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The Most Insecure Trump Supporter on YouTube

No Bullshit is an alt-right YouTube channel run by a man named Brooks. There have been some excellent videos that go into detail about how unprofessional and hypocritical this guy is. You can find the one done by ThyNameIsSkeppy here (she has since moved her channel to Procrastitara.) The other one you can find here by Battening. However, in this blog, we will talk about how deeply insecure this child trapped inside a grown man’s body really is.

First, Brooks is extremely homophobic. Any male who shows a trace of feminity throws Brooks into a rage. One of his biggest targets has been the Try Guys, calling them every derogatory word from “a bunch of queens” to “soy boys.”  Just listening to the disgust in his voice when talking about men who are not “masculine” enough shows how his homophobia runs deep within him. My question is, what is it about a male who is just a little bit feminine that upsets him so badly that he has to throw a hissy fit? None of this is directed towards him. Even if it were, so what? All he would have to do is ignore it and go on about his life. Is there something that he’s trying to hide? I’m not accusing him of anything, but I wonder what makes him so triggered about metrosexual men that he has to make video after video about it? Is there something you need to get off your chest, Brooks? Seriously, what about this makes you so mad? I don’t get upset at females who are more masculine than I am. It has absolutely no effect on me whatsoever.

Brooks is also someone who loves to judge other people’s looks, particularly women. As you can see in Battening’s video, Brooks called YouTuber Safiya Nygaard fat, hairy, and ugly since she left Buzzfeed and that she used to be hot. Before I go any further, I want to address his comments. First, I love Safiya and am subscribed to her channel. I have watched her since her Buzzfeed days. I have noticed a minimal increase in her weight, but calling her fat is a big stretch. I’m not being biased because I like her, I just haven’t noticed her weight go either up or down. Second, Safiya has always been very frank about the excessive about of dark arm hair she has. This isn’t anything new. Finally, looks are subjective. So, I can’t really argue with Brooks on that one. What I can say is with the exception of her hair, Safiya’s look hasn’t had much of a change to it. I personally find her to be very beautiful, but that’s my opinion and Brooks is allowed to have his. I’m honestly confused as to why he chose her to single out because she doesn’t make political or SJW content.

Back to Brooks insulting people’s looks. This man-child is a classic example of someone who can dish it but can’t take it. Again, when you watch Battening’s video, he’s cool with criticizing his own appearance, but if you do it to him, he gets so defensive and has this attitude that resembles some overly sensitive screaming, “Oh my gosh, why are you attacking me?!”

To be fair, I’ve acted similarly to this in the past and I’m embarrassed by it. I was at one point in time too quick to pull out the “bullying” card. I should have known better because I was actually bullied in school. I suppose it’s possible Brooks was bullied in school as well and that might be why he’s so defensive whenever someone has something critical to say to him.

The reason why I’m writing this blog is to not pick on Brooks; but to say that, like him, I’m also insecure. The difference between us is that I’m currently in therapy working through that so I don’t act like an idiot anymore and to see that I do have good qualities about myself. I have no doubt that Brooks has good qualities, too, but instead of using the influence he has for good, he uses it to push people’s buttons. He will even go so far as to lie to support his narrative. For example, the recent time he said that Spike Lee wanted to “take down Trump.” I asked him if he could provide a source to this comment because I couldn’t find it. Brooks didn’t respond, but a fan of his politely answered me saying that they couldn’t provide a source (which was respectful; much appreciated).

Overall, I don’t believe this will ever reach Brooks. If it does, I honestly don’t think he will take anything out of this. My hope is that some of his fans will read this and it will make them think about the person they devote their time watching. Brooks is a very negative person who will go as far as to lie just to “prove” his point. (Another example of this was when he did his video about Trump banning transgender people from serving in the military. Brooks said that transgender people will join the military just so they can have their insurance pay for their gender reassessment surgery. I have seriously never heard this and is another big stretch that he often makes.) If you’re a Trump supporter, that is your business, but try to get your information from another YouTuber such as Roaming Millennial (Lauren Chen). While I’m not a fan of hers, I believe she’s more balanced than he is and I can understand why she has the audience that she does, even if we don’t agree politically.

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Is Onision’s Personality More Like a Psychopath or a Sociopath?

Throughout his YouTube career, Onision (Gregory Daniel Jackson) has been one of the platforms biggest villains. If I were to go over everything that got him to the point of where he is today, it would be the equivalent of a novella because that’s how much wrong he has done. I’m going to go over just a few on his lowest moments and why I believe in my own personal opinion that his personality resembles a psychopath and not a sociopath.

First, let’s look at the differences and similarities between the two. According to the website Healthy Place,  both of them show a lack of remorse for their actions. They can commit horrific crimes, and according to Psychology Today, both show a disregard for the rights of others as well as the law.

Those are some of the similarities, now let’s dive deeper and go into the differences. First, according to Psychology Today once again, while sociopaths are more prone to outbursts and rage, they can still form an attachment towards a person or a group while having no concern about anyone else.

