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My Interview with YouTuber, WiLLo Davis.

I recently discovered a member of the YouTube vlogging/commentary community, WiLLo Davis. I loved his laid-back vibe and his semi-sarcastic sense of humor. As I kept watching him, I got to know an even better guy than I had already gotten a sense of. I learned about his love of animals, his girlfriend, and how he seems to take everything in stride (including negativity). I knew I needed to get to know him more, so I was delighted when he agreed to a Skype interview!

I started out our interview asking how Jamie (his girlfriend) was, and he said that she was good and had gone out to eat. I confirmed that he and Jaimie had been together for three years now. He’s been vegan for two and a half years, and I asked if he could refresh my memory as to how he became so. WiLLo said that Jaimie was already vegan when they met and that she wasn’t bothered that he wasn’t vegan, but they would always eat at restaurants that we vegan that he liked. Later, WiLLo watched some documentaries that helped his decision. What really set it in stone for him was when he and Jaimie went to an animal sanctuary in New York and were treated to a nice vegan meal. WiLLo said the farm animals looked so content in their farm that he couldn’t even think about going back to eating them.

While we were on the subject of becoming a vegan, I asked him what his advice would be for someone who is finding it hard to turn to veganism (such as myself). WiLLo said to find as many replacements for the non-vegan foods you love as possible. For example, if it’s cheese you love, find the best vegan cheese out there that will satisfy your craving for it, since not all vegan substitutes are made the same way. I felt like that was really good advice.

We got on the subject of his Q&A video where he was asked about the “negative vegan YouTubers” some of whom were named. I went on to tell him that I loved the fact that he didn’t acknowledge any of them and said that he only focused on the positive ones. (Like Jenna Marbles and her boyfriend Julien Solosmita.) WiLLo said that when you ignore the negative YouTubers like them, then you don’t give them the audience that they crave. I love that!

I asked him when he took off in popularity as a YouTuber. He said it was a few weeks before this interview took place when he started covering Amberlynn Reid. We then talked about videos he’s done from Amberlynn to this one. The title is “I WAS IN THEIR ROOMS WHEN THEY DIED” (Ashli Gay Reaction) and it is a must-see! I told him how hard I laughed every time he looked offended and said, “Cindy!” WiLLO laughed and said that Jaimie found the Ashli Gay video and that he plans on responding to more of those types of offbeat videos in the future.

WiLLo told me that he has a Twitch Stream and that’s something he wants to focus more on in the future. We got on the subject of games and found out he really likes Elder Scrolls and is looking forward to the new game and wants to eventually buy the Nintendo Switch as well. I enjoyed talking about games with him and suggested Curse of Monkey Island for the Playstation 2 & 3.

As for the future, WiLLo is hoping to get back into music because he is a big fan of metal and bands such as Judas Priest, and playing in a metal band is something that he’s definitely wanting to do.

I asked him about his and Jaimie’s future but assured him that he didn’t have to answer if he wasn’t comfortable. WiLLo said that once he and Jamie become more financially stable, they plan to move in together; he alluded to the two of them staying together from here on out. In fact, when the two of them met on Tinder, WiLLO said they were specifically looking for a meaningful relationship. That’s very sweet and the two of them are a very lovely couple!

Speaking of Jaimie, WiLLLo said that she’s planning on doing her own channel. It may be a makeup channel or it may be the two of them cooking. Time will tell. (I will be subscribing once she gets her channel going, by the way!) UPDATE: Jaimie has her own Channel! Subscribe here!

I asked him if he plans on getting a P.O. Box in the future and he said once he gets the money, definitely. I can’t wait for him to get one!

As I said, I had a great time getting to know WiLLo and think he’s an amazing person. Please, if you haven’t subscribed to him already, you need to, because he is hilarious and is very, very nice. You can also follow him on Twitter here and he will be streaming on Twitch soon under the name willodavis.

WiLLo, thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me and allowing me to get to know you as well. I believe you’re a wonderful person and will always support both you and Jaimie.

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