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My Interview with YouTuber, God is Grey.

To all of my non-Christian readers, please note that this interview focuses heavily on God, Jesus, and Christianity. I invite EVERYONE to read this because the woman I interview and I approach everything with an open mind and heart, and we are not here to alienate anyone. If you feel like you have anything to say, even if you disagree, please feel free to leave a comment. We’re not here to leave anyone who is not a Christian out. Like I said, everyone’s welcome. Thank you.

I don’t talk about this a lot, but to let you know, I am a Christian. More specifically, I’m a Progressive Christian. It’s hard finding people (aside from some of my family members), who agree with me. Enter the YouTube Channel God Is Grey, a Sex Positive Christian Channel. A beautiful woman named Brenda runs the channel and looks at the Bible, as well as controversial YouTube Channels like Girl Defined, with a Progressive Christian mindset. The very first video I watched of hers, I felt God speak to me. I knew right then that I needed to interview her for my blog. Brenda emailed me back not too long afterward and happily agreed. I was over the moon!

Brenda and I talked over the phone and she was an absolute sweetheart! I found out that she has been modeling since she was 19 and is currently still in the business. I asked her what made her want to start a YouTube Channel. She said that it was originally because she wanted to write a Christian based fiction book that’s based on her real life. The reason why she says Christian based and not just “Christian” is because there’s cursing, sex, drugs you name it! It does have a woven message about God and the main character’s struggle with Him, but it wouldn’t be sold in any churches!

The sad thing, when she went to some publishers Brenda was told there wouldn’t be an audience for it. So, she originally started her channel to find an audience for her book but ended up becoming very passionate about the channel itself. The more she has focused on it, the more people have poured their hearts out to her and told her their stories/journeys. Brenda says that 98% of the comments have been positive, which has been a pleasant surprise to her because she thought it would be more like 50/50!

I found out some sad stuff about her past, like the fact that she got married young and her husband cheated on her, which led to their divorce. Brenda said that she did not blame God for what had happened to her and that she was young and had rushed into a marriage without getting to know him properly beforehand. I asked her if she would ever want to give marriage another try and if she ever saw kids in her future. She said yes to both, but right now she’s not in a serious relationship and is happy living alone with her beloved dog. In her spare time, Brenda loves hosting dinner parties for her friends!

Brenda wants to find a church she can call home and is currently searching for one, but it’s hard to find one that matches her views. (My husband and I can relate.) I asked her how she felt about conversion therapy (since it had been briefly brought up in one of her videos). Brenda said she thought it was terrible and she went on to say that she can’t imagine a parent rejecting their own child because of their sexuality. We went on to talk about how Jesus never talked about homosexuality, and while it’s mentioned in the Old Testament, we agreed that it’s sandwiched in between verses that the church ignores (such as having sex while a woman is on her period). Brenda said that the church will condemn homosexuality, but will stop when it comes to having period sex. Weird, isn’t it?

As for the New Testament, we talked about it was Paul that spoke out against homosexuality, not Jesus. Brenda said it frustrated her because if it weren’t for him, then maybe people wouldn’t be so hung up on a verse that Jesus didn’t even say! We then went on to talk about Paul, and Brenda said that she’s not sure if Paul experienced some kind of trauma as a kid or was prejudiced, but I agreed that it was frustrating.

Then she opened up to me and said that she voted against gay marriage back in 2008 in California because the Pastor of the church she attended at the time made his opinion clear that’s what Christians should do. Brenda said the whole time she had a sickening feeling about voting against it, and when she voted the sickening feeling got worse. Brenda now says that the feeling was God trying to send her a message that she wasn’t listening to. I’m very proud of her for coming to that conclusion and admitting to her mistakes. That takes courage.

I asked her where she saw her future and she said she would like to be a correspondent for a network at a place like Fox or CNN. (Fox could use someone balanced like her!) Brenda went on to say that as a correspondent, she’d like to use her Christian perspective to make a difference that includes politics. I was in awe when she told me that she wants to have dinner with Vice President Mike Pence and tell him that Christian to Christian, Mike needs to stop defunding Planned Parenthood. The reason being is because the more you defund Planned Parenthood, the more abortions go up. This is true, because contrary to popular belief, Planned Parenthood only performs a small portion of abortions. Most of their work is based on safe sex education, cancer screenings and more.  

I was not at all surprised that Brenda wants to devote more time to her channel. I’m all for it and I know her fans more and am certain she will reach more people, no matter what or who they believe in (or don’t). I asked if she’s going to give her book another go and she said that she’s going to look for an editor first, but it’s possible that she’ll self-publish it. I told her to keep me posted because I will buy her book and review it for my blog. (It’s true. In fact, true to my word, I bought Jerry DeWitt’s, book and will review it soon! You can read our interview here!)

I am so blessed that God answered my prayers and I was able to interview Brenda. I know that I’m going to remember this interview and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Brenda, thank you for agreeing to do this and I can’t wait to see both your personal life and career flourish!    

Please subscribe to her YouTube Channel here and follow her on Instagram here!

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