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My Interview with Agnostic Plaque Doctor

I first heard of Agnostic Plague Doctor when his video In Defense of Boogie popped up in my recommended feed. I was very impressed with the way he challenged No BS’ Video about Boogie2988 and how intelligent Agnostic Plaque Doctor came across. All of his points were very profound and it wasn’t him just going, “You bully!”

I will say it until I’m blue in the face, I’m a YouTube fanatic. That’s why you see me interviewing so many YouTubers. Also, I like interviewing people that have differing points of view from me. (Which I’ve said over and over as well.) But, believe it or not, it takes a lot for me to hit that subscribe button. I know it seems like I’ll do it on a whim, but it really does take a lot. So, it took me several months before I became a subscriber to Agnostic Plaque Doctor. I can say that now I’m a subscriber, there’s no going back!

I recently reached out to him for an interview and he couldn’t have been nicer! I was thrilled! But it’s really not a surprise, though. When you watch his Q&A’s, you see how good he is to his fans. Even though he can be very opinionated in his videos, he truly has a heart of gold.

We talked through Skype and he was very friendly. Right away I was ready to get started with the interview and was ecstatic because his enthusiasm was magnetic! I’ll admit, I was surprised that he’s younger than I thought! I don’t want to say his age because that’s HIS business, but I thought he was in his upper thirties! But, he told me he gets that a lot, so I’m not the only one who thought that.

I asked him the usual, how he got started? He said that he watched Youtube for many years and watched Armoured Skeptic and he’s the one that really inspired him to start YouTube and his character as well.

I remembered that in one of his Q&A’s, someone asked him about being an “anti-SJW Channel” and he specified (nicely) in that video that he isn’t one. I asked him where people may get that impression from? He said that it’s most likely because he’s done some very specific videos on some very popular SJW’s that have gotten some attention and that’s why people have probably made that assumption. That’s when he went on to tell me that he’s not a specific anti-anything Channel, rather than a skeptic voicing his opinion. Although, he did tell me he’s enjoying making the occasional comedy video here and there lately! (I’m enjoying it too!)

I was delighted to hear that in spite of the fact that he has a few anti-SJW videos, Agnostic Plague Doctor still has some friends from the SJW group! In fact, even though he’s made it clear in his videos that he’s atheist/agnostic, he’s all about being friends and having open conversations with people of different faiths.

From his videos, I could tell that he’s not a Liberal or a Conservative, so I asked him if he’s a Centrist? He said that he is and I respect that 100%.

I asked him if he’s going to do any collabs with any YouTubers? He said that he has some in the works and he asked respectfully if he could keep that under wraps? I told him that was perfectly fine, but I can tell you all that I’m very much looking forward to it!

I thought his views on Religion were quite interesting. As you all know, I’m a devout Christian-but, not your stereotypical one. I asked him what led him to become Agnostic? This is where he told me that church and religion was never forced on him and that he really went with friends, but religion and the Bible never really clicked with him. It was his sister that introduced him to atheist/skeptic videos on YouTube and it led him to be Atheist/Agnostic. (By the way, his family’s supportive!)

Agnostic Plaque Doctor is supportive of the foundation of religion and he says that he believes that a lot of good can and has come from it. I told him that although I am a Christian, it’s hard for my husband and me to find a good church because a lot of them don’t focus on the teachings of JESUS but on a “us vs. them” mentality and how we’ve had to resort to studying the Bible at home. Agnostic Plaque Doctor agreed and said, “That’s what the Bible originally said to do!” (He was referring to the verser wherever two or three or gathered then you have a church. The actual verse can be found here. I do want to point out he’s right, though.)

We had a serious talk about how he feels about churches being tax exempted. Now, he’s cool that there are several churches, but he told me he feels instead of having so many churches, there could be more hospitals and libraries that people could get more resources from. I told him it was funny that he mentioned libraries because my husband is a librarian and how vital his library has been to the community since so many people don’t have access have to the internet and people can also use the library to look for jobs. Agnostic Plaque Doctor agreed completely!

I asked him what his goal is for the future? Agnostic Plaque Doctor told me that he’s thinking about going to college eventually and furthering his education. Also, he’s thinking about pursuing a career in film, either behind the camera or in front. In fact, he has some acting experience!

As far as his fans go, Agnostic Plaque Doctor loves them and they mean a lot to him! It’s important to him that they know that when he does Q&A’s, there’s no such thing as a stupid question, because HE’S been “that fan” that’s felt like he’s had a stupid question, so he doesn’t want others to feel that way. He also told me how much he loves his fan art and how he hates not being able to showcase it all!

He told me that people will contact him thinking of him as a celebrity, but he says he’s “just a dude with a computer.” That’s awesome that’s managed to stay so down to earth and still treasure his fans so much with all the success he’s had and will continue to have!

Overall, I got to know a wonderful person and I had an amazing time talking to him! I can see his name rising in the Skeptic Community and as smart as he is, I know he’ll succeed with whatever he sets his mind to!

Thank you, Agnostic Plaque Doctor, for giving me this opportunity. I’ll never forget it and I’ll always treasure our interview!

You can find his Channel, once again, here, his Twitter here, Facebook here and Patreon here.

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