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My Interview With The Website, Ethical Bunny.

This year, 2018, I finally went cruelty-free with my makeup and skincare. It’s been hard, especially because I have a long way to go considering the fact I need to use up everything I purchased that’s not cruelty-free, but I’ll get there.

I won’t end there though, there’s still more, such as toothpaste. Yes, they test toothpaste on animals! There’s so much I need to clean my rooms of so I can go completely cruelty-free, that’s why I’m thankful for websites such as Ethical Bunny that can aid me along the way.

I’m thankful that the CEO of Ethical Bunny was willing to answer some questions for me. This article isn’t meant to shame anyone or guilt trip people, we only want to educate.

So, thank you again to the CEO of this wonderful website for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk to me. After the interview, please visit her website, which will be linked below. Now, on to the interview!

1. What made you decide to go cruelty-free? Did you use products that weren’t cruelty-free before?

Going cruelty-free was an easy decision for me since I have been an animal lover my entire life. Just like most people, I grew up using all the generic animal tested beauty, household, and personal care products. I was simply blissfully unaware of animal testing.

One summer in high school I had an opportunity to travel to Wyoming and volunteer at an animal sanctuary called Kindness Ranch. This incredible non-profit rescued and took care of animals that had used in product testing and were severely “damaged” physically and psychologically. I witnessed dozens of dogs, beagles specifically, who were blind, crippled, had burn marks on their skin and were unable to bark (they had their voice boxes taken out at birth so they can’t make noise while they’re being exploited for the testing of a toxic chemical or substance). I witnessed all sorts of other animals with similar injuries. I took care of them, got to know them and got to learn about how they were treated in scientific experiments.

That’s when I finally made the connection between animal testing and my own choices as a consumer. I realized that my entire life I’ve been using products that were tested on animals and if I want to do something about this problem I have to start with changing my own shopping habits. I threw away my toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, cleaning supplies, makeup and skincare first thing when I got home from Wyoming and spent hours researching and looking for cruelty-free alternatives to everything I had been using. Animal testing is the kind of issue that most people don’t care about until they witness it or get to spend time with the victims. It’s the kind of issue that most people, unfortunately, still aren’t educated about.

2. What made you decide to start your wonderful website? Have you been able to help get the word out about how barbaric product testing on animals is to people who otherwise wouldn’t have known? 

Throughout the years of me using cruelty-free products and pointing out to friends that some of the products they were using were tested on animals, I recognized that animal testing is a very taboo topic people don’t want to get into. If you don’t see it happening, it doesn’t happen… right? Unfortunately, that’s the mindset many people operate under when they are confronted with the reality of animal testing.

Ethical Bunny began as a combination of several passions. First of all, I wanted to educate consumers about animal testing and create a useful resource for them that they can count on for discovering new brands and products. Secondly, I grew up in a very entrepreneurial family and I wanted to somehow show my support for small businesses and encourage beauty consumers to purchase from indie beauty brands rather than large corporations. Thirdly, I was studying marketing in college and I wanted to get some real world experience with what it’s like to start my own project/blog/website and try to grow it and promote it with absolutely no money and no support from anyone else. My love for animals, my desire to support small businesses and my interest in digital and social media marketing were the perfect combination of skills/passions I needed to start Ethical Bunny.

Throughout the time I’ve been running Ethical Bunny, I have had a positive impact on so many people. I get messages on a daily basis from beauty consumers who thank me for opening their eyes to animal testing and changing their shopping habits to fit their moral values. Of course, it was a rough start at first, trying to build the website and create a platform people can trust as a reliable resource, but the more I worked and the more time I’ve put into the website, the more positive feedback I received and the more consumers I’ve influenced. I’m incredibly grateful and fortunate to be able to do what I love and make a real difference!

