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Is Onision’s Personality More Like a Psychopath or a Sociopath?

Throughout his YouTube career, Onision (Gregory Daniel Jackson) has been one of the platforms biggest villains. If I were to go over everything that got him to the point of where he is today, it would be the equivalent of a novella because that’s how much wrong he has done. I’m going to go over just a few on his lowest moments and why I believe in my own personal opinion that his personality resembles a psychopath and not a sociopath.

First, let’s look at the differences and similarities between the two. According to the website Healthy Place,  both of them show a lack of remorse for their actions. They can commit horrific crimes, and according to Psychology Today, both show a disregard for the rights of others as well as the law.

Those are some of the similarities, now let’s dive deeper and go into the differences. First, according to Psychology Today once again, while sociopaths are more prone to outbursts and rage, they can still form an attachment towards a person or a group while having no concern about anyone else.

The website describes a psychopath as a person who is unable to form a real relationship with anyone, are very predatory and aggressive in nature, yet they can come across on the surface as charming. This explains how Onision was able to get a strong fan base at the beginning of his career. When he wants to, he can come across as a feminist and as someone who genuinely cares about the overall health of others. Yet, as his career on YouTube has continued, the real Greg has come been slowly coming out.

First off, there’s the predator that that many of us have noticed in him. Greg is known for showing teenage girls in their underwear on his channel in order for him to rate their attractiveness. Also, Greg dated his now-spouse when she was seventeen and he was well past the age of eighteen. He will rationalize this by saying that they only were intimate in a state where the legal age of consent is seventeen, but Greg wasn’t living there and his only purpose to travel to that state was to avoid breaking any technicalities when it came to the law.

While Greg was dating his now ex-girlfriend Shiloh, there was a point in time in which she had a seizure. Instead of calling an ambulance, he filmed the whole thing and uploaded it to YouTube. Even when Shiloh came out of the seizure and was crying over what he was doing, he showed no concern for her and continued filming. (I will not link the video out of respect to Shiloh, but you can still find the video if you want to search for it).

There was also a point in time, earlier in his career, in which he allegedly murdered his pet turtle by purposefully placing it outdoors in the heat with a plastic bin covering it. In his video in which he explained his turtle’s death, there’s absolutely no remorse when he talks about his pet’s death. Just a cold, emotionless video.

While he originally took some responsibility for the death of his turtle, he later changed his stance and blamed his neighbors for being “noisy.”

There’s so much more, including allegations of rape by a woman he briefly dated named Adrienne Jourgansen. Onision has denied this, even saying that she was “incapable of being raped.” Also, going back to the predatory behavior, the two dated in 2011 and she is believed to be seven years younger than him.  So this probably means that she was about seventeen at the time. If not, then she was had not been eighteen for very long.

You can find the sources for his behavior here. I once again, will not link to his channel or any of the photos of his videos that feature teens in their underwear. The videos are still up, but I absolutely refuse to link them. That feels like I’m taking an active role in these girls’ violations along with Greg.

These are just some of the reasons why I believe his personality resembles that of a  psychopath and not a sociopath. My purpose of writing this blog is because Greg still has underage fans and there are allegations that he and his spouse have been grooming underage girls. Why YouTube hasn’t stepped in and deleted his channels (unlike the time they did for just one day), as well as his spouse’s channel, is beyond me. I have already reported his animal abuse to the Seattle Pet Control and he’s on their record now from what they told me. But it’s not in my hands to take away what little power he has left over his fanbase. All I can hope is that this blog will reach at least one fan and will give them some insight. I don’t mean to sound cliche’, but if I can help one fan from this monster, then I’m happy.

What can you do? First of, if you hate-watch him, stop. It’s only increasing his viewership and helping him generate income. Flag his videos for inappropriate content if you haven’t already, but that needs to be the MOST attention you give them. Again, do not hate-watch. If we stop don’t paying attention to him, we could all make him go away rather quickly. That also means no more watching reaction videos about him. I’ll admit, I’ve enjoyed these in the past, but this is what he wants. Any publicity is good publicity for him.

I hope this will be my only blog about him. The only way I will write about him again is if he does something so dangerous that it needs to be brought to the public’s attention immediately. Other than that, I’m now leaving him where he belongs, alone.


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