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Why I Left Social Media

I made some mistakes a few months ago that led to me leaving social media, accusing people of cyberbullying when I shouldn’t have. But I’m writing this blog as a form of therapy and I don’t want anyone to think this a type of revenge. Just read and keep your minds and hearts open.

All of this started over an influencer I don’t like, Thomas Halbert and his “white privilege” video. I called his bluff on it and didn’t take him seriously. There were a few people who got so mad at me because they felt like I was not applauding Thomas for his “bravery” and therefore, siding with Jeffree Starr (I wasn’t siding with him, by the way.) But, it ended several friendships and lead to a horrible, untrue rumor about me and my character……over an INFLUENCER!

One of my friends at that time, who is a smaller YouTuber, DM’d me and “tried to talk some sense into me.” After some arguing back and forth, I said, “We’re done here.” She said, “Oh, ok,” and I thought that was the end of it. Sadly, she kept tweeting at me including another small Youtuber plus a few others. Eventually, the Youtubers blocked me and I overreacted and said that I was bullied. I almost OD’d. I had to enter treatment, but that had to do with mental illnesses. I’m sorry for what I said.

When I tried to rejoin Twitter later, I found out that the YouTuber who had DM’d me had said that I not only caused her miscarriage but that I had “invalidated it.” WHAT?! I didn’t even know she was pregnant. I started getting messages from people whom I thought were friends telling me that I had caused her so much stress I caused her to miscarry. That was it, I was done with Twitter for good.

I’m not saying that she didn’t miscarry, I would never make such an accusation. But if she had been so worried about stress, then she never should have DM’d me and she should have left the conversation alone when I said “We’re done here,” instead of continuing to tweet me. Also, she has a long, devastating history of miscarriages, so that means when we were talking, she was at a high-risk pregnancy, so she didn’t need to do anything that would cause her stress. I know that the most recent miscarriage must have taken a toll on her, but making up lies about me and saying things that aren’t true (like how I “invalidated” it when I never knew she was pregnant) only adds fuel to the fire.

I’m not doing this for sympathy and I’m not asking for her or anyone else to be attacked. I know I made a huge mistake by playing the bullying card, but know I’m not as bad as some people think that I am. Again, I’m writing this a way to get this off my chest once and for all, and NOT for revenge.

I’ll probably catch the next wave of social media and use it for business purposes only. Until then, I’ll be expanding my blog, going back to school, and focusing on my mental health as well as my faith. I thank my friends (such as Panicked Antics, BTS, Jen Gerard, GadgetBeat30, Keren Joy, and Spektator), my husband, my mom, my sister, and my God, for getting me through this.

I hope you all have a Merry Chrismas. Peace and love to you all.

Update: I decided to at least give Instagram another shot. Follow me @photographgirl86. Don’t worry, I’m taking it day by day. Peace!