3. Why do you think some makeup brands, like the Sephora Label, have recently stopped being cruelty-free?  

Money. Without a doubt, money is the reason why so many large companies still test on animals despite the ample number of cruelty-free alternatives that are more accurate and more ethical. Animal testing is already illegal in over 30 countries including all of Europe and countries like India and Norway, but there is one huge cosmetics market that requires animal testing on a large number of products – China. Companies like Sephora sell their products in retail stores in China and these products have to be tested on animals by law.

Now one would argue that the Chinese government is to blame for this and we shouldn’t be boycotting companies that aren’t cruelty-free but I completely and wholeheartedly disagree. Every single company has a choice. Every single company that tests on animals has the option to not test on animals by simply refusing to sell their products in China. Since so many companies have chosen their wallets over their conscience and morals, it’s now our responsibility as consumers to tell them that we disapprove. I mean sure, we can write to Chinese policymakers, and I do that as well, but in my years of experience, none of these letters have led to any reform. We go shopping multiple times a week and by not purchasing products from companies that exploit animals we are having a much greater impact on the issue of animal testing than we know. Every dollar a consumer spends is a vote, so consumers need to start taking their votes seriously and being much more selective about which companies that choose to support.

4. How much hope do you have that the bill will pass in which animal testing will be banned in 2020?  

If we’re talking about a global ban on animal testing, it’s unlikely it’ll happen by 2020. As much as I want to be an optimist, animal testing has been the common practice in the cosmetics industry for many decades and it’s not likely that it’ll completely stop by 2020. Many countries have already banned animal testing and the European Union has even banned the sale of products tested on animals in other countries (i.e. China) but these laws have loopholes. Companies like L’Oreal, that test their cosmetics on animals in China, are still able to sell their products in Europe despite the law because there’s so many ways to get around it.

For instance, just this month, California passed the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act which claims to make the sale of any products tested on animals illegal within state borders. This law, much like the law implemented by the European Union, has loopholes. It still allows companies to test on animals in China and then sell those products in California while falsely claiming that they are cruelty-free. Let me be clear: if any company tests ANY products on animals in ANY country, they are not cruelty-free. L’Oreal claims to be cruelty-free because they pay the Chinese authorities to test on animals for them. That, however, doesn’t make it any more ethical and profits from the sale of L’Oreal products will still, inevitably, go towards animal testing. It’s like claiming that someone is innocent of animal abuse when they pay their buddy to abuse an animal for them. It’s not how our legal system should work and it’s certainly not an excuse to purchase products from that company.

The only way I see animal testing for cosmetics becoming illegal worldwide is if China bans animal testing instead of making it a requirement. China is by far the biggest reason why so many companies still test on animals and without a change in China’s legislature, it’s unlikely that animal testing will stop anytime soon. Another issue is that laws cannot have exceptions and loopholes. While testing on animals in California is no longer legal, most cosmetics companies are testing their products on animals elsewhere and still selling them in California. Banning animal testing in a certain country or state is important, but it’s just as important to ban the sale of products that are tested on animals anywhere in the world at any point during the production of a product. Right now, laws are too lenient, not regulated enough and have too many loopholes. We’ve made a lot of progress but there’s still a long road ahead of us.

5. How can we as the customers stop animal testing? How else can we get the word out?

The way the market works is very simple – supply and demand. Companies that test on animals provide consumers with a certain supply and by buying this supply the consumers are creating a demand for it. Therefore the only way to stop animal testing is to stop creating demand for products that are tested on animals and be vocal about it.

The first step In any social reform is education. People need to become aware of animal testing through reading books, watching documentaries or even volunteering at sanctuaries that rescue animals from laboratories. Without proper knowledge of the issue, one cannot become a strong advocate against it.

The second step is to change our consumerism habits and stop purchasing products that aren’t cruelty-free. The easiest indicator that a product is cruelty-free is a certification or logo on the packaging. There’s three certifications that a product can obtain – PETA, Leaping Bunny or CCF. Choose Cruelty-Free is an Australian organization that certifies products to be cruelty-free. PETA and Leaping Bunny are more global but Leaping Bunny is significantly more reliable and well regulated than PETA. If a product is Leaping Bunny or CCF certified, it has to be cruelty-free. Otherwise, most small businesses don’t test on animals because they simply cannot afford this outrageously expensive practice. Shopping for all of your beauty supplies and household products from a small business almost always guarantees that the products will be cruelty-free.

