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Peter Monn’s Old Tweets. My Thoughts.

We all know about Peter Monn’s old Tweets resurfacing recently. If you don’t know, a lot of Tweets from his past, some dating back to 2012 and some are as recent as 2016, show Peter in a light we never imagined him to be in. Peter used offensive homophobic and racist language, sexist tweets and more. You can learn more about it from very thoughtful, different points of views from Marklovestea, Panicked Antics here and here and Metamorphosis Rox here and here. Like I said, all good videos all from different points of view. You can also see Peter addressing the Tweets here and here.

Like Panicked Antics said, a lot of people have said things like, “We’ve all said things we regret,” which is something I want to cover in this blog. I have said many things I still cringe just thinking about, and none of us are angels. I hope that this doesn’t offend anyone, but I have a point with what I’m about to say. I want to look at us from a Christian perspective. Just because I am a Christian, and Peter (I don’t think) is, it doesn’t mean my sins are somehow better than his. In God’s Eyes, we’re always on the same level. Even if one person is saved does not mean that they are exempt from their wrongdoings. So I cannot put myself on a pedestal and look down on Peter because, in God’s eyes, we’re the same. (Just to clear up any confusion, I am a Progressive Christian and I absolutely believe you can be saved and be a member of the LGBTQIA Community. That wasn’t my point. Again, just wanted to be clear.)

What I choose to look down on Peter about are his current actions. I don’t care if he’s a Republican, but some of the things he tweeted were quite sexist and had some negative stuff to do with abortion. Now, once again, I know not all Republicans are like this, I’m talking about Peter, here. I personally believe that he is lying about his political beliefs and that he had some misogyny that he’s been able to keep hidden quite well for a majority of his career. To me, personally, I find that to be a letdown. But if you disagree, feel free to let me know why you do.

Now, as far as the racist and homophobic language, I’m very uncomfortable by that, too. But, I want to open up a discussion, when is it OK to use offensive language versus when it’s not? Is it when you have the “nothing is off limits” mentality or is it when you’re just repeating something someone said?

I recently made an apology for interviewing some people who will sometimes use offensive words because they have that “nothing is off limits” mentality, but if it’s OK for a YouTuber such as Idubzz to have that way of thinking, then why can’t someone from the Skeptic Community have it, too? I’m not saying anyone’s right or wrong, but I’m taking a step back and trying to look at things through a clearer lens.

Do I think Idubzz, or the people I’ve interviewed from the Skeptic Community, are bad people? No. Do I disagree with their language? Yes. So, what makes them different from Peter Monn?

I think I know the answer to that. Because Peter represented change. Peter was someone who had overcome addiction, who helped others as a mentor, and we were there for him as he cried on camera when he was falsely accused of a horrible crime for the second time (days before Christmas). We joined the Beauty Community and defended him. These are things I’ll never regret.

But that’s why his tweets hurt some of us all the more. We saw Peter as a survivor who still had a smile on his face and could make us laugh. Even during his pain, Peter could help us escape ours, even if it was for just twenty minutes.

Despite the negative angle this blog is taking, I haven’t completely given up on Peter. I’m taking a break, but maybe six months down the line I’ll check in with him. I still have hope and I don’t believe he’s so far gone that he can’t change. Again, I just need a break and maybe a lot of us do.

The bottom line, let’s not give up on him just yet. I’ve been let down by many of my favorite internet celebrities, but I’m not giving up on Peter just yet. I think now, more than ever, Peter needs a slice of humble pie and needs to earn some of our (the fans) trust back.

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