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Exclusive! How Thomas Halbert Scammed a Fan, Plus an Interview!

(originally published on June 19, 2018)

Beauty guru Thomas Halbert didn’t shoot to fame overnight like some of the other influencers in his field, but fame did eventually come his way and now he’s enjoying a lot of success plus sponsorships, and he even did a collaboration with MILK Cosmetics.

I liked Thomas because I felt like he represented each and every one of us, myself included. In one heartfelt video, Thomas admitted to being a self-injury survivor. This hit close to home with me because I am a self-injury survivor, myself. But, sadly, fame can change some people -and it looks like it changed Thomas.

Recently, a YouTuber named GadgetBeat30 did a video with plenty of proof that Thomas never sent her a prize that she had won in a giveaway. The next day, she did a followup video in which she explained that she wasn’t doing this for attention and wasn’t trying to get fame out of this. All she wanted what was promised. She also expressed her disappointment with Thomas by the way he had been handling all this -such as trying to give her $200 hush money without an apology.

I knew I had to talk to her, but I didn’t want to post this article before some drama channels posted their videos first, because I respect them and I didn’t want to rain on their parades. So, I contacted her via Twitter and asked for an interview. She was very sweet and we Skyped the next day.

I got to know a lovely young lady. (By the way, for those of you who are calling her “old”, like she said, she’s 33. How is that old? Also, I’m 31, so what does that make me?!) I told her this and she laughed and told me that she has thick skin and that the old comments haven’t gotten to her. (Good for her!)

Part of the reason why I did this interview is because I wanted to get to know her as a person. I found out that she was raised by her single father along with help from her grandmother. Her father was born in the 1950’s and worked as a mechanic. Growing up, she watched the way he would interact with customers and how professional/polite he would handle each person. These are values her father instilled in her that she will forever carry with her. The only way she will get angry with someone is if they strike first, other than that, she will remain professional and always be kind; and after talking to her, I 100% believe her.

GadgetBeat30 told me that she has been taking care of the elderly for a very long time and that life doesn’t stop just because you reach a certain age. As a caregiver, she has been to wine tastings, concerts and more with the elderly. On top of that, she cares for people, period. She is all about helping others. So when Jackie Aina backed out of a giveaway recently, she said it “lit a fire” under her. Then came the false accusations Jackie made against Petty Paige and she had had enough. So, it all started with that video which then gave her the courage to speak up about what Thomas did.

A lot of people, including Thomas, has accused her of wanting attention and subscribers for her Channel. First of all, she personally told me that she was fine at 43 subscribers and that she really did the Channel because her friends and family encouraged her to do one; she did it so she could teach them makeup. (She loves to watch BEATFACEHONEY and smaller beauty Channels as well.) Second, I encourage you all to watch Beauty Truth Sleuth’s video about this exact situation in which she goes into great detail about DM’s between GadgetBeat30 and Thomas as well as comments she had been leaving him for a YEAR about her missing giveaway. So no, she’s not doing this for attention. The reason why it took her a year to make this video is because she was dragged by the social media community (which is exactly what’s happening now). But since doing this, the woman that “won” the Jackie Aina giveaway thanked her personally and felt like she was giving her a voice, and admitted that she doesn’t have as thick of skin as GadgetBeat30 does. (Also, this appears to be a pattern with Thomas that we weren’t aware of. Please click here to watch Keren Joy’s video on how she personally knows that this is patterned behavior. Also, make sure to watch Drama Queen’s thoughtful video in which she goes into great detail on the subject as well.)

People have been telling her to contact the companies that were included in the giveaway so she can get what was promised. She told me, “It’s not the companies fault, it’s Thomas’s.” So, if she were trying to stick her hand out and get free stuff, don’t you all think she would be chasing down these companies as well, demanding they make it up to her? Well, like I said, she’s not. She’s doing this the correct way.

She has already filed a complaint with the FTC, but they can’t do much unless enough people complain about Thomas. So she will be contacting her Attorney General next. I asked her what we could do to help her. She said, “Spread the word. Let’s hold influencers accountable.”

I have reached out to Thomas for a comment on the situation, but he has not replied. I will be happy to update you if and when he does. Thomas, if you are reading this, I ask you to please do the right thing and send her the prize you promised, and a proper apology and you can avoid legal trouble. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. (This would also apply to Keren and her friend as you’ll see in her video.)

I want to thank GadgetBeat30 for coming forward with this information. I know that there are loyal fans to Thomas that will stand by him no matter what, and I understand what it’s like to be a die-hard fan of someone. Just please know that your favorite celebrity isn’t the second coming of Christ and they make mistakes just like the rest of us. You don’t have to stop liking them in order to simply hold them accountable.

Please be careful with who you put your trust in. And once again, let’s hold people accountable for their actions. Again, you don’t have to stop being a fan, but just simply guide them in the right direction. If you truly care about them, then you won’t be an enabler. Thank you for reading.

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