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My Interview with YouTuber Ready to Glare.

(originally published on October 31, 2017)

Meet Giulia-Christina Philipp. This 23-year-old grad student has her own YouTube Channel named Ready to Glare. The channel has 12K subscribers so far and has been getting a lot of positive attention. Giulia-Christina has a channel that she can truly call her own and that’s why we love her. She does videos responding to the cringe posts she finds on Tumblr, her honest yet tactful response to other YouTube videos, her adorable videos she sometimes does with her husband and more serious ones such as addiction and suicide.

 I know that she is going to keep gaining subscribers on YouTube and I know that she’ll keep getting better while still staying true to who she is. Giulia-Christina honestly looks like the type of woman any of us could gab with and binge watch Netflix.

 So, I’m very thankful she’s agreed to do this interview with me. I can’t wait to see her channel grow more!

1. You and your husband said in a video that you proposed to him. I love that! Can you tell us how long you two had been dating before you proposed and how you proposed?

We had been dating about a year and a half or so. I proposed in a rather low-key way. While huge romantic proposals are cool and everything, I don’t think I could see it as entirely organic if I tried to do it. I’m not that type of person and I attach the idea of romance to the real rather than the theatrical. That might be cynical of me, but it’s the way I see it. Anyhow, when I proposed, I bought two inflatable crowns from Urban Outfitters and inflated them. It was a night like any other. I had school that day, Jacob had work. We were sitting in my first ever apartment, a tiny one at that. While we didn’t love living there, we had made a life for ourselves. Jacob had moved in. We had started adulthood in a new way. And because of all this, I wanted to propose where we had lived, slow danced, shared laughs and cries. So, I turned to him and told him about how much he changed my life and how I wanted this to be a forever thing – it sounded better than how I describe it, I hope. But I cried and he said yes and we spent the night with crowns on and drinking Prosecco.

2. You said you move to the U.S. for college and now you’re in grad school. What made you decide to move here for college and would you say that you and your husband are going to end up staying?

My mom always sent me to American schools through out my life (with the exception of one). It was kind of understood that I would probably go to the US to study. I wasn’t forced into it or anything, I had the freedom to choose where to go, but I really wanted to live somewhere I hadn’t before that also had top institutions to study at. Since my mom and I lived in China previous to my moving here, she joked that she’d only pay for college in California since it’d be closer to her than the East Coast. I did want to move to California though because I felt it would suit who I am, educationally as well. We’ve discussed leaving. We probably will at some point but I’d like to do it when we both have finished with school, and I’m going for a PhD so it might be a while. We want to be “established” in our career path before we jump on a big adventure.

3. You said in a video that you wanted to be a professor in college and write fiction. What type of fiction do you want to write and are there any books in that genre that you would consider to be your favorite(s)?

I’d like to write what I call “realistic” fiction, similar to Bukowski, Fante, Murakami and some including magic or the otherworldly like Nabokov, Gogol, and Chekov. Those are some of my absolute favorite writers! I consider “Ham on Rye” by Bukowski one of my absolute favorite books, along with “After Dark” by Murakami and “Laughter in the Dark” by Nabokov. I also like Bukowski’s poetry, especially in “Love Is a Dog from Hell.”

4. It was heartbreaking to hear about your struggles with bulimia and your experience with being very close to committing suicide. I thank you for sharing your stories. I know you’ve talked about it in your videos, but do you mind telling us what lead up to your struggle with bulimia? Also, how has your husband helped you since then and what is your advice for anyone dealing with an eating disorder and/or suicidal thoughts?

So, I took a gap year after attending one of the most toxic high schools in my life. I have even been reached out to by people who went to school with me saying they felt the same way. Anyways, I took this gap year in order to re-energize myself for college and in that time I had a bit of a wild phase. I was partying significantly and abusing some drugs too. Between that and the depression, my feelings of self worth just came to an all time high and the bulimia was a method of control as well as lost control. My husband definitely helped by supporting me, listening to me, and comforting me when it seemed like the worst had yet to come. My advice is to be real with yourself. Don’t romanticize your depression or eating disorder, tell yourself how it is. And always find someone to talk to, of course a medical professional is best, but that’s not always available. So at least be sure you have a friend to talk to, whether it’s family or even someone online.

5. You’ve talked about mental health as well. That’s great because I’m a big mental health advocate myself and the more people talk about it, the more the stigma against it will disappear. How is your mental health today and how do you go about treating it?  

My mental health today is quite stable. I do get quite overwhelmed because I put extreme pressure on myself in terms of school. Ironically I recently got my first grade in graduate school and I called my mom saying I was disappointed. I got an A-. I’m trying to be more lenient though. When I find my mental health being tested by overwhelm, anxiety, and depression, then I address it. It’s hard to acknowledge that you’re struggling, you feel weak and stupid. But you’re not. And once I address it I actively take steps to “fix” it. I make a video talking about it, I watch my favorite creators, I watch my comfort show, Friends. Sometimes reading my favorite quotes too. Or even looking at my tattoos. I always tell my husband and my friends and every time I am reminded I’m not alone.

6. I’ve seen you talk about makeup more than once on your channel. I’m a huge makeup geek myself so I love seeing you talk about that! What are your favorite brands and do you have any holy grail products? (Mine is the YSL The Shock Mascara!) 

I am a sucker for Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters. I have never been disappointed. Jeffree Star as well, those highlights are blinding! Those two as well as the Modern Renaissance palette by ABH are my holy grails. I use them on the daily and the quality is impeccable. Funnily, at first I didn’t like my Jeffree Star highlight, but I had only started using makeup and let me just say, brushes make all the difference. I was so ignorant to that.

7. Speaking of beauty, I love your taste in clothes. My favorite shirt I’ve seen you wear was the shirt that said “Goth Spice”! What are your favorite stores to buy clothes? 

Ah thank you! I love graphic tees. I shop from quite few stores to be frank. Burger and Friends is a favorite! Other stores include Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, Pink Uzi, Witch Worldwide, Wicked Clothes, and Missguided.

8. Finally, where do you want to take your channel in the future and are there any YouTubers that you would like to collab with?

I am still very much figuring out where I am going. I do love the commentary videos as well as beauty so I think I’ll continue combining the two. I see myself continuing to do that. There are so many YouTubers I think I’d have fun collaborating with, my favorites such as Blaire White, Jaclyn Glenn, Andy Warski,  and No Bullshit to name a few.

 Thank you so much for talking to me! I had a blast corresponding with you and I’m very grateful I got to know an awesome person.

 Please check out her YouTube Channel here and don’t forget to subscribe! You’ll find yourself binge watching her videos in no time!

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