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My Review of the NYX Perfect Filter Palette. Did the Palette Fail or Did I?!

Recently, I had a Target Cartwheel for the NYX Perfect Filter Palette. I thought this would not only be great to add to my makeup stash but to also do a review on.

I’m going to see A Star Is Born, so why not try it out while going to see a movie I’ve been waiting on pins and needles to see? First, here’s a picture of the Palette:

Now, I’m going to swatch the shades. Starting from the top row from left to right and the bottom row from left to right as well.

Very pigmented and it swatched very well! I like it! Now, time for the bottom row.

Some of it is pigmented and swatched well while others didn’t. Still, I’m impressed. Now, on to the review! I started off with my Urban Decay Primer Potion. Then I put concealer on my eyelids.

With the Primer Potion and concealer on:

First, I’m going on with the lower half of the lid with this dark blue:

Next, I’m going on the top part of my lid with this sparkling black shade.

Next, I’m going to put this semi-sparkly brown color in my upper lid.

Now, I’m going to line my under lash line with this black shade.

Lastly, I’m going to put this white shade on my upper brow line.

Here’s the final result:

Not the end result I wanted. Day 2. Round 2. This time, I think I know what I did wrong.

I went back and applied the same eyeshadow primer. Then I applied this shade to my lower lid.

Then I applied the same sparkly black color to my upper lid.

Now, I’m going to apply concealer on top of the colors.

Now I applied the two shadows the same way over the concealer.

I applied everything the same way as I did before. So? Was it any better?

Nope. This is where I need to practice, practice and practice some more. It’s not the Palette’s fault, I like this NYX Palette a lot and highly recommend it. The thing is, makeup is an art and it’s going to take a while to master.

I hope you’ll stick around and hopefully I’ll get better and you all can witness it! Let’s keep our eyeshadow brushes crossed!

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