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In Defense of Leif E. Greenz and Bipolar Corner.

There are two mental health advocate channel’s on YouTube who has been unfairly targeted because of The Rewired Soul, Leif E. Greenz and Bipolar Corner (Gary). Neither one of them deserve the negativity they have gotten and until you walk a mile in their shoes, you can’t possibly understand what they’re going through.

Leif has had a public meltdown on Twitter and has thoroughly expressed how people’s comments are stressing her out. Instead of people showing her compassion, people are just telling her to get offline. I can vaguely relate. Last year, I was going through a lot mentally and I got into an argument with some small influencers over a bigger influencer.  I incorrectly said they were bullying me and I tried saying that the negative comments were getting to my mental health. I was told to get offline. Then, as I’ve said in a previous blog, an untrue rumor was spread about me. This all added to the mental health problems that I was having. So, I can understand what Leif is going through and I commend her for not breaking like I did.

As for Bipolar Corner, The Rewired Soul’s girlfriend called him a predator because he talked about a symptom that a lot of people with bipolar have, which is hypersexuality. That statement is slanderous. Bipolar Corner is a very inspiring person and is only wanting to help others. Calling him a predator because of his mental health is offensive.

These two wonderful people have put their hearts on their sleeves and have taken everything a lot better than I did when I had my very public meltdown last year. I ask that you show them some love and support instead of judgment.

Leif E. Greenz and Bipolar Corner, I’m with you all the way.

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