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My Interview with the Band Amera

(originally published on October 16, 2017)

 I have been a fan of the beautiful Brooke Adams ever since her solo days when she was known as Brooke Allison. Today, Brooke is the lead singer of the band, Amera, along with Mikael (keyboards), and Donovan (guitar). I was able to interview both Brooke and Mikael and I got to know two great people!

 I first asked them about how they came up with the name Amera? Mikael said that he and Donovan were searching names for their band for two months for a name that would represent what they do as a group. Mikael said that he works best at night and is a night owl in this era of America, from there Amera seemed to fit.

 I was curious how Amera was formed in the beginning. Mikael and Donovan have been friends ever since they met at a party in 2010 and they started writing music together. They were able to record a track together pretty quickly, so things were coming together very well. Eventually, Brooke auditioned for them by hanging out with them on a few different occasions and singing with them. Mikael said that Brooke “killed it” during her auditioning process!

 I asked what their favorite songs on their current EP are and where we can purchase it. They said that their two favorite songs are “Cobra” and Connected.” They feel the strongest about those two songs. They went on to say that they don’t want to be known as just an electronic band because they connect to several genres of music, such as pop, reggae, rock, and more.

 They also said you can buy and download their album on any site you are able to do so, such as iTunes. Good to know, I’ll be getting my copy soon!

 I wanted to know if they are currently on tour. As of right now, they are traveling in California. Mikael told me that they don’t want to pay $600 in order to play at a club because that can hurt a band’s career such as their’s. So they allow people to book them for private events at warehouses, and they have their own people who promote them. That way, everyone is respectful of each other and no one crosses each other’s path. Everything remains professional.

 They are currently working on their second EP, which they describe the lyrics as “trippy” as well as dealing with real life issues. I couldn’t help but ask about any songs in particular they could tell me about that relate to real life. Mikael told me that one song will be related to recent events and the dark side of going to concerts, as well as how people are feeling during this time. (Sounds like a good song to me!) They said that their dream venue as a band is Wembley Stadium.

 They are hoping to go on tour soon along with another musician or band. They feel they can tour with anyone because they don’t label themselves to just one genre of music. They also hinted that they will be doing some music videos in the future that portray the late nights of L.A.

 You can find Amera’s Facebook here, their Twitter here, Instagram here, and official website here. They love to talk to their fans, so feel free to send them a Tweet or any other comment their way because they love hearing from everyone!

  Just so you’ll know, you can find Brooke Adams on Twitter here and on Instagram here.

 I want to give both Mikael and Brooke a big thank you for letting me interview them. They are both wonderful people. I have also heard two of Amera’s songs and they are very talented and deserve to make it big in the music industry, especially considering the fact that they stand out in such a positive and unique way. It’s great that they’re staying true to who they are as a group and not trying to blend in. I can say it is very much working for them!

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