The third step after a consumer is fully educated about animal testing and buys exclusively cruelty-free products is to advocate and be vocal about their disapproval of animal testing. Social media is without a doubt an amazing platform for advocacy because you can reach a large audience of people with a few taps of a keyboard. I use social media for a lot of my advocacy and it’s the best way I’ve found to communicate with people who are interested in learning about the issue. Other than social media, attending protests in person or even hosting your own peaceful protests outside of MAC stores and the stores of other unethical companies can be pretty impactful. Writing to politicians urging them to weigh in on the matter and advocate against animal testing is also very, very important. Policymakers need to know what matters to the people they represent.

6. Are there any charities who give back to animals that you are passionate about? 

As I previously mentioned, my time volunteering at Kindness Ranch in Wyoming has had a huge impact on me so it’s a non-profit organization I strongly support. You can visit their website to learn more about donating and volunteering ( Another amazing animal sanctuary is called Life After Labs ( and they are based in Lake Elsinore, California. This sanctuary offers a permanent home to pigs, cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, mice and other animals that have suffered in the name of vivisection. They are working towards being able to accommodate non-human primates (such as monkeys) that are used in medical research. Both of these non-profit animal sanctuaries are incredible advocates against animal testing and do so much positive work for the animals that suffered in laboratories.

Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest: @ethicalbunny

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Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Review.

On November 2nd, 2018, Disney released The Nutcracker and The Four Realms to theaters and I was so happy I got to see it. It told the story of a girl named Clara (Mackenzie Foy) who is given a sliver-shaped egg on Christmas Eve, which was left to her by her late mother. The problem? There is a key missing. So Clara goes to her godfather, Drosselmeyer (Morgan Freeman), to try and retrieve the key. Little does she know that Clara’s mother’s dying wish was for Clara to go back to the place her mother ruled as queen, and bring peace to the Four Realms. While there, Clara finds the true meaning of her mother’s gift, as well as not only bringing peace to her late mother’s kingdom but seeing that she’s not the only one grieving her mother’s death.

If you couldn’t tell while I was blogging about this movie before it came out, I’m a big Misty Copeland fan and was mesmerized seeing her dance in the movie. I’m so happy Disney not only included her in the film but also made her a big part of the advertisement!

I had to do a double take when I realized it was Keira Knightley as the Sugar Plum Fairy! I had forgotten which part she was cast in. By the time I was sure it was her, I had forgotten about all of her other wonderful performances and just saw her as the Sugar Plum Fairy. Keira is seriously underrated as an actress, and this film thankfully allowed her to shine all the more.

This movie is great for families, but I wouldn’t recommend it for toddlers. I would say if the child is at least ten, they should be fine. The reason why I say this is because the movie can get pretty creepy at times and it would be pretty unsettling for a young child. However, older children, as well as adults, should have fun watching the film.

Overall, the was a beautiful film from start to finish and is perfect for the Christmas Season. I hope you all get a chance to see it while it’s playing in theaters!

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The Nutcracker And The Four Realms & The Best Christmas Gift I’ve Ever Given.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms will be opening on Friday, November, 2nd, 2018. The synopsis is as follows:

All Clara (Mackenzie Foy) wants is a key – a one-of-a-kind key that will unlock a box that holds a priceless gift. A golden thread, presented to her at godfather Drosselmeyer’s (Morgan Freeman) annual holiday party, leads her to the coveted key—which promptly disappears into a strange and mysterious parallel world. It’s there that Clara encounters a soldier named Phillip (Jayden Fowora-Knight), a gang of mice and the regents who preside over three Realms: Land of Snowflakes, Land of Flowers and Land of Sweets. Clara and Phillip must brave the ominous Fourth Realm, home to the tyrant Mother Ginger (Helen Mirren), to retrieve Clara’s key and hopefully return harmony to the unstable world. Starring Keira Knightley as the Sugar Plum Fairy, Disney’s new holiday feature film “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” is directed by Lasse Hallström and Joe Johnston, and inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmann’s classic tale.

