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My Interview with YouTuber Beauty Truth Sleuth Official

(originally published on March 19, 2018)

I have been hearing nothing but good things about a certain channel on YouTube lately, one of the people that had recommended this channel was the beautiful Tawny Michelle. The name of this channel is Beauty Truth Sleuth Offical. Let me tell you, the channel lives up to the hype it has been getting. The videos are well researched, unbiased, fair, and quite entertaining. Once you watch one, you’ll find yourself wanting to watch each and every one of her videos because they’re that good!

I recently approached her and asked her if she could do an interview with me. I was thrilled when she agreed! Not only did she answer the questions brilliantly, but she was also very gracious through each of our emails.

Below is our interview. I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy what she has to say and I strongly encourage you to check out her channel afterward. Enjoy!

1. Your channel is great and you clearly do your research on each topic you cover. 

What inspired you to start a channel in the beginning?

Originally, I started out solely on Instagram three years ago this month. However, I

noticed some YouTubers would take my posts and make money off them. I didn’t want to be their paycheck anymore, so I started my own channel. Plus, I’m grateful

I get to do what I do on BOTH platforms. It’s just as well, because a few of the channels

 that used to use my Instagram posts without giving me credit, often misrepresented

the information provided and would get the information incorrect. Plus I was never properly credited, except by one channel whose content I still greatly respect to this day.

2. You’ve covered some very serious topics, from Morphe’s history to the current 

Steven Mango video you did in which you compared him to John Kuckian. 

(Both wonderful videos, by the way!) What has been your most challenging 

video so far, either the mental toll it can easily take on an individual or research-wise?


(You can find the video in which she compared Steven Mango to John Kuckian here

and you can find her Morphe series hereherehereand here.)

The most challenging video I ever did was on Steven Mango. No shade, but watching

hours and hours of his streams took a toll because I had to keep stopping and

grab the clips as I heard them. Also, my Morphe Series was challenging because there was a lot of timelines that overlapped and it was a chore sorting everything out.  Plus reaching out to Morphe was like pulling teeth. Crown was easy to get a hold of for a statement, but Morphe kept giving me the runaround, so I went forward with my video without a statement from them. By the way, I’m still planning on finishing up that series.

3. You have stated that you like to keep a certain amount of distance between yourself and YouTubers in order to remain unbiased in your videos. (That’s always a good move!) With that being said, are there any YouTubers that you respect and/or would ever 

consider collaborating with? 

I did say this at first, and I still do to an extent, but I’ve recently befriended a few of them and they are some really nice people! I apply this more to companies and beauty influencers since I cover those 2 the most. I don’t want to be swayed or feel like I have to keep quiet on scandals. This allows me to stay on the outskirts and watch from

a more objective place.

I’d love to collaborate with other drama channels in the future. I don’t have anyone

specifically in mind, but preferably someone who is my direct opposite in terms of

our methods for providing accurately researched content. It would be interesting to

see how two totally different styles would mesh with one another in a video.

4. How has the overall response to your channel been both by the general viewing 

audience and fellow YouTubers?

The reception has been well actually, for the most part.  My channel is growing slowly,

which is I want. I don’t want to be some overnight success where I go to bed with 9k

subscribers and wake up to over 100k. Growing at this pace allows me time to create better videos and learn how to give them a more sophisticated and polished editing.

5. When it comes to journalism, most of us have a certain code of ethics we uphold. 

I can tell that you are very professional and have a lot of integrity when doing 

your videos. What are some lines when it comes to doing videos and reporting 

on news/rumors that you refuse to cross?

I  refuse to talk about politics, religion, world events or stuff covered in the news (unless the latter relates to the content I cover), because I figure if someone wants to learn about those things then they can go elsewhere. Also, family members, spouses, children, or anything related to what they do offline (jobs, etc) is completely off-limits. I also refuse to expose a company/influencer out of revenge.

6. Do you have any big videos you’re currently working on that you’d like 

to tell us about a little bit?

I have a few I’m working on. One is a complete departure from my typical content

and is more on the humorous side. I feel like my channel is too serious sometimes,

and it’s nice to upload something funny here and there. The other one is about a topic

I feel so passionately about and it’s something that a lot of my supporters on

Instagram have been requesting ever since I announced my channel.

7. Finally, what are your plans for your channel in 2018 as well as any goals 

you have for YouTube? 

I’m just going to keep doing what I do. Maybe get better with making my voice not

so monotonous (a common complaint I receive and it is a lot more challenging than it seems!), get better with editing and presentation. I also want to do some humorous videos that I talked about in the previous question.

 Thank you very much for doing this interview. It was an absolute pleasure talking to you. I am in awe of the channel you have built and look forward to watching you thrive further on YouTube.

 You can follow her on Twitter here and her Instagram here.

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