgess Is The Villian. I knew I had to interview this intellectual beauty. So when she said yes, it was an early birthday gift from me sent straight from Heaven!

Julia came across the same way she did in her Q&A video, down-to-earth and super sweet. We started talking about how she got started on YouTube, which was through her Teen Wolf fan Twitter account in which she would do reactions and post them online. So, she eventually moved to Youtube in order to make longer reactions as well as reviews.

Julia said (just like in her Q&A) that she would have kept up with her channel until something took off. The video that ended up taking off was her review of the movie Mean Girls 2. Julia was excited about the response but was surprised, not because it wasn’t what she wanted, but because the video had been on her channel for a while and it one day took off. So, it’s not a “lightning in a bottle” type of story, but a success story nonetheless.

I asked her what sort of reactions she gets in her comment sections of her videos and if whether or not they’re pretty positive. Julia said that a lot of people will get into arguments with each other when she does reviews and she tends to get told a lot that she should be more positive. I was shocked! Julia is there to give her opinion about movies and isn’t mean for the sake of being mean! Plus, if she gave every movie a glowing review, I guarantee you more people would complain about that!

We talked about how she likes YouTube a lot and she loves to read and watch movies, such as chick flicks and Marvel films. I asked if she’s looking forward to Captain Marvel and she said she is. I am as well.

Speaking of movies, Julia said that she would never mention Star Wars on her channel because she doesn’t want to upset that fandom. I said that I’m a nerd and admitted that the nerd community can get pretty upset over stuff they like. (But, isn’t that the same with all fandoms? Eh? Eh?)

Julia also likes channels from the Drama Community like I do. I asked her if she likes beauty videos since she’s so beautiful. She was very sweet and said that’s not the community for her. Julia doesn’t wear a lot of makeup and doesn’t connect with the fanbase.

I went on to tell her that he lashes were so full and beautiful. Julia said that she puts on fake lashes whenever she shows her face on camera. As for what brand? Julia tries all different types. I recommend Luxe Lashes after what I’ve heard. She said she’d have to look into them!

I asked her about her family’s support and she said that they were all very proud of her, especially her sisters. I told her that was great and I asked her if she was the middle, oldest or youngest? She said that she’s a middle child. I told her that’s it’s beautiful that she gets along with her sisters so well, because my sister and I get along really well, too. And she and my Mom helped teach me how to do my makeup!

Julia told me that she will always be a part of social media and try her best to make a living off of it, even if she has to get a part-time job at a dog spa in order to help pay the bills. I told her that she looks like someone who loves dogs to me. She said, “I am! How could you tell?” I told her it was by the pictures she shared of her and her dog on her Q&A Video.

She also mentioned that she might start a second channel in which she does covers of songs. The reason for the second channel is that she doesn’t want to confuse viewers by doing movie-related content one minute and song covers the next. That’s smart. Julia, if you ever start that second channel, I will definitely subscribe!

Overall, I got to know a sweet person with a beautiful mind and heart. I’m so thankful I got to talk to her and will be subscribed to her for life. Julia, you can do anything you set your mind to!

Please subscribe to her channel here, and follow her on Twitter here and Instagram here.

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