This reminds me of the best gift I ever gave someone for Christmas. It was to my husband, Sean. Three years ago I gave him a retro Super Nintendo so he could play old-school Super NES games. This gift was meaningful because he is not only an avid video game player but also a collector, and he had missed the glory days of the Super NES. Giving him this piece of video game history meant a lot to the both of us because it not only took him back to a period of the 1990’s that he cherished, but it also took me back to my childhood. So, in a way, we could share this gift with each other as well as our memories.

Remember, the movie opens November 2nd! Be sure to check it out! In the meantime, check out this featurette!


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My Interview with YouTuber, WiLLo Davis.

I recently discovered a member of the YouTube vlogging/commentary community, WiLLo Davis. I loved his laid-back vibe and his semi-sarcastic sense of humor. As I kept watching him, I got to know an even better guy than I had already gotten a sense of. I learned about his love of animals, his girlfriend, and how he seems to take everything in stride (including negativity). I knew I needed to get to know him more, so I was delighted when he agreed to a Skype interview!

I started out our interview asking how Jamie (his girlfriend) was, and he said that she was good and had gone out to eat. I confirmed that he and Jaimie had been together for three years now. He’s been vegan for two and a half years, and I asked if he could refresh my memory as to how he became so. WiLLo said that Jaimie was already vegan when they met and that she wasn’t bothered that he wasn’t vegan, but they would always eat at restaurants that we vegan that he liked. Later, WiLLo watched some documentaries that helped his decision. What really set it in stone for him was when he and Jaimie went to an animal sanctuary in New York and were treated to a nice vegan meal. WiLLo said the farm animals looked so content in their farm that he couldn’t even think about going back to eating them.

While we were on the subject of becoming a vegan, I asked him what his advice would be for someone who is finding it hard to turn to veganism (such as myself). WiLLo said to find as many replacements for the non-vegan foods you love as possible. For example, if it’s cheese you love, find the best vegan cheese out there that will satisfy your craving for it, since not all vegan substitutes are made the same way. I felt like that was really good advice.

We got on the subject of his Q&A video where he was asked about the “negative vegan YouTubers” some of whom were named. I went on to tell him that I loved the fact that he didn’t acknowledge any of them and said that he only focused on the positive ones. (Like Jenna Marbles and her boyfriend Julien Solosmita.) WiLLo said that when you ignore the negative YouTubers like them, then you don’t give them the audience that they crave. I love that!

I asked him when he took off in popularity as a YouTuber. He said it was a few weeks before this interview took place when he started covering Amberlynn Reid. We then talked about videos he’s done from Amberlynn to this one. The title is “I WAS IN THEIR ROOMS WHEN THEY DIED” (Ashli Gay Reaction) and it is a must-see! I told him how hard I laughed every time he looked offended and said, “Cindy!” WiLLO laughed and said that Jaimie found the Ashli Gay video and that he plans on responding to more of those types of offbeat videos in the future.

WiLLo told me that he has a Twitch Stream and that’s something he wants to focus more on in the future. We got on the subject of games and found out he really likes Elder Scrolls and is looking forward to the new game and wants to eventually buy the Nintendo Switch as well. I enjoyed talking about games with him and suggested Curse of Monkey Island for the Playstation 2 & 3.

As for the future, WiLLo is hoping to get back into music because he is a big fan of metal and bands such as Judas Priest, and playing in a metal band is something that he’s definitely wanting to do.

