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Why Peter Monn’s Tweets Hit Close To Home To Me

On September 21st, Metamorphisis Rox did a video called, Disappointment and Grief (Yes, Grief Is Not Just For Death) In the video, she beautifully talked about how let down she felt by Peter Monn’s Tweets and Livestream in which he talked down to Petty Paige. Even though she didn’t know him personally, it still felt like losing a friend to her. I could relate wholeheartedly. This isn’t an easy story for me to tell and it’s one that I’ve avoided telling, but here’s how I can relate.

Not too long ago, a struggling actor, we’ll call Ron, started a channel in one of my favorite communities on YouTube. I had been a fan of Ron’s ever since I saw his “documentary” in which I thought he was telling the truth about escaping from a real-life cult. I fangirled like crazy over Ron and hyped up his channel, as well as other YouTubers. Ron seemed to represent people like me, those who had been bullied all their lives and had overcome the odds. I liked him and looked up to him. In my eyes, Ron was the coolest.

At the time, I was still a struggling journalist, trying my hardest to snag interviews and get my old blog noticed. Ron and I struck up a deal, I would write up a blog for him in exchange for two interviews. Ron instructed me what to do and say in my blog and he agreed to both of the interviews. Everything seemed set in stone. After the blog was posted, Ron disappeared, emails went unanswered. I was devastated. Had I just been played by one of my favorite YouTubers?

Not too long after that, evidence that Ron was a con man started coming up. Ron did videos that were tasteless (to put it mildly) and he was being exposed by other channels. I was fuming. Without thinking, I exposed our emails on Twitter. Ron emailed me right away and threatened legal action. I agreed to take down the emails, but told him to stop emailing me and that he had let me down. After that, I managed to wipe my hands of Ron, thanks to some friends, and he’s thankfully out of my life.

So, that’s my story and that’s why I can relate on some level to Metamorphosis Rox. You don’t have to literally experience death or know someone to experience grief. I can’t say I know what she’s going through, because there’s no way I can know that, but to some degree, I can empathize.

I know I’m not famous on any level, but I’m doing much better in my career as a writer today and have learned from my mistakes and I hope you all learn from my mistakes as well. Don’t feel sorry for me. Also, if you figure out who this person is, don’t send him any hate. I’m not trying to shove the Bible down your throats, but revenge is God’s work, not ours. Also, don’t send Peter any hate. Let us continue to show each other love and if need be, ignore the haters.

Thank you for reading. See you soon!

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