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Questioning a Louder with Crowder Video

There’s a video on YouTube called Undercover: Late-Term Abortion Clinics Exposed! In the video, Steven hires a pregnant woman to go undercover at this clinic and just so happens to meet another pregnant woman whom they call “Rose.” During their conversation, Rose states that she is eight months along and that they don’t care that her baby is perfectly healthy and the abortion will be performed anyway. This conversation Rose allegedly had was never caught on camera. In fact, we never see the undercover woman talking to the staff, questioning what they do.

I asked in the comments what Steven’s sources were, because if this is a real clinic, then he should report it. I did not get a response.

There is a late-term abortion clinic founded by Warren Hern, whom they misrepresented in the video.  There are strict laws that late-term abortion clinics must follow, which he does. None of this is mentioned in the video, though.

We’re just supposed to take Steven’s word that these late-term abortions are happening on perfectly healthy, unborn babies without the doctors confirming this on camera. That’s dangerous. There are already doctors like Warren Hern who have been stalked and harassed. Another doctor who performed abortions named George Tiller was murdered in 2009. Videos like Steven’s are likely to encourage these violent acts even more.

If you’re pro-life, I respect that. But don’t make a video like this without the proper evidence to back it up. Furthermore, know that this type of video can stir the pot and make people angrier and continue to do terrible things to the doctors. Again, you can disagree with abortion all you want. That’s your right. But fighting what you call violence with violence is not the answer.

In the future, I ask Steven that if these clinics are real, to not only report them but to think twice before sharing the footage with his audience. You never know what your viewers are capable of doing.