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The Atlantis Face Candy Palette Review

On June 12th, 2018, the Cosmetics Company Face Candy released the Atlantis Palette. Many people referred to this as their version of the Tarte’s April Fools Day Palette. (On April Fools Day of this year, Tarte acted like they were going to release what looked like an aqua-themed Palette, but it turned out to be an April Fools Joke that backfired.) Once this Palette was announced on Twitter, I knew I had to get my hand on it!

I wanted to do an honest, first impression review along with some swatches of this Palette. Below are the first set of swatches. The colors I have on are Whitecaps, Ripples, Oceanic, Stormy Waters, Abyss, Deep Sea, Poseidon, & Tsunami.

As you can see, Whitecaps and Ripples didn’t swatch very well, while the rest did.

The last row I swatched were Tidal, Swell, Vanished, and Empire.

Tidal swatches OK, but the rest swatched beautifully.

I then decided to test these babies out for a full-on look. My base was Whitecaps. As you can see here:

Despite it not swatching very well, the color went on nicely and was very pigmented.

Next, I wanted to line my upper and lower lashes with the color Poseidon. Here’s the photo:

The color went on nicely and I was very pleased. The color glider on nicely and I didn’t have any problems with it.

Next I decided to do one side of my lid with the color Swell. This color was a little more difficult. Yes, it was very pigmented, but also a little messy. I had to take a tissue to clean up some of the smudging. Other than that, I was happy. Here’s the before picture.

On the other side of my lid I went for a darker color. I went for the color Vanished. Once again, it was very pigmented, but easy to mess up, and I had to clean it up slightly with a tissue. Here is the before picture.

Over my lid I went with the colors Oceanic and Ripples. Same issue, same cleanup.

It looks a little messy right here, but I was able to clean it up, finish my makeup, and here’s the final product:

For $14, I was very pleased, even if it was a little messy. I will definitely be using this again and it was worth the money. I’m glad that Atlantis and Hush got together to sell this Palette when Tarte made that April Fools mistake!

Tarte, I love you, but the April Fools prank was not a good one! If you do decide to come out with the Palette you “teased” us with, you’ve got some competition!

I wanted to thank Bridgette for inspiring this look! Be sure to follow her on Twitter and subscribe to her YouTube Channel!

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