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My Interview with YouTuber: Honest

(originally published on March 12, 2018)

 Note: Since doing this interview: Honest has hit over 100K subscribers! Way to go!

 I have been watching a wonderful channel on YouTube called Honest for quite some time now. It never ceases to amaze me that this young man is not only smart, articulate, and entertaining, but he is able to balance a channel that has been growing consistently ever since I started watching him and he’s still in high school. So, to everyone saying that millennials are lazy, Honest is a prime example that millennials are greatly misunderstood and that you should never underestimate anyone just because they’re young.

 I am very proud of Honest and his growth on YouTube. I have no doubt that he will achieve whatever he sets his mind to as he gets older because he has clearly been brought up the right way and has a good head on his shoulders.

 Below is our interview. I encourage you to check out his channel afterward if you haven’t already. I have no doubt you’ll be hitting that subscribe button almost immediately!

  1. I’ve been a subscriber to your channel for a long time and it’s been great watching you grow! What made you decide to start the channel and did you have any different ideas in mind before you began?

Well, what made me want to start my youtube is channel is that I saw other youtubers sharing their opinions and I also wanted to share mine so I figured why not it has been a dream of mine to be a youtuber for a very long time and I did intend on showing my face but it’s more secure this way and gives me peace and mind but besides that I had nothing different in mind.

  1. Even though I’m over a decade older than you (gasp!), I’ve learned a lot about you. One of the most important things has been the issue of Colorism. I’ll admit, I felt bad not knowing about this sooner, but am grateful that I learned all the same. How did your audience react to you talking about this and do you think you’ll do a video based on solely on this subject or something similar to it?

Generally, my colorism video had great reception from my subscribers and not only from my race (black) but many other minorities but of course there was some ignorance it appalls me that not many people know about this huge and important topic but I understand that  everyone is not educated so I hold nothing against them and yes I would consider making another more in-depth video on it, it needs more awareness.

  1. I was very touch watching your Chris Brown video. I can relate when you said that you have had friends go through domestically abusive relationships and that you don’t take it lightly. Speaking on such an important topic, I know you consider yourself to be a Centrist, but you’re not afraid to voice your opinions on social issues,  including on your Instagram account. Are there any issues that you’re passionate about that you are hesitant to bring up?

There are a few topics where I’m like should I hold off, specifically including race and Americanism but then I remember my name is “Honest” and I have to stick to what I believe rather you make a good or bad video you will still have some great reception and you will also have some bad reception so doesn’t really matter.

  1. I thoroughly enjoy your thoughts/opinions on pop culture-which I know is the main focus of your channel. Have you ever thought of creating an additional channel and talking about other things you’re interested in that you’d like to share on YouTube? 

I have thought about creating a second channel but I want to build on what I have now and worry about that later.

  1. A lot of people decide to not reveal their identities online for various reasons. I respect that. If you don’t mind me asking, what led you to decide to conceal your identity? (Also, please don’t ever feel pressured to do a “face reveal” if you’re not comfortable. Your channel will continue to grow regardless if you do one or not because you’re an intelligent person. Sorry for the speech, I just see fans demanding stuff from YouTubers all the time and it drives me nuts!) 

Well what led me to conceal my identity is im pretty young and there are a lot of creeps in the world and I have opposing views towards a lot of things and I don’t want my face plastered all over the internet (thus yet) it’s just such a safe idea and gives me a sense of security also the thrill of it is fun I can go to school and normal kid then by night I don’t wanna come across as cocky but I’m sort of a smaller realm of “an internet sensation” and almost have 100,000 listening to what I say it’s so exciting to live a double life in a way I love it.

  1. Do any YouTubers inspire you? Would you ever consider doing a collaboration with anyone?

Yes a few YouTubers have inspired me such as Shane Dawson and many commentary channels just to push my content and you know I don’t want to be boxed I want to try and do many different things and yes I would consider doing collabs with plenty of people although I would be very selective.

  1. On your channel, you often talk about the music you like, which is always a lot of fun to hear you talk about. Are there any shows or movies that you’re a die-hard fan of?  

I’m sort of a lame when it comes to shows and movies I don’t really keep up with them I’ve never even seen frozen or mean girls my heart is more into music but some of the shows I watch are pretty simple superstore, house hunters, shameless, and countless reality tv shows nothing spectacular or really “trendy” just things I find enjoyable.

  1. Finally, what direction do you see yourself going with both YouTube and any personal goals you have?

I see myself going to the top I have been a realist but I also want to be optimistic I definitely would love to do something in the entertainment industry as a career whether it be commentary, singing, acting, anything I just want to inspire help and make people happy and share my ideas and hopefully leave a mark.

Thank you very much, Honest! It was an absolute pleasure being able to interview you. I look forward to watching you continue to grow in your career. I also thank you for educating me on important topics such as colorism and keep speaking your mind, because you I know you’re already setting a positive example for so many people.

You can follow Honest on his Instagram account here. You can also follow him on Twitter here.

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