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Why Are We OK with Trisha Paytas But Not Tess Holliday?

I’m writing this blog because Trisha Paytas recently got mad at H3H3 for their comments on Tess Holliday. So it got me thinking and I thought I’d write about these two women and how we, as a society, view them.

Everyone has been up in arms about Tess Holliday being on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK, and I can understand. Tess scammed her fans and has reportedly lied about her weight. I’m all for plus size models, but is 300 pounds (allegedly) too much? I believe so. This is coming from someone who has lost 100 pounds and was once pre-diabetic. But my question is, why are we OK with Trisha Paytas but not Tess Holliday?

Trisha regularly does mukbangs, pretended to be gay, pretended to adopt a black baby, keeps gaining weight and flaunts it, and people are OK with it….why? I’m not saying this too shame Trisha or to send hate her way. But why the hypocrisy?

I believe if we’re going to get mad at Tess (and rightfully so), we should hold Trisha to the same standards. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “But Sarah, Trisha is satire!” Well, tell that to POC and the LGBTQ Community. Also, her weight isn’t satire. That’s real life. Plus, why does Trisha get away with offensive jokes but most people don’t? Because, “Oh, that’s just Trisha!” That’s not an explanation. Either they’re both OK or they’re both wrong.

In my eyes, they’re both wrong. They both need to improve their health and mind their actions better. I’m not saying they need to do a complete 180 from who they are, but they both need to get healthier (not stick thin), Trisha needs to stop being overly offensive, and Tess needs to own up to scamming fans.

Again, this blog isn’t about spreading hate. This isn’t about attacking these women. Please don’t stop being fans of theirs because of me. I’m just asking you to think. If you disagree, let me know. If you agree, again, let me know. Just please remember, this is merely my opinion and mine alone. Thank you for reading.

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