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Birthday Look Plus Karity Unicorn Dreams Palette Review

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. I wanted to celebrate part of the day by doing a Birthday Makeup Tutorial that’s for anyone. I wanted to speak to my fellow September babies a bit more because our birthstone is the Sapphire, but you can replace my part of the eye look with the color of your birthstone for your birthday and hopefully, keep the same style.

This will also be a late review of the Karity Unicorn Dreams Palette. I wanted to save this Palette, especially for this occasion. I hope you don’t mind the late review!

I wanted to do a cut crease, so after I applied my eyeshadow primer, I put concealer to my eyelids.

Here is the front as well as the inside of the Palette:

I just love Palettes that come with a mirror! Always a nice touch!

Anyways, the colors from the top left to the bottom right are named Pure, Spark, Gallop, Skye, Mystical, Secret, Mane, Believer, Fairytale, Noa, Hooves, Magical, Forbidden and Forest.

I have Pure through Mystical swatched on my arm:

Yeah, doesn’t swatch very well, but the shadows feel so creamy! Next up, I will be swatching Secret through Noa:

These swatched much better. However, Fairytale and Noa were a bit chalky. Lastly, we have Hooves through Forest:

It may not show up perfectly on camera, but this row swatched the best. Overall, I’m excited to get started!

I put on the shade Fairytale on the left and right sides of my eyes. It’s nice, but a bit patchy. I was able to get it to my liking after going in with a brush a few times.

I blended the color Skye inside of my crease:

I put the shade Sparkle in the inner and outer corners of my eyes:

Well, that was an unexpected mess!

Here’s the look on my eyes, though:

Here is the final look:

I liked the Palette and would repurchase. But my note to Karity is to work on the formula so there is more pigment, and to also work on pressing the shadows so it’s not so easy to make a mess.

Overall, I’m happy with my birthday look and will most likely buy from Karity again, I’d just be super gentle next time around!

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