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My Interview with YouTuber Beau-Tea With Ashlee.

I recently got to know a gorgeous, fun and takes-no-prisoners YouTuber named Ashlee Mayorga, but you may know her as Beau-Tea with Ashlee, in which she will either do a chit-chat with her viewers, a GRWM, (Get Reay With Me) or a Spa Night, but we always end up “sipping up tea” together, Whether we talk about what’s going on with YouTube, shady businesses, her personal life, nothing is off the table with this brave beauty-and that’s one of the many things I love about her!

Below is our interview! As always, I hope you hop over to her Channel and subscribe because you I have no doubt you will adore you as much as I do!

Update: As of May 28th, 2018, Ashlee uploaded a video entitled “The End.” You can watch it here (and I encourage you to.) Let me assure you the video has NOTHING to do with her pregnancy, but something very difficult she’s going through. But, Ashlee is a queen and I know she will get through this by the Grace of God, the love of her friend and family, the love she had for herself and her own baby, she’ll come out victorious. So, in addition to subscribing to her Channel (don’t do it out of sympathy, do it because you connect with her and enjoy her content), be sure to show her some love.

Ashlee, you have my full support. As I told you before, you are beautiful on the inside and out and I have no doubt you will make an excellent mother.

Now, onto the interview!

1. Congratulations on the pregnancy! How are you doing?

Thank you so much! Baby L and I are doing great!

2. I recently discovered your Channel and love it! You’re very beautiful, smart and entertaining. What inspired you to start one?

You’re so kind, thank you. To be quite honest, I’ve always had a love for being on camera. Even at a young age, I thrived when the camera was on me. I always asked family members to record me dancing or singing, and they always did (or they at least acted like they were, just to get me to shut up about I participated in my elementary school’s tv news program as the “entertainment specialist”, I mean, wherever there was a camera, I had to be there. Then YouTube came along, and it opened up a whole new world for content creators like myself, people who have a passion for something and they wanted the platform to talk about those passions. I had been binge-watching beauty videos for about a month, and something about those videos inspired me. So one day, I was bored and decided to sit down and film my first video on my old laptop. The rest is history.

3. You made a very good video a while back about your PCOSI’m sorry you have it, by the way. How has it affected you since your diagnosis, how do you treat it and how has it affect your pregnancy so far. because I know you feared not becoming a Mom because of it?

While that PCOS video was hard for me to make, I knew that I wanted to use my platform to talk about it. It stinks having it, but I don’t let it get the best of me. The only thing it’s affected in my life is my eating habits. I have to be super careful about what I eat, and of course how MUCH I eat. When you have PCOS, the daunting task of losing weight becomes SO MUCH MORE of a hassle. It’s very hard to lose weight, but it isn’t impossible. As far as treatment, I’ve been on a daily regimen of Metformin (750 mg) 2 times a day. That, along with my new eating habits have definitely made a difference in my diagnosis, and I haven’t had any cysts grow in a little over 8 months. As far as the pregnancy, because of the PCOS, and because of my 2 previous miscarriages, I am considered to be a high-risk pregnancy. Because of that, I have to see doc more often than other women who haven’t had to deal with these issues. However, that doesn’t bother me for 2 reasons: 1.) Baby Larchemallow (our nickname for nugget) is constantly checked in on. One of the scariest things about being pregnant is the waiting periods between doc visits. I hate not knowing if everything is okay. Because of the PCOS, I don’t have to worry about that.  And 2.) I get to see our miracle every visit. That in and of itself makes the entire ordeal worth it.

