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My Unpopular Opinion on Samantha Ravndhal Giving Up PR.

Beauty Guru Samantha Ravndhal caused a lot of chatter in the beauty community with her video, NO MORE PR, in which she said she would be taking her name off of all of the PR Lists she’s on, but not sponsorship deals. I suggest you watch her video to get the whole story, but the very slimmed down version of it is that she would get sent anywhere between 20-30 PR Packages a week and couldn’t use all of it, and they were creating a huge amount of waste. So, why is that such a problem for me? Shouldn’t I be applauding her?

I want to stress that Samantha made several excellent points about the amount of waste the packaging comes in and how she gets several products that would never work for her and her channel. Completely on her side about that. My first problem is if you’re constantly having to remind us of how privileged you are, then are you really as self-aware as you think you are?

The other point I want to make, which my friend, Panicked Antics made perfectly in her video about the situation, was that this was coming from a YouTuber who has complained in the past about how she hates her job, but she only does it for the money. This, right here, is why I don’t find her to be so…heroic? Samantha isn’t doing this job because of her pure love of makeup, but only because the money is good. (You can view the video here.) I feel like if this same statement were to come from a beauty guru like Tati Westbrook, who LOVES her job, then I would applaud it more because Tati isn’t doing YouTube, “just for the money.”

I’ll admit, I was a little nervous writing this blog. Last time I spoke out on Thomas Halbert, I lost several friends and lies were spread about me, such as I caused a friend to miscarry because of the stress I caused her! (Yes, really! Didn’t know she was pregnant,  don’t know why she emailed me in the first place, but, um, OK then?)  So I don’t want this to turn into Thomas Halbert 2.0 I want us all to have a healthy discussion about this.

Do you disagree? Great! Tell me in the comments. Do you agree? Great! Again, tell me in the comments. Just don’t think I’m the spawn of Satan because I don’t think a beauty guru is as transparent as others perceive them to be. It’s just my opinion. It’s not Gospel.

I hope I gave you all something to think about and just know, I don’t dislike Samantha. I just question her motives. Let me end this with a quote by Samantha herself, “Everyone loves honesty when it’s agreeable.” Peace!

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