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My Interview with YouTuber, Drama Queen

(originally published on April 4, 2018)

As you’ve seen on my blog many times, I’m a huge fan of drama channels and I’m going to keeping showing my support of them. While there have been some drama channels that have been very poisonous to the community (which will be mentioned later in the interview), there are many good ones out there and I want to keep shining a light on the ones that don’t deserve the reputation they are unfairly given.

This leads me to an upcoming drama channel that I’m sure will be getting bigger in the near future. The name of this Channel is Drama Queen. Although there isn’t too much content because, as I said, she is pretty new, the videos she does have are quite good and well researched. I also greatly appreciated the support she showed me after the interview I did with another drama channel I respect, Beauty Truth Sleuth Official.

Below is our interview. I can’t wait for you all to get to know her and check out her channel as well as subscribe. Take it away, Drama Queen.

1. I really enjoy your content and can see that you have a lot of potential to become  one of the biggest drama channels on YouTube! What made you decide to pursue a YouTube career in the drama community genre and did you ever consider a different path before deciding on the one that you’re currently on?

Thank you! I was actually a fan of many different YouTubers and a few of the drama channels. I’m a curious person by nature and love looking into things to find the truth for myself, rather than taking someone else’s word at face value. A while back, I was actually encouraged by Martin Louis to start my own channel because I would often have a lot of screenshots, evidence, receipts, etc. Before that, the thought had never crossed my mind and I had no desire to have a channel. Once I got started, I immediately loved the whole process and became hooked on making my own videos!

2. Do a lot of people in your personal life know that you have a drama channel or is it only a few select people?

No one in my personal life aside from my immediate family knows I have a drama channel. I live in a small town and have small children and would never want something I said online to affect them in any way.

3. I know that many drama channels have often talked about certain lines they aren’t willing to cross (such as rumors about a YouTubers divorce). What are some lines that when it comes to your channel, you feel like crosses the line?

It really varies depending on what the person has made public. For example, if they make their storyline about their relationship, I can’t say I would never speak about it. I wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about divorce, someone’s children, or anything that would be emotionally hard on that person. I never want to make content from someone else’s pain. I really wouldn’t want to talk about anything other than the person themself, but I do think there are exceptions when the person makes it a point to document those parts of their life- Like Gigi Gorgeous and Nats Getty for example.

4. Who are some YouTubers, both inside and outside of the drama community, do you enjoy watching the most?

Oh gosh, there are so many! I watch everyone from Pewdiepie to StayNegative; channels at the top of the food chain and some that are still up and coming. My favorites are probably EmilyNoelRawBeautyKristiJenLuvsReviewsMannyMUA and NikkieTutorialsfor beauty related content. Inside the drama community, I enjoy watching Petty Paige, Martin Louis, Here For The TeaBeauty Truth SleuthPeter Monn…just to name a few. They’re all so different and each one brings something original to the table.

5. Obviously, I’m a big fan of a lot of drama channels. I feel like the people that complain about them don’t realize that most of them are the equivalent to publications such as People Magazine and Us Weekly as well as shows like Access Hollywood as well as the “Hot Topics” segment on The Wendy Williams Show. Yet, there have been a few YouTubers that have that have really gotten angry with them, even ones that hadn’t been the subject of one until they brought them up! Why do you feel like certain YouTubers feel so angry when it comes to this genre?

I feel like certain channels have given this community a bad rep. There are some channels that have been irresponsible with what they report and all drama channels get lumped into that one category. I also think it has a lot to do with just not wanting to be called out for bad behavior. For a long time, you could say or do whatever on YouTube and it went unchecked, but since drama channels have become such a big part of the platform and shady behavior is brought to light, it has ruffled some feathers.

6. Are there any YouTubers you would like to collab with in the future?

I’ve actually never thought about that. There are several that I respect their content and wouldn’t mind a future collab with, but I can’t think of anyone specific.

7. Is it challenging keeping your YouTube life and your personal life separate?

No, not really. It is hard trying to find time to fit everything into a day that I need to get done for both YouTube and my personal life, but keeping them separate hasn’t been challenging. I do things online that I need to when I have free time, but when my family needs me or I need to get things done in my real life, I completely disconnect. I love my YouTube channel and the community but I won’t let it take away from what I have around me.

8. What goals do you have for your Channel looking ahead? Are there any other goals professionally you would like to achieve as well?

Right now, it’s still more of a hobby than a profession. I would love to see my channel grow and I have thought of possibilities in the future, if and when it becomes a profession. I would love to have a daily segment on my channel in the future where I do a quick recap of YouTube news from the previous day and I have a few other ideas I would love to see come to fruition. As of now, though, I just want to continue to grow and build my channel and see where it takes me!

Thank you once again, Drama Queen! I’m glad I got to know a loving wife and mom as well as a talented YouTuber. Once again, be sure to check out her Channel as well as follow her on Twitter here.

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