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My Interview with YouTuber Julia Cudney

On my Birthday, September 25th, I reviewed the Netflix movie Sierra Burgess Is A Loser along with my husband, Sean. The review was inspired by Julia Cudney. The video she did that inspired our review is called, Sierra Burgess Is The Villian. I knew I had to interview this intellectual beauty. So when she said yes, it was an early birthday gift from me sent straight from Heaven!

Julia came across the same way she did in her Q&A video, down-to-earth and super sweet. We started talking about how she got started on YouTube, which was through her Teen Wolf fan Twitter account in which she would do reactions and post them online. So, she eventually moved to Youtube in order to make longer reactions as well as reviews.

Julia said (just like in her Q&A) that she would have kept up with her channel until something took off. The video that ended up taking off was her review of the movie Mean Girls 2. Julia was excited about the response but was surprised, not because it wasn’t what she wanted, but because the video had been on her channel for a while and it one day took off. So, it’s not a “lightning in a bottle” type of story, but a success story nonetheless.

I asked her what sort of reactions she gets in her comment sections of her videos and if whether or not they’re pretty positive. Julia said that a lot of people will get into arguments with each other when she does reviews and she tends to get told a lot that she should be more positive. I was shocked! Julia is there to give her opinion about movies and isn’t mean for the sake of being mean! Plus, if she gave every movie a glowing review, I guarantee you more people would complain about that!

We talked about how she likes YouTube a lot and she loves to read and watch movies, such as chick flicks and Marvel films. I asked if she’s looking forward to Captain Marvel and she said she is. I am as well.

Speaking of movies, Julia said that she would never mention Star Wars on her channel because she doesn’t want to upset that fandom. I said that I’m a nerd and admitted that the nerd community can get pretty upset over stuff they like. (But, isn’t that the same with all fandoms? Eh? Eh?)

Julia also likes channels from the Drama Community like I do. I asked her if she likes beauty videos since she’s so beautiful. She was very sweet and said that’s not the community for her. Julia doesn’t wear a lot of makeup and doesn’t connect with the fanbase.

I went on to tell her that he lashes were so full and beautiful. Julia said that she puts on fake lashes whenever she shows her face on camera. As for what brand? Julia tries all different types. I recommend Luxe Lashes after what I’ve heard. She said she’d have to look into them!

I asked her about her family’s support and she said that they were all very proud of her, especially her sisters. I told her that was great and I asked her if she was the middle, oldest or youngest? She said that she’s a middle child. I told her that’s it’s beautiful that she gets along with her sisters so well, because my sister and I get along really well, too. And she and my Mom helped teach me how to do my makeup!

Julia told me that she will always be a part of social media and try her best to make a living off of it, even if she has to get a part-time job at a dog spa in order to help pay the bills. I told her that she looks like someone who loves dogs to me. She said, “I am! How could you tell?” I told her it was by the pictures she shared of her and her dog on her Q&A Video.

She also mentioned that she might start a second channel in which she does covers of songs. The reason for the second channel is that she doesn’t want to confuse viewers by doing movie-related content one minute and song covers the next. That’s smart. Julia, if you ever start that second channel, I will definitely subscribe!

Overall, I got to know a sweet person with a beautiful mind and heart. I’m so thankful I got to talk to her and will be subscribed to her for life. Julia, you can do anything you set your mind to!

Please subscribe to her channel here, and follow her on Twitter here and Instagram here.

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