I asked him about his and Jaimie’s future but assured him that he didn’t have to answer if he wasn’t comfortable. WiLLo said that once he and Jamie become more financially stable, they plan to move in together; he alluded to the two of them staying together from here on out. In fact, when the two of them met on Tinder, WiLLO said they were specifically looking for a meaningful relationship. That’s very sweet and the two of them are a very lovely couple!

Speaking of Jaimie, WiLLLo said that she’s planning on doing her own channel. It may be a makeup channel or it may be the two of them cooking. Time will tell. (I will be subscribing once she gets her channel going, by the way!) UPDATE: Jaimie has her own Channel! Subscribe here!

I asked him if he plans on getting a P.O. Box in the future and he said once he gets the money, definitely. I can’t wait for him to get one!

As I said, I had a great time getting to know WiLLo and think he’s an amazing person. Please, if you haven’t subscribed to him already, you need to, because he is hilarious and is very, very nice. You can also follow him on Twitter here and he will be streaming on Twitch soon under the name willodavis.

WiLLo, thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me and allowing me to get to know you as well. I believe you’re a wonderful person and will always support both you and Jaimie.

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Disney’s “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” Featurette on Ballerina, Misty Copeland.

Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms will be coming to theaters this Friday, November 2nd. One of the ballerinas featured in this beautiful film is Misty Copeland, who is the first African-American woman in the American Ballet Theatre’s 75-year history to be promoted to principal dancer in 2015.

Disney has released a featurette on this enchanting ballerina on YouTube and I was blessed to be able to put it on my blog to show you her talent. Be sure to watch the featurette and see the movie this Friday, November, 2nd!


All Clara (Mackenzie Foy) wants is a key – a one-of-a-kind key that will unlock a box that holds a priceless gift. A golden thread, presented to her at godfather Drosselmeyer’s (Morgan Freeman) annual holiday party, leads her to the coveted key—which promptly disappears into a strange and mysterious parallel world. It’s there that Clara encounters a soldier named Phillip (Jayden Fowora-Knight), a gang of mice, and the regents who preside over three Realms: Land of Snowflakes, Land of Flowers and Land of Sweets. Clara and Phillip must brave the ominous Fourth Realm, home to the tyrant Mother Ginger (Helen Mirren), to retrieve Clara’s key and hopefully return harmony to the unstable world. Starring Keira Knightley as the Sugar Plum Fairy, Disney’s new holiday feature film “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” is directed by Lasse Hallström and Joe Johnston, and inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmann’s classic tale.

Opens in U.S. theaters on Nov. 2, 2018.

Directors:  Lasse Hallström, Joe Johnston

Producers:  Mark Gordon, Larry Franco

Executive producers:  Sara Smith, Lindy Goldstein

Brett Kavanaugh, Dr. Ford, #MeToo, #WhyIDidntReport

Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court Justice System. It’s Time I Told Both of My #MeToo Stories and #WhyIDidntReport

I wrote to my Senators, begging them not to vote for Brett Kavanaugh. One said he would vote for him while the other said he would vote no (thank you, Doug Jones). Now, after a trial where the FBI failed to do their jobs and Brett acted like a spoiled brat, the “man” was voted in any way. There’s nothing I can do about it, except support Dr. Ford and share both of my #MeToo stories and #WhyIDidntReport.

My first one happened when I was nineteen, by someone who was a very close, older friend of mine. After we spent the day hanging out, he pulled me into his car as he dropped me off at his house, forced himself on top of me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I tried repeatedly to pull away, but I finally gave in because he wouldn’t let me go. After I gave in, he was satisfied and let me inside. I sat on my bed for twenty minutes and finally called up my then boyfriend, who shrugged it off.

The next couple of months, my “friend” was trying to convince me that I loved him and that I secretly wanted to be with him. I didn’t want to let years of our friendship go, so I played along, hoping that our friendship would go back to normal. Stupid I know. It only took a few months before I snapped out of it and told him to stop contacting me.