The website describes a psychopath as a person who is unable to form a real relationship with anyone, are very predatory and aggressive in nature, yet they can come across on the surface as charming. This explains how Onision was able to get a strong fan base at the beginning of his career. When he wants to, he can come across as a feminist and as someone who genuinely cares about the overall health of others. Yet, as his career on YouTube has continued, the real Greg has come been slowly coming out.

First off, there’s the predator that that many of us have noticed in him. Greg is known for showing teenage girls in their underwear on his channel in order for him to rate their attractiveness. Also, Greg dated his now-spouse when she was seventeen and he was well past the age of eighteen. He will rationalize this by saying that they only were intimate in a state where the legal age of consent is seventeen, but Greg wasn’t living there and his only purpose to travel to that state was to avoid breaking any technicalities when it came to the law.

While Greg was dating his now ex-girlfriend Shiloh, there was a point in time in which she had a seizure. Instead of calling an ambulance, he filmed the whole thing and uploaded it to YouTube. Even when Shiloh came out of the seizure and was crying over what he was doing, he showed no concern for her and continued filming. (I will not link the video out of respect to Shiloh, but you can still find the video if you want to search for it).

There was also a point in time, earlier in his career, in which he allegedly murdered his pet turtle by purposefully placing it outdoors in the heat with a plastic bin covering it. In his video in which he explained his turtle’s death, there’s absolutely no remorse when he talks about his pet’s death. Just a cold, emotionless video.

While he originally took some responsibility for the death of his turtle, he later changed his stance and blamed his neighbors for being “noisy.”

There’s so much more, including allegations of rape by a woman he briefly dated named Adrienne Jourgansen. Onision has denied this, even saying that she was “incapable of being raped.” Also, going back to the predatory behavior, the two dated in 2011 and she is believed to be seven years younger than him.  So this probably means that she was about seventeen at the time. If not, then she was had not been eighteen for very long.

You can find the sources for his behavior here. I once again, will not link to his channel or any of the photos of his videos that feature teens in their underwear. The videos are still up, but I absolutely refuse to link them. That feels like I’m taking an active role in these girls’ violations along with Greg.

These are just some of the reasons why I believe his personality resembles that of a  psychopath and not a sociopath. My purpose of writing this blog is because Greg still has underage fans and there are allegations that he and his spouse have been grooming underage girls. Why YouTube hasn’t stepped in and deleted his channels (unlike the time they did for just one day), as well as his spouse’s channel, is beyond me. I have already reported his animal abuse to the Seattle Pet Control and he’s on their record now from what they told me. But it’s not in my hands to take away what little power he has left over his fanbase. All I can hope is that this blog will reach at least one fan and will give them some insight. I don’t mean to sound cliche’, but if I can help one fan from this monster, then I’m happy.

What can you do? First of, if you hate-watch him, stop. It’s only increasing his viewership and helping him generate income. Flag his videos for inappropriate content if you haven’t already, but that needs to be the MOST attention you give them. Again, do not hate-watch. If we stop don’t paying attention to him, we could all make him go away rather quickly. That also means no more watching reaction videos about him. I’ll admit, I’ve enjoyed these in the past, but this is what he wants. Any publicity is good publicity for him.

I hope this will be my only blog about him. The only way I will write about him again is if he does something so dangerous that it needs to be brought to the public’s attention immediately. Other than that, I’m now leaving him where he belongs, alone.


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The Fall of JustDestiny and What We Can Learn From It.

I’m sure we’re all aware of the fall of once popular YouTuber Commentator, JustDestiny. If you’re not, this video from BlackWolfCompany explains it beautifully, but I’ll summarize it (please give the video a watch, though. It’s quite good!). A fifteen-year-old YouTuber named LtCobra made a video called, “The Darkside of JustDestiny”, in which he talks about the ethics of JustDestiny’s usage of thumbnails of underage girls. After a very brief exchange on Twitter, JustDestiny not only blocked LtCobra, but issued him a false copyright strike against his video as well as served him a Cease and Desist Order. This made many, many people in the Commentary Community both suspicious as to why he would falsely strike it instead of having a civil conversation as well as why he issued the strike in the first place.

JustDestiny claims that LtCobra’s video of him was “slanderous”, but as both LtCobra and BlackWolfCompany said, the original video wasn’t slanderous, it was critical. In fact, LtCobra admitted in a followup video that he didn’t originally think that JustDestiny was a pedophile. He never called him that, he was just critical of the usage of underage girls in JustDestiny’s videos. What really got people to start asking if he is indeed a pedophile, is the weird way he went about censoring LtCobra’s video instead of replying something to the tune of, “I was just doing it for the views. Nothing more, nothing less, but I see your point.” (This is also mentioned by both LtCobra and BlackWolfCompany.)

I want to take you back to 2018 when I started being served quite of few plates of humble pie (I hope I never talk about this again after this article. Such a mess has been made out of something so small and I know I’m a big reason as to why that is). I got into a stupid argument over an influencer with a person whom I had once interviewed on this blog. It was so dumb, on both our ends. She was upset that I didn’t believe what this influencer said and seemed to take it very personally. In fact, more than one person took it way too personally. It was just my opinion, that was all. But after I unfollowed her, she blocked me. I was surprised. And this is when fists went flying. I accused her and others of “bullying” me when they weren’t. There’s a difference between criticism and bullying and I was overreacting big time. So, after an embarrassing meltdown, I eventually returned to Twitter thinking this would all be water under the bridge. How silly of me!

