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Comparing The Two Kerry Washinging Neutrogena Eyeshadow Palettes

I’ve been wanting to compare both of the Kerry Washington Eyeshadow Palettes by Neutrogena, side by side ever since I got my second Palette. I thought about doing that in my review of her newest Palette and thought, “Why not do it now?” So that’s what we’re going to do.

I’m going to start off by reviewing her first collab with Neutrogena as if I had never tried it before. I know I showed it in my review, but here’s a picture of the Palette:

Here’s the inside:

Here are the swatches, from left to right,

Not very pigmented. The colors are nice for fall, though. Let’s see how they perform on the eye.

Before I do that, here’s a refresher of the newest Palette including the swatches from left to right.

You can see the first two shades very well. I remember it showing up on my eyes pretty well, but we’ll see how Round 2 goes.

I’ll be doing a Palette for each eye. I’ll be doing applying the colors the exact same way on both of my eyes. We’ll start with the color for both eyes.

Here’s the right eye with the original Palette:

Here’s the left eye with the newest Palette:

I’m surprised as to how much more pigmented the original is. The second one has two different colors. Here’s the second color for the first Palette:

I applied it to my lid.

Not very pigmented, but not bad. Time for the left eye and newer Palette:

I applied it to my lid. Here’s the result:

It doesn’t look very pigmented, but it looks nice in person.

I’m going to apply the third color to my crease. Here’s the third color in the first Palette:

Not bad. Not great, but at least the color is showing. Here is the newest Palette and color that’s going on my crease:

It is definitely more pigmented. In fact, I need to clean some of it up!

Now I’m taking the fourth color from each Palette and applying it in a liner-type style to my crease. Here’s the first Palette:

You can’t see the color and quite frankly, neither can I. Darn! Well, let’s go on to the newer Palette:

I think you can tell slightly, but not much. Oh well. Time for the final color, which will go on my lash line. Here’s the first Palette:

I think it’s pretty pigmented if you ask me. I like it. Here’s the last color in the newest Palette:

I like how pigmented this was. Very nice. Here’s the end result:

Although the colors are different, the second Palette is more pigmented. If you’re going to spend your money on just one of these Palettes, get the second one. It seemed like Neutrogena stepped up their game the second time around. There are still improvements they need to make and when it comes to the drugstore market, Neutrogena is definitely not on NYX’s level. But if they keep playing with the formula and keep working on it, I have no doubt they’ll improve and be on the same level as NYX.

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