Ashamed of what I had let happened, I buried it, only to let it out once I married my husband. Sadly, my second #MeToo moment wasn’t far off from the first one.

My ex (the same who’d shrugged it off) and I broke up a year later and he didn’t take it well. I wanted to see other people and he didn’t. I had fallen out of love with him and he didn’t want to accept that. Our relationship had been very toxic for quite some time. Every time we would start to get into a small disagreement, he would blow up and start crying hysterically. That wasn’t all, my ex constantly tried to pressure me to do things I wasn’t comfortable with. My ex would say things like, “Don’t you love me? Don’t you want me to be happy?” I had to spend all my time, away from family and friends, talking on the phone with him if I wasn’t already at his house. I thought if we broke up, I’d be free.

I wasn’t.

My ex threatened self-harm and much worse if I didn’t give in to the same demands as before. I had to spend all my time talking to him and had to go to his house often. When I went to his house, he would always promise a relaxing time between two friends, but it would always turn into him screaming at me for leaving me and him crying in the corner.

One day, I was exhausted from the fighting, so I laid on his bed to catch my breath. He then removed his shirt, pinned me down, nuzzle me and tried to force a kiss onto me. I had to push him off with all my strength and yell “Stop!” It didn’t take long after that before I cut off contact with him. But, when I tried telling people, no one wanted to hear it. My ex had perfectly crafted the nice guy role and no one wanted that image of him tainted. So, once again, I buried it, until my husband.

I have my husband to thank for helping me get through over a decade of blaming myself and feeling like I had no one to turn to because I can always turn to my soulmate. It’s because of him that I realized neither one of those instances were my fault.

I’m not saying you need a significant other or a spouse to help you through horrible things like these, but it helped me. If you can find help, even if it’s within yourself, I applaud you.

I didn’t report because of shame, guilt and I knew the second time, no one would believe me. Those nights still haunt me, but not like they used to.

Brett Kavanaugh may have been voted in, but that doesn’t mean he will silence any of us. I just want you to know if you’ve had a #MeToo moment, I’m sorry and I’m here if you want to talk.

I love you all.

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My Interview with YouTuber, Smokey Glow.

There are so many different communities on YouTube that I’m a fan of. Two of them are the drama/commentary Channels and the other is the beauty community (among many, many others). I had been casually watching a Beauty YouTuber/Commentary Channel called Smokey Glow for quite some time. I was in awe of her tell-it-like-it-is personality, yet she still knows how to be friendly, has killer makeup skills, and is willing to open up about her personal life. She showed me over time that she’s beautiful on both the inside and out. When I hit that “Subscribe” Button, I knew I was going to be a fan for life!

I can’t tell you how excited I was and still am that she agreed to do an interview with me! She was so sweet and personable. It was such a pleasure interviewing her and I hope to catch up in the future.

So, enough chit-chat, on to the interview!

