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My Interview with YouTuber, Zachery Michael.

I love YouTube *reader pretends to be shocked!*. But seriously, I love people, and as an aspiring journalist, I love to interview a wide variety of people. And if those people include YouTubers, then that’s great!

Enter Zachary Michael. I started watching his videos through a recommendation courtesy of another great YouTuber named Michael Lawrence, and I quickly became a subscriber. Not too long ago I reached out to him for an interview and he was so sweet to accept! We talked through Skype and he was such a delight! (Just like his videos!)

Zach’s family loves that he does videos. He started doing them a little over a year ago, which is when he met his boyfriend. I asked what his boyfriend thinks and he loves it! His boyfriend is more on the technical side of film and television but is just as much as into YouTube as Zach is!

I found out that YouTube is more of a hobby to Zach than a full-time career, and that he’s at a crossroads right now in his personal and real-life career since he left his job at the college he worked at.

Speaking of the college, Zach is very much into social justice issues and helped advise a group in the LGBTQ Community on that campus. We talked about social justice issues and found we had a lot of common opinions.

Zach told me that minorities such as non-binary genders should have their feelings taken more seriously and I agreed with him. We also talked about the Kinsey Scale and how it says that very few people are completely gay or straight. Zach went on to tell me that his boyfriend is pansexual, and that while he is gay himself there have been some women and some transgender people that he has found attractive as well.

I went on to tell him that Jeffree Starr is technically pansexual but doesn’t like to put a label on it; and if he doesn’t want to label his sexuality, then that’s his choice. Zach agreed.

I asked about Zach being on Weight Watchers, his decision to go on the program and if he always struggled with weight loss. Zach told me that he was bullied as a kid for his weight and his “presumed” sexuality. When he hit puberty, his body grew and it stretched out, but he kept eating, and because of his great metabolism, nothing happened. Until college. That’s when Zach gained the weight back.

Originally, Zach went on the keto diet and lost weight right away. Some of it eventually came back, though. A friend suggested that he try out Weight Watchers. The weight has been coming off, just not as quickly as on keto. It’s a little frustrating for him, but he likes that it doesn’t eliminate anything and that he can eat almost anything and eat anywhere as long as tracks it.

We got on the subject of Youtuber Amberlynn and her girlfriend Becky. I asked Zach what he thought about their relationship (since he reacts to her Channel) and if he feels like she mistreats her. Zach told me that he likes to assume the best in people unless he sees it for himself. (That’s a good way to look at things, to be honest.) However, he did note that it concerned him that Amberlynn mentioned that she sometimes gets so hungry and angry that she’ll “blackout” around Becky until she gets what she wants. That concerns me, too.

I asked him if he would ever react to Youtuber Amy Slaton. He said that he’s not opposed to reacting to her or her sister, Tammy Slaton, but their videos are pretty long, at thirty minutes. But, he is open to the possibility.

Since he’s been in a loving relationship for a good amount of time, I asked him if he saw children and/or marriage in his future. Zach was a little surprised at first because he wasn’t expecting to be asked that question. I reassured him that he didn’t have to answer, but he kindly said that he’s not interested in kids. However, he is open to marriage if that’s how things play out.

I told him that my dachshund is my child. Zach said that he wants a dog as well and that people get the misconception that because he has worked at a college he must want kids, but that’s not necessarily true. I told him that I always felt like people told me because I’m a woman I must have kids, but I’m meant to be a fur mommy.

As far as the future of Zach’s Channel, there will most likely be more Sims videos since those had good reactions. Zach is also interested in ASMR, but his main audience didn’t like him doing it on his Channel, so he’s thinking about starting a second ASMR Channel. I say, go for it!

Zach is also interested in doing reality TV and would love to pursue it. Again, I say, go for it! I wouldn’t mind doing it, myself!

Overall, Zach was so much fun to talk to and was such a kind person, just like in his videos. I wish him nothing but the best in the future both professionally and personally and I thank him for letting me interview him. Love you, Zach!

You can follow him on Twitter here and please subscribe to his Channel here.

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