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Steve McQueen: American Icon Review

This was originally posted on 09/05/2017

When you see a movie with Steve McQueen starring in it, you take notice right away how talented he was. He wasn’t just “The King of Cool,” he knew exactly how to how to define each character he played and was smart enough to pick up on little ways to make his character’s stand out. There were several moments in each film that he would insist on adding certain details, such as throwing a baseball against a wall, that would often steal the scene because every tiny thing he did on camera seemed to come so naturally to him. Audiences became so captivated by this man. What many of us don’t realize he had this eternal struggle that he couldn’t shake off for most of his life.

The movie takes you on a journey throughout Steve’s life, especially his final years. A well-known pastor by the name of Greg Laurie takes us on this journey with him as we get to know Steve and see a much more complex side of him. Greg, a lifelong fan of Steve’s, noticed many things he had in common with him. Things such as they both had a troubled childhood, neither of them knew their fathers, they both had abusive stepfather’s, and Steve was sent to a school for troubled kids while Greg was sent to military school. This inspired Greg to tell us the about the side of Steve most of us have never known.

If I had one word to describe Steve’s childhood, it would be “heartbreaking.” Steve was never shown real love by his family. Very often he was abused and ended up turning to the streets and joining a gang. Eventually, his stepfather sent him to a school for troubled children, and Steve felt like that was the moment his stepfather truly abandoned him. After school, he ended up joining the Military. Although he was demoted seven times because of his behavior, he still saved several lives. He ended up being discharged later on. After spending some more time on the streets, Steve knew he had a choice to make, either get a regular job or go to Hollywood and try to become an actor. He decided to take his chances in Hollywood because he knew that a lot of women were there!

Throughout the rest of the film, you learn about the many highs and lows of Steve’s career and his personal life. There are stories of his rise to the top, his reputation in Hollywood, marriages, and how he ended up accepting Jesus into his heart.

One of the wonderful things about this documentary is that it doesn’t sugarcoat anything about his life. You get to hear portions of his final interview, his widow talking about the man she fell in love with, as well as many interviews with people such as Mel Gibson, who had always looked up to Steve and also provides some insight into the late actor’s struggle to find peace.

The best part of the film was when Steve learned about Jesus and how to accept Him into his life. You see snippets throughout the film that he shows an interest in being a Christian, but it wasn’t until his later years that he finally came to know Him.

I would obviously recommend this film for any fan of Steve McQueen, but I feel like many other people would find this film to be enjoyable, too. Anyone that has struggled in life and has had an internal struggle can appreciate this beautiful documentary.

I’m so glad I got the chance to watch this and I hope others do, too.

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