1. I love your Youtube channel and have a blast watching it! What inspired you to start a channel?
Awe thank you so much! Honestly, I have no one in my life who loves makeup like I do.  I really loved the idea of starting a youtube channel because I was able to talk to people about new makeup releases and products.  I also have no one in my life who cares about youtube drama so that’s kind of why my channel became a hybrid of makeup and commentary.  I wanted to create a place where maybe 10-15 people would talk to me about things I was interested in and the fact that it has turned into something so much bigger is really exciting.  I love having people in my life who care about all this stuff and actually enjoy listening to me talk about it.
2. I know you’ve talked about your studies before, but could you remind us again what you’re studying and how is school going?
I am studying Social Work at a college in Rochester NY! I actually have been working the past year and a half to get my grades up so I could get accepted into the program, and now I will be starting classes at the end of August.  I’m going to be a junior in college this semester so I know that will come with an increased workload but it’s work I really enjoy.  Social work is something I am very passionate about and I love helping people.  Last semester I interned at the Center for Disability Rights and really enjoyed working in advocacy, but I think in the future I will be more focused on working with kids.  I am 99% sure I want to end up in a school setting but who knows!  College has always been something that I didn’t think I would be successful in but last semester I was able to maintain a 4.0 and I am really hoping to be able to do that again in the fall.
3. What are your plans after college is over? Do you plan to go to grad school or is it time for job hunting in your career field?
I am jumping right into grad school! My school has a program where if you do the 2-year social work program you can get your masters degree in a year! Once I am done with that I plan on finding work! The biggest appeal to working in a school is that I would be able to have summers off to volunteer.  The reason I realized I want to be in the helping field is because I spent 3 months in Nepal volunteering at a school.  The experience was so life-changing and I would love to keep traveling and volunteering in countries that need it as I grow older.
4. I love when you do GRWM’s and talk about the latest YouTube Gossip. Is there any topic on YouTube (or person) that you believe would be off limits? Why or why not?
I definitely think there are things you can’t talk about.  These topics can be really controversial and people are going to have strong opinions.  One of the number one things I try to stay away from is politics.  I live in the US and tensions are really high right now.  I never want to make anyone on my channel feel ostracized.  Another thing I don’t feel is acceptable is anything in regards to someone’s loss, whether it be a physical loss or an emotional one.  When Jaclyn Hill got divorced I saw a lot of people talking about it and trying to turn that into “tea” and it really grossed me out.  I felt the same when I saw people making videos about Nikki Tutorials brother passing away.  To profit from that in anyway is wrong in my opinion.  I really try to not cross the line of being a drama channel.  There are so many amazing drama channels out there that do what they do so well but that just isn’t me.  I think there is a real need for female creators in the commentary community and I would like to keep working on my content to fill that gap.
5. How’s your Project Pan coming? You probably mentioned it, so I’m sorry for bringing it up again, but what made you start? What’s your advice for people that have just gotten started, like me?
I haven’t updated anyone over the summer actually! I really wanted to just kind of do it and give an update in the fall! For some products it’s going really well, and for others it’s been kinda a fail.  I think the best advice I could give someone is to start small and have low expectations.  I really wanted to try and finish 18 products in 2018 and for me that was kinda an ambitious goal.  I’ve realized while I like trying to use up certain products I also really enjoy versatility.  I think I will definitely see pan by December, just not on everything I had initially hoped for.  The last advice I would give is to not get too discouraged if you don’t see pan! Project pans are supposed to fun, so don’t stress if everything doesn’t go as planned!
6. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers, both in the beauty community and outside the community?
In the beauty community, I have been loving James Charle’s content! I think he has some great ideas that will take him far! I also enjoy Raw Beauty Kristi, Tati, Spooky Lips and Fat Hips, Georgia Harris and Thomas Halbert.  Drama channels who I love are Petty Paige, DISHWASHINGLICKWID, Nosy Hausfrau and Peter Monn.  As far as other content goes, I really love David Dobriks vlogs they instantly stop my anxiety.  I have also obviously been loving all of Shane’s new content (who hasn’t), Casey Neigstat, Jenna Marbles and all other commentary channels like inabber, Eddy Burback, Drew Gooden and Danny Gonzalez.
7. Finally, where do you see yourself in the future, both professionally and personally? Do you plan to keep up with YouTube for years to come? I hope so!
I love creating content! No matter how stressed out I am filming and editing videos always makes me feel better.  I 100% do not see this as a career and I frankly don’t want it to be.  This is such a fun hobby and I don’t really ever want it to turn stressful! I Think I will keep making videos as long as I keep having things to say!  I love my channel and am so proud of it and am excited to see where it will go.  It is already 100X bigger than I thought it would get so anything that happens from here is just a huge bonus!
Thank you very much! You are such an inspiration, knowing the career field you want to get into. You are for sure a girl boss! I’m so proud to have been able to interview you and to be able to call myself a forever fan. I wish you the best of luck and blessing in everything you do. Also, I can’t wait to watch your Channel grow more and more, because I know it will!
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