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Beyond the Sun-Coming May, 15th & Contest

This was originally posted on 05/15/2018.

On May 15th, 2018, the film Beyond the Sun will be available on iTunes, Amazon and Tugg. The film not only features our beloved Pope but is also about four young friends in search of God, perfect for families this summer!

I may be thirty-one, but I still remember my childhood like it was just yesterday. My favorite memory was going my tenth birthday party. My friends and I stayed at the Hampton Inn. I remember at one point, my parents went to get pizza, so my amazing grandmother watched us. We ran around the room and played tag, including with her!

Later that evening, we went swimming in the hotel’s pool. A senior citizen was swimming with his wife and we all said hello. That’s when he challenged us to races across the pool. That man sure was good with kids!

My sweet Mommy always knew how to throw a good birthday party. That one not only stands out but it’s my favorite memory from childhood. I not only got to have a slumber party for my birthday, but I got to have one in a nice hotel! How cool is that?

Looking back on it, it shows me just how much effort my mom put into my childhood to give me the very best. I hope I’ve shown her the proper gratitude because I would not be the lady I am today without her guidance, giving heart and patience.

As for the contest, AMBI Media Group will be holding it for anyone who has ever wished to visit the beautiful and historic Vatican. To enter, please click here.

Below is the trailer. I hope you buy the movie on either iTunes, Amazon, or TUGG as well as enter the contest!

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