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My Interview with YouTuber Bobby Wofle about Music, Corey Feldman’s Lies & More

(originally published on April 28, 2018)

I don’t talk about music very much on my blog, but I am actually a big fan of it and many different genres. Even though I don’t have any musical talent whatsoever, it still plays an important part in my life, and has since I was a baby; even if it’s just listening and knowing a variety of musicians.

Enter Bobby Wolfe. I was first introduced to his YouTube Channel before learning what a talented singer and overall musician he is. It actually has to do with the fact that he opened my eyes to Corey Felman’s lies! There, I said it!

To be fair, I do believe there’s a TON of pedophilia in Hollywood (but not JUST there) and child stars are more subject to it than we know. I also believe that horrible things have happened to Corey, but he has clearly either lied or embellished a lot of details and has also tarnished his friend, Corey Haim’s name; acting like he’s doing the right thing in the process.

Please know this isn’t easy for me to say. I truly believed Corey Feldman and would often use the hashtag #ISTANDWITHCOREY. When I found out the truth through a lot of research (not just Bobby’s), it felt like a kick in the gut. Again, neither I or Bobby are saying there isn’t a pedophilia problem-Hollywood being one of the worst, but that one of the people that we thought was a champion for helping children turned out to be a fraud.  That’s a slap in the face to all the victims, and in a weird way, to Corey himself!

Below is my interview with Bobby. I got to know a perfect gentleman and he’s a wonderful person. I’m beyond blessed he agreed to do this interview. Take it away Bobby!

1. I’ve listened to your singing and guitar playing on your Instagram page. You have a rare gift. Is there anywhere we can (legally) download your music? If it’s not available as of yet, do have any future plans to make it available?

Well, I would tend to disagree with a special talent. I’d say I’m an average singer/guitarist at best. Thank you very much, though 🙂 I have nothing for download yet, with the exception of my Corey Feldman parody songs. haha Yes, I do plan on making my own music. I’m still working on covers and also my new youtube venture – go wolfpack!

2. Which artists/bands inspire you the most when it comes to your music?

I started out in diapers listening to Jackson 5, David Cassidy and The Osmond brothers…moved up to Musicals like Grease, Saturday Night Fever and disco. Probably moved on to Kiss, The Beatles, AC/DC shortly after that and then came the hairband years!!! Then it was back to diligent Musical theatre training and research.

3. Can we expect you on tour any time soon? I know I’d love to see you perform, as well as many others would, as well!

Touring for musical theatre is coming to an end 😦 I have entertained a position as Paul Stanley in an east coast tribute band of Kiss. Other than that, the sky is the limit I still wouldn’t rule out seeing me in a musical theatre production of Jekyll and Hyde or Phantom, in the future

4. Let’s talk YouTube. What inspired you to start your Channel?

Originally it was a receptacle for theatre performances ( not really intended for non-cast members to watch). Then came an aspiration for a guitar instructional site, but having a passion for helping kids I chose to start up by following the Corey Feldman atrocities.

5. I want to thank you for shedding light on the truth about Corey Feldman. I believed a lot of what he was saying in the beginning, but after hearing the interviews you did with one of his ex-Angels, Corey Haim’s ex-fiancee’ (you can listen to those interviews here and here) and more, you opened my eyes. So, thank you again. How did you discover the truth and how did you get in contact with the brave people you interviewed?

You are very welcome! I watched countless youtube videos about CF and found that nothing of what he said made logical sense. From that I moved into creating content about my findings. I asked questions, a lot. One day I simply asked if Ms. Margot Lane would care to speak to me, I was told I’d have to ask her. I did and that happened, she gave me names of people to ask and so on until people started messaging me almost on daily basis. It basically started by simply asking Margot if she’d wanna chat with me.

6. Do you see yourself “exposing” other frauds, or are you going to just keep it at Corey Feldman and focus on your music?

I will expose CF until the wheels fall off his caboose! I will be working on other nefarious and unscrupulous people as well. Music-wise, that will be sprinkled in as I go including additional parodies lol.

7. Finally, where do you see both your music career and YouTube Channel moving forward? Is there anyone you would like to collab with, either on YouTube or for music?

Music career may end up as a cover artist working locally and possibly a musical theatre venture that I had to put on hold while touring, but would like to do again. Youtube would be great as a comprehensive receptacle of investigative works and possibly a musical venture intertwined.

Collabs, that’s difficult because the YouTubers I watch really don’t do what I do haha. In this genre, probably Pockets of the Future, HighImpactflix, Really Graceful, The Bonfire, Rob Dyke, AJ Benza, Joe Rogan. Music wise I’d love to work with Justin Guitar!!! Sean Daniels, too.

Thank you again, Bobby. I can say I am a proud member of the #WolfPack! You can follow him on Instagram and hear some of his beautiful music!

I am proud that you have opened my eyes to everything. It’s hard knowing you were lied to by someone you thought was doing the right thing, but it’s good to know the truth, especially when it will turn around and end up helping others-and it will! For those of who may be mad, I ask you kindly to look at Bobby’s YouTube Channel (I’ll link it here again) and open your hearts and realize he’s not trying to hide or enable predators. Like he said, he cares about children.

If some of you still walk away from this and think, “It’s not his job to expose him,” I would say,”If not Bobby, then who else will do it?” Sometimes it takes that one person to get the ball rolling.

Please, do not send either Bobby or Corey hate of any kind. When it comes to Corey, I encourage you all to get the word out, but please don’t harass him. As I said, I do believe he was molested as a child and that along with the substance abuse clearly did some stuff to him. It is possible that he’s not only suffering from PTSD, but it’s also been known those that are suffering from PTSD are often directly linked to substance abuse.

So, yes, we should get the word out, but other than that, encourage him to get the help he needs. Smother him with kindness. If you attack him, it will only make him either feel justified or suicidal. What Bobby is doing is fine because he clearly knows what he’s doing, but the rest of us don’t have the resources he has.

Bobby, once again, you’ve got yourself a fan. As for Corey, I pray that you get the help you and your family all need and that all the people you hurt and who hurt you either heal or see justice. (Or both, let’s be real!)

I love you all! Peace!

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