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My Interview with a Former Member of the Kuckicult.

I have said I am a fan of drama channels so many times in my articles I’m sure by now, your eyes are rolling! What you don’t know is, long, long ago, I was a fan of John Kuckian! *cue horror music* Yes, it’s true. This was way back before he showed his true colors and was still friends with a lot of other drama channels as well.


Believe it or not, John used to be a charming guy. I wasn’t a regular viewer, but I did subscribe to his Channel and turned in when I could. I wasn’t a die-hard fan but was a fan nonetheless. John knew how to be charming, which is common when it comes to people that are known, manipulators.  


I stopped being a fan once he stole an idea Here for the Tea had wanted to do for a video. Others weren’t so lucky and were blinded by his charms. I don’t blame them because a lot of them were young and very impressionable. This is around the time where the “Kuckifam” became what is now known as the “Kuckicult.”


Very recently, I got to know a brave person (that I am leaving anonymous for their safety) who is a former Kukicult member. They were more than willing to share what it was like inside the Kuckicult and they were as friendly as could be.


Again, I don’t fault this person. After all, they were young and impressionable at the time, as I said. The important thing is that they got out. So I ask you to read their words with an open heart and mind and also read this as a cautionary tale.


So, let’s get started!


  1. I used to be a fan of John’s years ago, what first drew you to his Channel?


I never used to wear makeup at all and literally had no clue what I was doing, so I turned to YouTube for makeup tutorials and after clicking random videos, John came up in recommendations. I thought he was kind of cute so I watched and honestly he was funny and charismatic at first and I quickly became a fan and before I knew it I was watching every time he uploaded a new video (This was literally when he first started and had less than 15k subscribers).


  1. Has he made additional allegations against other YouTubers other than the ones against Peter Monn that he tried to stir up?


He targets Jeffree Star any chance he gets, dredging up videos from years ago, and yes, they were bad and indefensible. But, even after Jeffree gave the sincerest of apologies and showed growth and change, John still would not let off him, even stooping so low as to making fun of his physical appearance.


  1. Did he ever message any of you (his fans) personally and ask any of you to spread rumors or harass anyone on his behalf?


No, he never messaged me personally and while early on he did discourage bullying and harassing the subject of his videos, that stopped as his channel grew. As his channel grew he changed and became vicious and malicious and vindictive. In my opinion, he was encouraging his mostly young female fan base to do the same.


  1. Did you ever buy his cosmetics, or did you buy any and never got any?


By the time his cosmetics came out I was out of the “Kuckifam.” I had no interest in supporting anything with his name on it.


  1. Did you find yourself having to feel like you had to spend a lot of your time defending him or excusing his actions?


Perhaps at first when I was “blinded by his charms.” In the beginning, he did have good receipts to support his claims.


  1. What was his explanation for his cosmetics line failing?


John deflects, he doesn’t take the blame for anything, from watching other channels that discussed the failure of Kuckian Cosmetics and if my memory serves me correctly he placed the blame on the factories he used that “manufactured” his products, despite other drama channels proving he purchased cheap products from AliExpress and put them in his own custom boxes.


  1. What was your reaction when he was waving that knife around in that Snapchat video?


I knew he was going for shock. I had figured out by then that John was a manipulative worm. Most of his fan base was turning on him and he had to do something to get attention back, any kind of attention.


  1. I saw that he asked fans for stuff, such as for access to their Amazon Prime Account? Was this normal?


That was absolutely not normal, the majority of his fan base are young girls who don’t know any better. It was disgusting.


  1. What made you decide to finally leave the Kuckicult?


His accusations against Peter Monn was the final nail in the coffin.


  1. How are you doing today?


I feel like, and I hate to use slang, but I feel like I am more “woke” to the ways people use to try and manipulate others. I don’t see myself falling for those little tricks again.


Thank you very much! I think you are a wonderful person and I wish you nothing but the best in life! I have no doubt you will go far!


By the way, if you haven’t watched BeauTea With Ashlee’s Series about John Kuckian and how he manipulated a kind family, please click here, here and here. You can also read our interview here!  

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