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My Interview with Beauty Guru, Candice’s Vanity!

Meet Candice, a beautiful wife and mother of two from Nashville, Tennessee. Candice is just starting out as a beauty guru but I have no doubt that she will gain a large following quickly because she is not only absolutely beautiful but her personality is adorable. When you watch her videos it’s like hanging out with a friend, and her makeup skills are on point!

I found out about her through the equally beautiful and talented Gadgetbeat30. As soon as I watched a few videos, I knew I had to contact her for an interview. Fortunately, she said yes and was such a delight to talk to! Below is our interview. I know you will fall head-over-heels for her after reading this review and will want to check out her Channel afterward!


1. What inspired you to start a YouTube Channel? Did you intentionally want to be a beauty guru or did you have anything else in mind before you started?

I started my YouTube channel for many different reasons, but the main one is because I am obsessed with all things beauty related. I have always had such a passion for art in general, and makeup to me is no different than painting on a canvas. Growing up I was never allowed to wear makeup. I was “that girl” who would put her face on once I got on the bus, and scrubbed it off on the way home everyday, so I wouldn’t get into trouble with my grandparents. They both raised me after my parents passed away. Makeup… mascara especially, has always made me feel more confident. I could be feeling my absolute worse, and throw on a little mascara and liner and it would transform my entire attitude! I wanted to be able to give that to other women around the world, and thought YouTube would be the perfect place to do that. (Part 2 of question 1.) I don’t consider myself to be a beauty guru whatsoever. I am however, definitely a beauty enthusiast. Would I love to have enough friends who come to me and trust my judgment on beauty products?… of course! I simply want to build relationships with other women and men who share the same passion as I do, or at least have the interest, and drive to learn. I want my YouTube friends to grow with me, and follow me along my journey!

2. A lot of us have a basic skincare routine we like to stick to. Would you mind sharing with us what yours is and what products you like to use?

I only wash my face once a day. I feel as though overwashing can actually damage your skin, just like it can damage your hair.  •Every morning I tone using Clinique clarifying lotion in dry/combination. Then, because I have suffered with acne, hyper pigmentation, and scars, I use a custom mixture designed for my skin specifically, from an online brand called curology!  That mixture treats my acne prone skin, and honestly is my holy grail. I will have to show you before and after photos of what it has done to my skin since using it. After I treat my skin, I use ‘itcosmetics confidence in a cream’ to hydrate and moisturize my face, neck, and chest. I even use that on my feet and hands because it’s such an amazing cream. I could never be without it. • (Night) If I’m wearing makeup, I will either use Clinique take the day off, it cosmetics bye bye makeup, or my most recent favorite..Garnier skinactive micellar cleansing water, to remove all of my makeup and built up sweat/dirt from my skin. Then I go into deep cleansing my pores and surface by using my soniclear petite rotating brush along with my Clinique liquid facial soap in mild. I rinse, and use a CLEAN towel to pat my face dry. That is so important to use a clean towel every night to dry your face. After I’m done cleaning my skin, I use my Clinique toner again on a cotton round. Then, I add my curology mixture to treat the skin. Lastly, I use my It cosmetics confidence in an eye cream, and confidence in a cream to moisturize and hydrate before going to bed. •Once or twice a week I will exfoliate my skin using the silkn’ solution microdermabrasion Revit. It has a diamond tip head, and uses suction to remove every bit of dead skin. It’s amazing to look at the filter on the inside when you’ve finished, to see just really how much dead skin you have removed. Might be weird to some, but I think it’s awesome! Lol  •Once a week I use the silkn’ solution FaceFX, which is a portable red light treatment system used for anti-aging benefits.

3. Who are some YouTubers that inspire you-both in the beauty community and outside of it?

RawBeautyKristi and Jordan Hanz are definitely two youtubers who give me inspiration. But the first youtuber who caught my attention and made me want to create my beauty channel is Giulianna Maria, she is so talented. Anytime I watch any of these girls videos I immediately want to pick up my brushes and create! As far as my favorite creator outside of the beauty community.. it would have to be hands down, Shane Dawson. He has such an old soul. He’s the kindest, selfless, caring person I have ever had the joy of subscribing to. I feel like if we ever had the chance to meet, we would be best friends!

