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The Most Insecure Trump Supporter on YouTube

No Bullshit is an alt-right YouTube channel run by a man named Brooks. There have been some excellent videos that go into detail about how unprofessional and hypocritical this guy is. You can find the one done by ThyNameIsSkeppy here (she has since moved her channel to Procrastitara.) The other one you can find here by Battening. However, in this blog, we will talk about how deeply insecure this child trapped inside a grown man’s body really is.

First, Brooks is extremely homophobic. Any male who shows a trace of feminity throws Brooks into a rage. One of his biggest targets has been the Try Guys, calling them every derogatory word from “a bunch of queens” to “soy boys.”  Just listening to the disgust in his voice when talking about men who are not “masculine” enough shows how his homophobia runs deep within him. My question is, what is it about a male who is just a little bit feminine that upsets him so badly that he has to throw a hissy fit? None of this is directed towards him. Even if it were, so what? All he would have to do is ignore it and go on about his life. Is there something that he’s trying to hide? I’m not accusing him of anything, but I wonder what makes him so triggered about metrosexual men that he has to make video after video about it? Is there something you need to get off your chest, Brooks? Seriously, what about this makes you so mad? I don’t get upset at females who are more masculine than I am. It has absolutely no effect on me whatsoever.

Brooks is also someone who loves to judge other people’s looks, particularly women. As you can see in Battening’s video, Brooks called YouTuber Safiya Nygaard fat, hairy, and ugly since she left Buzzfeed and that she used to be hot. Before I go any further, I want to address his comments. First, I love Safiya and am subscribed to her channel. I have watched her since her Buzzfeed days. I have noticed a minimal increase in her weight, but calling her fat is a big stretch. I’m not being biased because I like her, I just haven’t noticed her weight go either up or down. Second, Safiya has always been very frank about the excessive about of dark arm hair she has. This isn’t anything new. Finally, looks are subjective. So, I can’t really argue with Brooks on that one. What I can say is with the exception of her hair, Safiya’s look hasn’t had much of a change to it. I personally find her to be very beautiful, but that’s my opinion and Brooks is allowed to have his. I’m honestly confused as to why he chose her to single out because she doesn’t make political or SJW content.

Back to Brooks insulting people’s looks. This man-child is a classic example of someone who can dish it but can’t take it. Again, when you watch Battening’s video, he’s cool with criticizing his own appearance, but if you do it to him, he gets so defensive and has this attitude that resembles some overly sensitive screaming, “Oh my gosh, why are you attacking me?!”

To be fair, I’ve acted similarly to this in the past and I’m embarrassed by it. I was at one point in time too quick to pull out the “bullying” card. I should have known better because I was actually bullied in school. I suppose it’s possible Brooks was bullied in school as well and that might be why he’s so defensive whenever someone has something critical to say to him.

The reason why I’m writing this blog is to not pick on Brooks; but to say that, like him, I’m also insecure. The difference between us is that I’m currently in therapy working through that so I don’t act like an idiot anymore and to see that I do have good qualities about myself. I have no doubt that Brooks has good qualities, too, but instead of using the influence he has for good, he uses it to push people’s buttons. He will even go so far as to lie to support his narrative. For example, the recent time he said that Spike Lee wanted to “take down Trump.” I asked him if he could provide a source to this comment because I couldn’t find it. Brooks didn’t respond, but a fan of his politely answered me saying that they couldn’t provide a source (which was respectful; much appreciated).

Overall, I don’t believe this will ever reach Brooks. If it does, I honestly don’t think he will take anything out of this. My hope is that some of his fans will read this and it will make them think about the person they devote their time watching. Brooks is a very negative person who will go as far as to lie just to “prove” his point. (Another example of this was when he did his video about Trump banning transgender people from serving in the military. Brooks said that transgender people will join the military just so they can have their insurance pay for their gender reassessment surgery. I have seriously never heard this and is another big stretch that he often makes.) If you’re a Trump supporter, that is your business, but try to get your information from another YouTuber such as Roaming Millennial (Lauren Chen). While I’m not a fan of hers, I believe she’s more balanced than he is and I can understand why she has the audience that she does, even if we don’t agree politically.