4. Are there any misconceptions about you that you’d like to clear up?

That’s a really good question! The only thing that comes to mind is the fact that people love to leave hate comments on my videos ( fat, ugly, stupid…etc the comments that are pure bullying) thinking it bothers me. That seems to be a BIG misconception. Comments like that don’t bother me at all. If anything, they make me feel sorry for the person posting those comments, sorry they wasted minutes of their life trying to offend me, and it was all for nothing. You could be using that time to visit family, or read a book, or doing something that makes you happy since you obviously aren’t very happy. It’s sad, really. I’m a very strong person mentally, and I am 1000% comfortable in my own skin. I know who I am and what I am about, and I make sure that shows in my content. I welcome those nasty comments because 1.)that’s engagement, so thank you for that! And 2.) I would much rather you send me those kinds of comments and let ME absorb that hatred if it meant keeping you from saying those things to someone who perhaps can’t handle that sort of thing. Saying things like that to the wrong person can have catastrophic consequences. You need to have thick skin to be able to handle social media trolls. It shouldn’t be like that, but unfortunately, it is. It can be a VERY toxic place

5. I have found your videos exposing Younique to be very brave and that’s how I initially discovered you. (You can find them here and here.) I quickly became a fan because of you’re “take no prisoners attitude” about it. I forget, what made you decide to start speaking out? Have you seen the other videos on YouTube where former consultants have spoken out as well?

In the words of the great Mantis I “kick names and take ass” (Infinity Wars reference…thought it fit quite perfectly lol). To be honest, I had gotten so tired of the constant DMs from the Younique Presenters asking me if I’d like to try their “LIFE CHANGING” 3D mascara out. I mean, I was blocking SO MANY PEOPLE EVERY SINGLE DAY because of it. I had posted about my experience using their mascara a long time ago, thinking it would ward them off, but no. They push, and push, and push until they make that sale. It got to the point where I had dealt with enough of their crap, and I started digging deeper into the company. From that research, my videos were “born”. I did watch a few videos from ex-presenters, and have gotten the opportunity to speak to ex presenters through email…and all of them have the same stories to tell. Terrible treatment, questionable selling tactics, being told to keep quiet about the obviously flawed products in order to make sales, false marketing….the list goes on. Younique isn’t the only company guilty of these things, and because of that, I intend to research and expose all the MLM’s (or ANY brand for that matter) that are guilty of any of the aforementioned issues.

6. Would you ever like to do any collaborations with any YouTubers and if so, who would they be?

I’d love to do collabs! I think they can be fun if done correctly and with the right person.  I absolutely love Meghan Hughes and would love to work with her on a video. I just love her “vibe” and admire her for the person she is. Not to mention, her taste in music is impeccable.

7. I know you’re in the middle of moving and if you’ve covered this already, I’m sorry I’ve forgotten, but, do you plan to be a stay at home mom or eventually go back to work? If you want to go back to work eventually, what career do you have in mind?

I haven’t really given that any thought. I’m kind of just “going with the flow” at the moment. If I were to do anything after the baby gets here, I’d probably stick to filming my YT videos. If I were to go back to work, I’d definitely go back to doing makeup for events. I can make my own hours and I don’t have to worry about a crazy boss hounding down on me to get things done. I can work at my own pace. But as of right now, I’m relaxing and enjoying the pregnancy. Whatever feels right when it’s time, will happen.

8. 2018 is shaping up to be a big year for you! What are some goals you have for your Channel as well as your personal life?

2018 is gonna be “lit” as the kids As far as goals for my channel, obviously growth is a huge goal I want to work on. And I’ve been doing great so far. I plan on continuing to make content that both myself and my audience will enjoy. That’s ultimately what it’s all about. Personal goals? Just to be the best mom I can be to my miracle. I’ve been waiting for this moment for as long as I can remember, and I cannot wait to watch my lil one grow into the person they’re supposed to be.

 Thank you, Ashlee! It was a blast getting to know you and I have no doubt you will be an excellent Mom! Once again, please subscribe to her Channel and you can follow her on Twitter here, Instagram here and Facebook here.

1 thought on “My Interview with YouTuber Beau-Tea With Ashlee.”

  1. Amazing interview! I have been following and subscribed to Beau-Tea with Ashlee for quite a few months, I also found her from her exposing younique videos. She is such a strong minded individual and that’s how I feel I can relate to her. I hope others read this I will def share it! Great job both of you Xoxo

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