4. I know you have children. Is it hard balancing life as a YouTuber and being a mother?

ABSOLUTELY! It’s hard enough being a mother, of two boys who are more like twins than 14 months apart… then add a YouTube channel and shit gets crazy lol I film and edit all on my iPhone.. so where it may take someone with a DSLR and MacBook a few hours to edit, it takes me an entire day or two. The boys do have a hard time with it sometimes. They are so demanding, they’re used to having my attention 24/7.. so when I go to film, they want to be right there next to me, or bang on the door, or tattle on each other the entire time. I do leave some of those bits in my videos, just to let people see into my life. I want my YouTube family to know that being a mother comes first before anything to me. But I also feel being a mother shouldn’t stop you from aspiring to be whatever you dream to be. And my children will eventually understand that. It’s also hard to be consistent like I want to be. Like now for instance, my boys both have been getting over strep, so all of my time has been to take care of them, so that means I can’t record, or do anything for my channel until they are all better. We all want our mommy when we don’t feel good, so I think people understand that.. I hope so anyways.

5. What advice do you have for anyone wanting to have a career online, whether it’s on YouTube, an Instagram model, a blogger, etc.?  

The main advice that I can give to anyone wanting to create a channel, a page, or whatever it may be.. that focuses on you as a person.. would be, to be yourself. Be the most authentic self you know to be. People can tell if you’re being fake or feel uncomfortable. They will see straight through the BS. Another would be, to be consistent.. which is what I struggle with the most. Upload enough content that your YouTube family gets invested and keeps coming back for more. Do not start a page, or channel with the intentions of making money!! If it works out that way in the end for you, then that’s just an added bonus, but don’t do it just for money.. you need to do it because you love what you’re doing. No amount of “fans” ..No amount of money ..No amount of free items ..will ever truly make you happy inside.

6. As a new subscriber, I’ve been enjoying watching your videos. Can you give us some hints at what you have planned for any upcoming videos?

I am so happy that you are enjoying my content it means so much to me! I have an entire notebook full of videos that I want to create for my channel! I have a few collaborations coming up soon, one in particular is with SaraSmilesLuvsMakeup. I will have some videos coming where I’ll be reviewing some new products that just launched! A few of those products are the colourpop foundations and powders, Pat McGraths new highlighting palette trio, MAC x AAliyah collection, Too Faced born this way concealer, and some KKW Beauty products. I really want to film a “Get to Know Me” video soooo bad! I want people to understand me and learn about who I am, and my story. I’m just not sure with the little amount of supporters I have, that my channel is ready for it. It will have to be a 2-3 part video, because I have had a crazy life to say the least. I wish there were more hours in the day, but once me and my husband save up enough money he promised to buy me a MacBook, that way I can edit my videos quickly and get my content out there to those amazing souls who do care to watch, and support me, like you!

7. Finally, what are some personal and professional goals you have for yourself looking forward?

I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to grow my channel. Of course I want to grow and reach as many lives as possible. That’s one goal of mine. Other than YouTube, I am working on building my freelance business as an MUA here in the Nashville area. It’s crazy how quickly that has picked up for me in just this past month. I have a photo shoot coming up, where a photographer friend of my mine from high school.. Jessica Magruder.. asked me to help with, where i will be doing all 6 of the models makeup! We are hoping our collaboration together turns into a partnership. My oldest child starts kindergarten this August, so that is HUGE! I will still be at home with our 4 year old, but it’s going to be a big adjustment for all of us here. So a personal goal of mine, is to get through that day without crying lol A lifelong goal of mine, that I have always done since I was a little girl, is to learn something new everyday, and to at least make one person smile.
Thank you very much, Candice! You are such a beautiful person on the inside and out and you can always count on my support! Not only are you a charming southern woman, talented beauty guru, but you are also a fabulous Mom and person. I can’t wait for your upcoming videos and will be watching each and every one of them! Once again, please check out and subscribe to her Channel here and again, follow her on Twitter here. You can follow here on Instagram here and follow her on Snapchat @C_Duubbb.

*Note, since this interview took place, Candice has become more than a woman whom I admire, now, we are best friends. I thank God every day for her. I love you from the bottom of my heart, beautiful! Thank you for coming into my life!

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  1. Omg I’m crying even more!! I have already been a mess from my babies first day of school, now I’m a mess from your beautiful comments to me! I also thank God for our friendship and I can’t wait for us to meet in September! I love you so so much!

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