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I Put Three Similar Mascaras to the Test.

There are 3 mascaras that consumers feel are similar: Too Faced’s Better Than Sex, L’Oreal’s Lash Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise, and Urban Decay’s Troublemaker (which markets itself as sex proof!).  So, I put these three mascaras to the test and wanted to see if they lived up to the hype. Just to let you know, this is unsponsored. Just 100% my own opinion! Let’s get started!

First was the L’Oreal mascara. I was not impressed. I know they’re owned by Estee’ Lauder, which owns Too Faced, but I hated this mascara! I’m not saying all mascaras from the drugstore are bad, not by a longshot. But my lashes were so stick thin. I like my lashes long and full. I did not get that from this mascara. Here are the pictures:



Now, onto Too Faced’s Better Than Sex. I thought I was going to be blown away because this mascara has been hyped up for years! Well, I was let down. Not as let down as with the L’Oreal mascara, but I thought, “Whomp, whomp.” It performed slightly better than the first, but not much. I honestly don’t get the hype, but if you like it, feel free to tell me in the comments what you feel like I’m missing, please.


Now, for Urban Decay’s Troublemaker! I liked this mascara. I found my lashes to be nice and long. I wouldn’t call this my holy grail mascara, but I continue to be impressed with Urban Decay’s mascaras and this just continued to prove why I like them. Long lashes all day. My only complaint is that they aren’t as full as I’d like. (By the way, I’d never heard of a mascara not lasting while doing “the dirty!” It being sex proof is just a marketing ploy!)


So, the winner is the Urban Decay mascara! Congratulations! *Plays orchestra music* This still isn’t my go-to mascara, but when comparing three very similar mascaras, this is the best one in my unbiased opinion.

So, do you agree? Do you disagree? Please, let me know in the comments!

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