I found out that a few of my friends had taken her side. Why? Come to find out that she had not only been taking our emails out of context, saying that I “attacked” her with my words, but that I had caused her a miscarriage because she was so stressed over our brief exchange. I can get more into this if you want me to in another blog, but I truly don’t believe our short Twitter dispute caused her miscarriage.

I did not handle this well. What followed was me deactivating and reactivating my Twitter account, throwing hissy fits because I was still blocked. I was eventually unblocked by her for a very brief moment so she could tell me to get over the whole thing because “that was four months ago,” while also calling me a “little bitch.”

This all imploded when I once again rejoined Twitter earlier this year. I sent off a Tweet in which I blamed her for the fall of my “reputation.” (I thought very highly of myself during that moment, didn’t I?!” This, of course, led a lot of people to become angry and also confused as to why I did that and also, why it was still bothering me?

I mention all this because while I have never experienced the kind of fall JustDestiny has, I can sadly relate to his immature antics and how not to handle criticism. When I did an interview with him last year (which is on private for right now), he hinted at a troubled past. I wonder if the reason why JustDestiny can’t handle criticism is for the same reason I haven’t been, a past that included verbally abuse abusive from a loved one?

Now, this is in no way an excuse, there are dozens of reasons why JustDestiny can’t handle criticism, but I know that being so thin-skinned is not a way to live, not on the web and certainly not in real life. Even if you’ve had a troubled past like I have that included a lot of verbal abuse, that’s not an excuse to act out online.

So, we’ve learned why one might act out in an irrational, immature way (again, not an excuse), but what else can we learn? I, for one, can tell you that I was still in that same toxic environment while this internet mess was going down and I finally had to make drastic changes in order to remove myself from that situation, or else my mental health would continue to grow weaker. (I have bipolar, generalized anxiety disorder, and OCD.) I’m now reentering therapy and have worked out my medications with my doctor, as well.

I’m putting this out there because I think JustDestiny may be in a situation in his personal life that he can’t remove himself from, so he takes it out on people who challenge him online. Remember, this guy is at least twenty, if not twenty-one by now, if his situation is similar to mine, it may not be so easy for him to leave. I know a lot of you are thinking, “He’s old enough to live on his own,” but we don’t know why or if he’s in a situation where he’s “stuck” (if that even is the case). Yes, he’s at an age and a financial situation where he can remove himself from whatever situation he might be in, but again, we don’t know if it’s that easy. JustDestiny is a very private person and from our interview, he’s not interested in sharing the trails and tribulations he’s been through and quite possibly be still going through.

If you are in a situation where you are “stuck” in a toxic situation, then I implore you to not only seek out a therapist but confide in those you trust most by creating a support system. Whatever situation JustDestiny is in, I suggest that he steps back from being an online commentator for the next several months, and start looking into why his feelings are so fragile. This isn’t an easy process and you’ll have to uncover some things that you’ve kept buried deep inside, but if he wants to return to his platform, he needs to do a lot of soul-searching. Again, this isn’t easy and I can personally attest to that, but what’s the alternative?

Now, to address the elephant in the room, do I think JustDestiny is a pedophile? Short answer, no, I don’t. I believe he used these inappropriate thumbnails because he only wanted views. JustDestiny didn’t see these children as who they are, underage people who he sexualized for thumbnails, he saw them purely as a way to get views and money by people watching his videos. But, he went about this so poorly, that people are now labeling him as a pedophile, because in a lot of people’s eyes, if JustDestiny is this fragile over even being questioned about it instead of being honest, then what else does he have to hide?

In my opinion, JustDestiny is similar to me, it doesn’t matter your age, mentally, you can still have the insecurity of a kid deep down and that’s not only the problem I see with him, but it’s a huge problem I have that I’ve been ignoring for far too long.

I don’t have all the answers right now as to handle criticism in a classier way, because I’m having to build that thick skin in therapy right now while working through a lot of hurt, anger, and pain. But as hard as it probably is for him, JustDestiny needs to (like I said), take a long break, leave his online persona behind for right now, and get to know his real, authentic self. I cannot stress enough that this isn’t an easy process and it can take a long time to sort through everything. I have a feeling that he wants to get back to the online character he’s created and get back to doing videos, but that’s not an option right now.

I’m truly not trying to make excuses for his behavior, because he’s wrong and has been in the wrong for quite some time. I just see an insecure little boy inside of him that is throwing a tantrum online right now and really needs to be taught the lessons about self-esteem, that I don’t believe he possesses.

Again, watch the video linked above, as it gives you better insight into this situation. I don’t know if he can come back from this and he may not see it as fair, but again, it’s taken me a long time to learn the hard way that many, many things in life won’t work out in your favor, even if it isn’t “fair.” That’s a hard pill to swallow, but that’s the way life is. We live in a world where not everything is “fair” and that is a lesson every person needs to remind themselves of, myself included.