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My Interview with YouTuber ThyNameIsSkeppy

(originally published on February 19, 2018)

As a Christian Liberal, I think it’s good to challenge myself and hear about other people’s views and beliefs. One of the worst things a person can do is live in their own bubble. Ever since 2016, I have been watching videos from the “Skeptic Community” on YouTube in order to get a better understanding of how people with different political and sometimes religious think and feel. (No, this isn’t exactly Laci Green‘s “Taking the Red Pill”, but I admit that the two are quite similar and I am very proud of her and her growth as a person.)

Enter ThyNameIsSkeppy. I have been able to connect as a viewer with some wonderful people that are part of the Skeptic Community, but there’s something different about ThyNameIsSkeppy. Each video I click on, I’m greeted with an articulate and highly intelligent young lady. There’s something so intriguing hearing the way she voices her opinions and beliefs. None of it’s done in a way which feels she’s talking down to the audience or giving them a lecture. Instead, you hear someone who feels very passionately about what she believes in and is smart enough to back up what she’s saying without resorting to just mere complaining throughout the entire video.

I recently reached out to her through Twitter hoping to interview her and she graciously accepted. While we may not have come to an agreement on every question, I still respect her opinions and can say that my respect for her has definitely gone up a lot because of the way she handled herself when we disagreed. Also, her answers overall were wonderful and I believe you all will enjoy reading them, no matter what your personal views are.

1. I discovered your channel last year and can tell you’ve continued to grow as a content creator. What was it that made you decide to start your own channel and the subject matter that it covers?

I started noticing that, at least in Australia, a lot of the stuff in schools and the general public discussion are very one-sided.

What I mean by that is: we always concentrate on feelings of particular people and it’s almost become unacceptable to bring up the fact that other people deal with those issues too. An example of that is domestic violence. In the news, I’ve heard most people talking about domestic violence against men and not seeming to want to talk about the fact that men have next to no resources to deal with domestic violence. Also, people who are considered “anti-sjw” are doing the same thing. It seems that when someone says something that someone disagrees with, you can just call them an sjw and that’s that. I feel so frustrated with these things that I started my channel to speak out, and then fell in love with the idea of content creating.

2. Are you still pursuing your Creative Writing Major or have you graduated? Do you plan to write/publish any books because I know you taking writing very seriously?

I’m starting my second year of university and am still loving pursuing creative writing. I’d love to write a book! I have a drawer full of notebooks with book ideas but my problem is focusing on writing something for a long period of time without letting my perfectionist side get the best of me and throwing it away.

3. I remember in one video you mentioned Guybrush Threepwood (A Mighty Pirate!). Are you a gamer? If so, which kinds of games do you play, and what are your favorite titles? My husband is a huge gamer himself and I’ve gotten more into video games because of him. So, it was exciting hearing you mention Guybrush!

Games are a huge part of my life. I love horror games and point and clicks the most, though I play pretty much anything that looks interesting. Monkey Island is and will always be my favourite series when it comes to games! Guybrush is one of my favourite characters and I’ve been playing those games since I first started playing games in general.

4. Can we talk a little about feminism? Here is my take: I believe at its core feminism is a positive movement, inspired by the notion that there are serious gender-related issues that affect us all. Thus being a feminist means that one is consciously examining these issues, attempting to determine the root, and trying to figure out something better to strive for. Unfortunately, as with any movement, the loudest voices tend to tarnish much of the positivity, which in turn makes the movement appear to be something it isn’t (several examples of which you raised in your video where you asked if feminism was ever good). So here’s the question I’d like to throw open: do you feel feminism is standing for the wrong thing or is it too many people claiming the word ‘feminism’ who are losing sight of their own ideals?

My problems with the concept of feminism are mainly concerning why it needs to exist in the first place. I think every group that has an opportunity to dominate public opinion and allows people to manipulate others for money will quickly become toxic. Feminism isn’t special in that regard. But why is it needed in the first place? You can see examples of feminism being divisive in earlier times (eg. Alexandra Kollontai comments on this in her autobiography) and it has always seemed to come with the assumption that men have it easy and women didn’t. Men have always had problems to deal with, and feminists have only been paying attention to the problems women face. Why couldn’t we have started with something that allows men and women to fight for their rights and address issues? Feminism only focusing on women has made men’s problems worse, in my opinion.

5. Your video (and your first podcast) about Jonestown was impeccable. Do you think you will continue to explore more about cults? I’d love to hear you talk more about that because I’m interested in those myself and the more people talk about it, the better! (I highly recommend looking into Jehovah’s Witnesses. I was shocked at what I found out when talking to ex-members and I believe you’d provide an excellent take on this particular subject!) 

Absolutely! I’m glad people are enjoying that. I love studying cults and the whole psychology towards morbid things. I also like the interesting comparisons between what are considered “acceptable” groups in society and cults.

6.Your Steve Shives documentary was wonderful, as well. Do you plan on doing more of those types of videos on your channel? I understand those take so much time and research so it’s difficult to do on a regular basis! I just see you that’s one of the many areas you are talented in! 

I think people telling me how much they enjoy these long format videos gives me plenty of motivation and energy to continue. I’d love to make more of those, and I’m open to suggestions on what those videos should be about.

7. What are your plans for both your channel and your career looking into 2018?

I’m not entirely sure. I don’t think I ever really am. What I can say is this: I am definitely going to focus on variety and making my channel something that covers many different types of subjects. I see so many people being trapped in making only one type of content and I definitely don’t want to see myself only making content about feminism and the like. I am still passionate about the subject but there are so many different subjects out there!

Thank you very much for chatting with me. I hope we can talk more in the future because I thoroughly enjoyed this and would feel like there is more I can learn from you. I have no doubt that you are going to continue to make a name for yourself, not just in the Skeptic Community but also when it comes to writing, documentaries, and whatever other paths you wish to pursue.

You can follow her on Twitter here. Her second channel, ProcrastiTara, which is Creepypasta based, can be found here. You can also donate to her Patreon here.

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